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  2. A clarification on the rules regarding lead wires. You may add devices to manage lead wires as long as they do not influence the normal operation of the chassis, specifically the normal movement of the 'H' and 'T' plates, and comply with all other rules. Such devices may include, PC board, clips, tape, cable ties, shrink tube, etc.
  3. Benno

    2021 GT3

    😂 I knew you wouldnt laugh at me Garry !!! Pagey on the other hand takes the piss every opportunity he gets 😆 BTW .... Happy New Year !
  4. Garry J

    2021 GT3

    If the 'turds' you're referring to are bodies Ben, we tried a 'Modern GT' class using expensive and fragile GFK bodies, and it died a quick and fortunate death. The GT3 class was conceived and delivered by Andrew Bartholomew. If there is a consensus among the racers in the GT3 class that the rules should change, something not supported by the meagre, mixed response to this thread, then those who want the change should approach Andrew and put their case forward. And Ben, if your European friends are laughing at you, then they're not your friends. We are your friends Ben, and we would never laugh at you ............. well hardly ever 😊.
  5. Hi Very good , please go ahead and find us a additional driver for the Porsche endurance race . Thanks Pierre
  6. Please remove Greg C, PeterD and myself from all classes. we've decided not to make the trip this year.
  7. Last week
  8. Hi Pierre That's great news. I will put you in for thr FLM as a Team and also for the Porsche Cup as a Team. So to recap: - Pierre and Reinier are teaming for the FLM - Done They are also nominating for the Porsche Cup as a team with a TBA as a 3rd driver BUT are also available as drivers for a team to take them on if required. I am also nominating them as the10th and final team for the Porsche Cup in the interim. Pierre if you need a driver for your team in the Porsche Cup please let me know ASAP as I may have some spare guns for you (especially as this may be the last race of this kind at this fabulous and somewhat historic venue). Cheers
  9. Hi I will partner with my son-in-law Reinier for the FML . The two of us can join an open team for the 6 hour Porsche race but if no opening available we can get a 3rd driver if needed. r Regards Pierre
  10. Please enter Outer Towners Jack Ian all classes
  11. Great you're coming Fox.. been a long time since we've been in Melbourne racing slotcars together
  12. The third driver for team monster is Troy C for the Porsche cup race.
  13. I don't remember Jan, I've looked for the original drawing but no luck.
  14. Only raced there the once in a NSW Plafit Champs many years ago. Dave Newton and I travelled down from Qld for it. Was a great setup ... Sad day, but a reality of commercial rents today.. All the best James and hope the tracks find new homes somewhere.. Pete Richards
  15. Garry, Do you remember the footprint of the track? JanR
  16. Talking with Stoo yesterday and trying to remember exactly when the flat track was built. The absolute latest possible year was 1992 as I moved to Brisbane in early 1993 making it 28 years old this year. I've rebraided it a couple of times over the years and converted it to modular at one time so, unlike the hill climb track, it's easy to move and would be a good buy for someone if James can't find it a new home.
  17. Please enter Fox and TBA for all Lexan classes - FAT Racing for FLM, GT1 and Porsche Cup
  18. Please enter Fox and TBA for all Lexan classes - FAT Racing for FLM, GT3 and Porsche Cup
  19. Really sad news - I too hope it goes somewhere handy(ish) so we can race on it some more.
  20. HSC Lexan Shootout - Porsche Cup 6 Hour Enduro 3 or 4 Racer Team event
  21. HSC Lexan Shootout - GT1 and FLM GT1 - Individual Sprint race FLM - 2 Racer Team Race
  22. Open Practice day for Lexan Shootout
  23. Very sad news indeed, great track to race on - better enjoy the time that's left. Thank you James! JanR
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