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  2. OK As of tonight it seems we have: - Team OZ Wayne & Cody Outer Towners Ian & Paul FAT Racing Fox, Stoo & Darryl CERT Kim, Noel & Stephen Linfox Rod, John V & Ian (TBC) HSC Racing Brad & Jake So that makes (in all probability) 4 teams of 2 racers and 2 teams of 3. As I believe the main concern is to have a race and so have some fun I will organise the proceedings to ensure that to the best of my ability that is what will happen. To enable the race to proce
  3. We will be there Wayne.
  4. Don’t forget the Porsche Cup race on Saturday night starting at 5.30
  5. There are two other teams with only 2 drivers, so if no steps up to race with you Don’t not come we will sort something out for the teams with two drivers
  6. Last week
  7. Outer Towners are looking for another driver, Jack had to pull out.
  8. Results Thursday 15th of April Mini Z T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-15T20.45.13.xlsx Historics T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-15T21.54.18.xlsx
  9. Race night again at the Bull Ring . With a decent roll up of 14 drivers ready for action . The continued classes of MZ and Can Am for tonight’s action . MZ first up and it was a very strong run to the top step for Rodney with a nice win . Very close behind was Troy with a continued run of form from last week’s podium. Rounding out the top three was Chris . Can am was next up and it was Serg looking the goods with a very good drive and impressive lap count . However Pagey was able to come home strong finishing in front with a clean run to the finish line . Chris again on the podium with his sec
  10. Well,.. the FINAL season of Slotworx Porsche races got under way last week and was a typically great evening's racing, with 7 starters. Race report, Sheets and Pics here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1616 Pointscore; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1555 With the track seemingly now Definitely CLOSING at the end of June,.. there aren't many opportunities left to race at HSC,.. so If you are interested,.. then try and get along !! Upcoming Porsche rounds; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewto
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  12. Results for Thursday 8th of April Mini Z T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-08T21.55.01.xlsx Historic's T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-08T20.45.57.xlsx
  13. Race night again . 🎉Great to see Tassie Mick Leckie back up for a visit and a run . Sporting a man bun 🧐😳 Not sure about the out comes of lockdown in Tassie 😂 We got the race order backwards tonight with the Can Am up first . Pagey got the win tonight just over Chris for second and really good to see Team Monster mate Jason in for a good third place . Chris was to strong in MZ with a great drive to the top step . Then it’s been awhile but the umbilical brothers Jules and Troy filled the other podium spots . Troy with very mixed emotions getting on the podium but Beaton by Jules . 🧐🎉🤔😩😂😂 Thanks
  14. I could be very interested in this. what $$$$ u looking for it?
  15. Cookie5ltr hi. I have a Scaleauto one I'm happy to sell. Will do two tyres at the same time. Its part number if you want to look it up is SC5072 and theres a description on the ArmchairRacer website for more info. Let me know if your interested and we can sort out a price. Tintin
  16. Results for Thursday 25th of March T - Slotworx Utes-2021-03-25T20.29.04.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2021-03-25T21.35.06.xlsx Results Thursday 1 of April(🤪) T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-01T20.42.31.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-01T21.49.22.xlsx
  17. A smaller race group tonight with Easter long weekend. A few away on holidays and others decided not to venture onto the packed roads as plenty venture away . Those that did make it had plenty of laughs and some nice racing . First night with the MZ with the change of motor. Lap times were down slightly as everyone got the feel of the new power plant . I’m sure some fine tuning will have times close to previous in next too know time . First blood went to Chris with Rodney second and Serg rounding out the podium. As we continued with Can Am from last month’s series the lap times have certainly
  18. Hi Fox Please update our team to add Stephen and take Simon out please..
  19. I can supply the same bearings (from Plaig) for $1.90 each plus postage which is $1.50 for a stamp and an envelope.
  20. Thanks Mark, that was big savings to what I was going to buy, let’s hope there good for 8 hours and 10.min.
  21. Hey Ax (and others) I found these a while ago: - https://plaig.com.au they are very impressive and good price. I use these: - https://plaig.com.au/product/3x6x2-5mm-flanged-bearing-metal-shields-mf63zz/?v=6cc98ba2045f Cheers FoxBox
  22. eBay, I’ve been using them for a few years. he has most any size you’d want, I even replaced the trigger bush in my ACD controllers with bearings from him.
  23. Where can I get some of these plaig bearings.. sound impressive.
  24. Great to be back racing again tonight at the Bull Ring . Nice roll up of drivers doing battle in Slotworx V8 Utes and Can am . In the Utes it was Pagey home first , followed by Chris and rounding out the podium was Clinton with a good drive . Can am race was fast but at times too many stoppages again . Really close times had the podium places not revealed until the last minute. Cam once again was on the top step narrowly over a strong drive from Serg and Pagey just hanging on over Chris . Next week we have decided to stay with the Can am class and run the MZ as listed . So no 1/32 V8 this time
  25. Thanks Wayne, I have fitted ball bearing to my cars on my track there is no improvement in times, but a lot saver for long runs than bronze bushes. Just to let members know Plaig bearings are good quality and about $2 each.
  26. Done good to have you aboard, Don’t forget the new rule for 8 hour, Ball bearings can be used front and back for this race .and only gen 1 chassis .
  27. Wayne you can put Outer Towners down for the weekends GT3 and Porsche 8 hour Paul Jack and Ian
  28. Gee,.. NO Need to be agressive or offended about it Wayne,... 😧 It was merely a suggestion & statement of fact. The HSC Series is (with regard to who normally turns up to race), just 'Local' Club Racing,.. as with the Regular "Bull Ring" reports & announcements. Apologies for seemingly 'giving a shit',...
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