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  2. Nice roll up of racers ready for the nights action . We continued with our new GroupC rockets along with FLM. Cam was on song from the start and set a cracking pace to take the win . Geoff was next with a well driven race to second . Well done mate . Rodney making up the podium with a solid drive . Good to see the results being shared around . FLM and Jules was the target with his very strong run of form being untouchable in the past few weeks . Cam set out on the chase along with plenty other fast cars Serg , Rodney, Jamie and team Nissan all hunting Jules . It was one of the closest finishes I’ve seen with Cam just getting the job done . Cam finished on 132.824 and Jules 132.737 🧐🫣😳 Awesome racing and some great side by side battles throughout the field . Serg rounded off the podium with another good drive . From 3rd to 9th hardly anything in the results . Great to have Phil back again and he has set himself a personal target to break the 100 lap mark . At 99.34 this week he is very close . Starting to get the hang of it and enjoying the challenge. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» No racing for the next two weeks as I’m off in the caravan for a much needed breakaway. Looking forward to enjoying the south coast and plenty of beers 🍺 Cheers Pagey
  3. Oh well, after a rather Long period of Inactivity,.. it would seem the Inevitable Demolition process, has finally Begun
  4. Hi Garry, These were Interim rules and I have updated them with a methodology for measuring the polar length (centre of back axle to centre of guide post) and wheelbase (centre of axle to axle) in the regulations section posted in 'National Regulations' here and also on Werner's site. There was never any issue with Gen I chassis as they had to be assembled per the regs which then resulted in the correct dimensions. I have tried to make a simple measurement process for the Gen II version which you can see in the posted regs. Let me know what you think and if you can offer any improvement/modification of my method. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Cheers Fox
  5. Great nights racing at the Bull Ring . Solid number of drivers at 14 ready for action in our new Group C and favourite FLM . I personally enjoyed the racing with some fantastic side by side racing in a few heats . Always enjoy racing hard and fair. It’s even more enjoyable than results in my option. Great heats against Cam , Serg, Jules, Mick and Troy . So much fun and it’s great to see the improvement in some blokes that are seriously fast now . Group C was first up and I managed to get a nice clear run . Swapping cars when I come back on Red, but later diagnosed that the controller plug was a dirty connection. It was as I said, fun racing with these well handling fast cars . I managed to finish first with Jules continuing his good run of podiums for second and Cam with car issues getting third . FLM and the pace was still red hot πŸ”₯ Jules was once again unstoppable with his FLM . I Really enjoyed a heat with Jules, Serg and myself battling it out for quite a few laps until Jules released the hand brake and pulled away . Great driving Jules and we’ll deserved with good car prep and it paying off with your results . Jules once again taking the top step . Might have to take a leaf out of his book and do a tune up on car to try and catch him . πŸ€” Cam was next home and I was close behind him to round out the podium. Great drives also from Serg , Mick and Jamie also very close. I took a few extra photos of pit box’s and cars this week . Great to see everyone’s efforts with some very nice looking cars . Looking forward to racing again already . Cheers Pagey
  6. Results for Thursday the 1st of September Group C T - Group C-2022-09-01T20.57.21.xlsx FLM T - Plafit FLM -2022-09-01T22.05.14.xlsx Results for Thursday the 8th September Group C T - Group C-2022-09-08T20.43.12.xlsx FLM T - Plafit FLM -2022-09-08T21.54.59.xlsx
  7. Hey Fox, doing an excellent job mate. How are you measuring polar length? I know how we used to do it, and Werner does it his way which is easier. Don't want to pre-empt though, leave it to you. Cheers, Garry
  8. i have 2 of the above white kits for sale. they are bodies only and without livery ,unused. i want $30 each. i will post at buyers expense. prefer pickup Brisbane northside. photo to follow.
  9. Well the much anticipated new class of Group C open chassis and 30k SRP hit the track tonight. Some lovely looking cars and liveries. These are I’m sure going to be a club favourite. Look the part and really fast. First night and lap times were faster than FLM and really fun to drive . Looking forward to what we can tune into them . Pagey claimed the first win with his second car after his number one car had a straight line problem in turn one . πŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ˜¬πŸ₯² Serg was also fast out of the blocks with a good drive to second . Cam showed heaps of speed also but had a problem off the track on white giving us mortals a chance. FLM and Jules continued his form from last week with his rocket πŸš€ ship . Again he had a great drive, but with early heat traffic he regrouped for another solid win . Cam once again on the podium with a good second place along with Serg for third, just getting Pagey on the final lap. Great fun and close racing . Great to have Phil back for another week and hopefully we have got a new driver on board. Thanks for a speedy pack up after a few computer set up issues put us behind time . Cheers Pagey
  10. Well done Jules . The car looks awesome and even better in the flesh . Should be by a great class with a loved and proven chassis setup. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  11. Here is a another new class at the Bullring.We have chosen the F1 body's to go on a Plafit can am chassis. I remember watching Gilles amazing skills with my brother as an 8 year old on the tv. I also remember following he's career as he's name sounded like mine. He's driving skills were next level and he gave everything on the track( sometimes still driving with flat wheels or wings half off! Cant wait to race this one. The rollover bar is a paperclip!!!!!
  12. Thought i would share a build i have just finished.It is a new class at the Bullring.The Group C class with a GT3 chassis underneath, I have chosen a SLOTWORX gen 2. Love this hobby!!
  13. Another great night of racing at the Bull Ring. Good news on our mate Jim who had his fuel pump upgrade with a successful job completed. Looking forward to his return to track at some stage. Two fast classes tonight with GT3 up first. Serg was in good form taking the win . Even losing a wheel at one stage at the end of a heat . Pagey home next with second and Jules in for third . FLM and Jules was on fire πŸ”₯. He has his car tuned and handling spot on . Great drive to victory with a great score . Cam was next best for second and Jamie making a return to the podium for third . We had a new starter also tonight . Old mate of mine Phil joining in the fun for the first time . Never having driven before he did very well, with minimal offs and staying out of the way throughout both races . Top effort and believe he will be back for more . Hopefully we can hook him into being a regular. Also good to see Geoff back if only for the first race . Next week will be our first hit out with Group C sporting the 30k motors . Should be a awesome class and very fast . Looking forward to seeing everyone new cars. Cheers Pagey
  14. OH !! How Sad to hear of his Passing A very genuine and fun guy and a Tough and capable racer. Always enjoyed my interactions with him and racing On track. I am sure he will be missed by many who knew him.
  15. For those who didn’t see on Facebook or receive a email very sad news this week about our mate Jack . Jack past away in hospital early on Saturday morning. Our condolences to his family and friends from our Bull Ring family. You will be sadly missed mate . Gone way to soon . πŸ₯ΉπŸ˜”πŸΊ
  16. Great nights Racing last night at the Bull Ring . Our numbers were good with 12 drivers doing battle. We continued our fastest classes of Gt3 and FLM .It was a great race in GT3, with not to many track calls or crashing making for a much more enjoyable experience. Nice close racing also with plenty quality battles across the field. The podium ended up with Pagey home in first . Cam very close for second place and Serg also on the pace for another podium. FLM never fails with speed and great racing. Some very fast cars on track, it was going to be a tight race with it all coming down to a clean fault free run to secure a victory. Jules made Troy’s Mum very proud with an awesome fast, quality drive to the top step. Great to see Jules back at number one with a well deserved win . Then the most excited bloke on the podium ever I think πŸ€”. Mick after plenty of good driving and increasing speed of late managed to put it all together for an entire race earning himself second on the podium. Bloody brilliant to see bro . Everyone was just as excited to see him enjoying the podium.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΊπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» No gift to achieve that result Mick as it was a very fast race . Even managed to just pip Cam who made it to bottom step for third . I think he mentioned it to the champ not to brag but in disbelief. Great stuff Mick and many more podiums to come. The results were very close with Jules a clear winner then the placing from 2nd to 5th all within a lap . Just awesome racing. News on our up coming Group C class . Basically a body swap on our GT3 cars and a 30k motor to make them faster as a point of difference to the GT3. We had problems securing 30k motors and so then tested running 25k motors with a increase in the voltage up to 13v and we achieved almost an identical results on track to the 30k setup . Team Nissan have been able to get enough 30k motors for the class and have offered to motor sponsor the class . The group voted last night and agreed to accepted the offer from team Nissan so 30k motors it is. Thank you Charles and Clinton for your generous sponsorship and everyone is now excited about the up coming class. We are aiming to start the new class in two weeks time. Also we took a group photo last night with everyone giving a thumbs up to our mate Jack who is doing it tough at the moment. Everyone is thinking of you mate and wishing you well from the Bull Ring . Also Jim is due to go into the workshop for a fuel pump upgrade. Hope your line pressure and flow rate is back to normal soon mate. So we get you of the blocks and cover in the shed and back on track soon. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΊ Also a huge thanks to Serg again for his week in week out help with set up . Really appreciate it and know with your wife Sue sick at the moment just how time poor you are . πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Cheers Pagey
  17. Nice change of pace last night with two fast classes of cars on track for action . Switching up to GT3 open chassis and Plafit FLM for this coming month. A few blokes had 30k motors as a test for the GT3. The rest of us stuck with the 25k as per class current regs . The 30k cars were most definitely faster down the straights but with a well tuned chassis with a 25k it was still close and in fact Serg won with a 25k motor on board . Great driving Serg . We ended up marking it down with two podium for tonight . As we said Serg was fastest and got the win overall but with the 25k motor then top step on that podium. Next was Troy with Pagey rounding off the final step . JJ was fastest of the 30k test pilots with team Nissan next with Clinton second over Charles. We did a test with 25k motors with voltage turned up to 13V and then they were as fast as a well tuned 30k setup. So we will run 25k at 13v in our new class of Group C sports cars . As a point of difference to the GT3 class . Running same open chassis and rule set with a body swap to Group C and with the higher voltage making them a faster class overall. FLM as always was a fast and fun class . Pagey and Serg were neck and neck through out every lane. It come down to one of the smallest winning margins for quite awhile with Pagey sneaking home just. Finishing on Red lane Pagey hanging on with Serg coming hime hot on green lane. I was lucky another lap wasn’t available for Serg or he certainly would have got the win . Great fun when it’s so close . Cam was also very fast and only just away from the top two . Looking forward to to next week action . πŸ‘πŸ» Cheers Pagey
  18. About bloody time,let’s go racing Cody and Wayne will be there for all classes
  19. Hi All As you can see its on again after many trials and tribulations so lets make it a BIG one. Any questions etc please respond in this thread. Cheers FoxBox
  20. Good nights racing at the Bull Ring . Numbers starting to build again but still a few with health issues. We had 11 drivers ready for action on track . Last week for these two club favourites. Team Nissan had jumped the gun on class changing a week early and had wrong cars in there box . 😳 So Charles and Clinton took up seats in a couple of Red Bull loan cars . Slotworx V8 our first up race . Pagey had a deslot over the bridge and Serg cleaned him up full noise . Game over with front wheels back inside the car basically. 🧐😬😩 Jules was fast and secured the top step on the podium in front of Rod and then Serg, once again on the podium. Great drive Jules . πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» A Fast pace in Porsche with of plenty cars screaming around the track. Pagey Sat it out drinking a few beers on the race control button and enjoying the action . Some really good close racing at times . Serg and Jules having a bracket side by side. Great fun to watch and very fast clean driving by both without touching in the heat of battle . Cam was to good taking the 🏁 checkered flag first . That battle between Serg and Jules was fantastic with a cigarette paper between them in the end . So very close and credit to them both . Serg second and Jules with his second podium on the night . No Troy to see his umbilical brothers joy . 😜 Team Nissan have a head start with cars ready for next week πŸ™„ Gt3, Group c if you want . Then FLM so should be a fast couple of weeks. Cheers Pagey
  21. Another Thursday race night at the Bull Ring . Awesome to have Team Nissan back on track this week. Charles was in the workshop for some internal repairs and it was fantastic to see him up and about . The looks of his abdomen it’s like he was in a pub brawl knife fight 🧐😬 V8 Slotworx and Serg was again on the winning pace . Great drive to the top step and adding to his run of consistent podium’s. Pagey home next for second with Rod rounding out the podium. Slotworx Porsche and Pagey home first with Jules next for second. Great drive from Jules who was suffering a bad back . Serg again on the podium with his consistency again on display. Next week will be the final round of these two classes. We will give GT3 and those who have a Group C a run . Also FLM for the next class . Should be a fast couple of weeks of racing . Hopefully we see our numbers back strong soon with mates still battling health issues. Take care and stay safe , Cheers Pagey. πŸ‘πŸ»
  22. Another cold and wet Thursday race night. We continued to just string together a race field with some drivers back and others now off with Covid etc . πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Hopefully we all get through the latest outbreak without any serious affects and we can get back to the group at the same time. Great to see Cam back on deck after his run with covid . Good to also have Geoff back in the group for the first time. First race of the night was our V8 Slotworx and Cam was back to the top step. Serg continued his good driving for a solid second with Pagey home for third. Slotworx Porsche next up and Cam once again with a quality drive to be first home . Pagey handed his drive and controller to Troy who had car issues. Troy having a good drive with plenty of battles on track with Cam and Serg. In the end Troy managed second and Serg in for third. Serg dropping back from second after a very late off . Very close in the end but you have to stay in, bugger . We will see how many we get back next week. Try and stay safe and in good health and back to enjoying racing soon .
  23. With the latest health problems with Covid and Flu our race numbers were still well down . Just eight drivers come to play with Slotworx V8 and Porsche as our toys again . Great to see Vito back on track after a long break away . Serg was back after Covid and hit the track stronger than ever . Pagey stepped out of his Red Bull handing the drive over to Troy who had engine problems with his own car . Troy gave Serg a good race with the two very close at the end with Serg first home . Jamie had a solid drive to round out the podium. Porsche racing is always great fun on the Bull Ring . It was hard with the limited marshals and plenty of track calls as a result unfortunately. However Pagey had another good run back to the top step . Serg continued his good night with a second place just in front of Troy again . Thanks again to all for the track pack up and hopefully we see the rest of our mates back very soon . Latest from Charles is that he is home from Hospital with everything going ok . That’s Great news .We hope to see him back in team Nissan at full throttle soon. Thoughts and prayers also still for Jack and we hope we get to see him soon . Sticky with same classes again for this month if you can make it for a race. Cheers Pagey
  24. So we will try a resumption of racing this week. Hopefully everyone is well after Covid and Flu 😷. Please let me know if your available for racing or not to make a final decision on viability. I Checked in on Charles after his operation last week and he was going ok . Speedy recovery mate and back to full throttle for team Nissan. Cheers Pagey
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