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  2. So the last time we raced was 17th June last year 😳 The track will be up and available on Thursday night from 6pm . Test tune and catch up with everyone. We will work out a race schedule with those in attendance on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing everyone and back to racing again . Cheers Pagey
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  4. Apparently it was the best action to wait with commencement of racing this last week . I have Covid unfortunately. At least it didn’t impact anyone else . Stay safe and healthy if you all can . A lot of family and friends have caught this bloody crappie virus in the last couple of weeks. cheers Pagey
  5. We all hope Yolanda stops oscillating soon mate. Sounds painful.
  6. Bugger .. Sad for all of the racers and Fox that have worked towards this event. I had to cancel with so many racers contracting Covid over the past week and others still recovering. At least we have everything in place for the event. . Now all we have to do is find a weekend that works for most. Regards, Kim
  7. Hi All, Well with Covid running amok yet again I have the sad task of yet again announcing a cancelled/postponed race event. GEOGHEGAN TROPHY - EASTER BIG BASH EVENT POSTPONED This event will now be held at a future date with the same format. Commiserations FoxBox.
  8. Seems we can’t catch a break for racing . My daughter Yolonda has tested positive for Covid while we were away . She is near completion of isolation here at home . However I feel unwell today and even with negative covid rat Test I feel it’s best to wait until after Easter for another attempt at start up. Sorry again but unfortunately it’s the world we live in now . 🧐🦠🤦🏻‍♂️😷
  9. Hi All A few things to help you along. Gearing is per current regs with the nominated pinion for the Slotworx Cup Car being 13T - here is a summary for you: - Points will be awarded as follows for each event your best 3 results will be summed to ascertain the Geoghegan Trophy winner for 2022. Summary table of the car regs for this event: - The full version of the regs for each class are posted via links above - be one of the few who reads such things and any questions please let me know in this thread. Any disparity between this summary table and the full version of the regs (other than the 'yellow highlights') indicates that I have made an error in constructing the table in which case the full version of the regs will prevail. Cheers FoxBox
  10. Hi Bruce, You are correct; you get to choose your starting lane based on on your qualifying time - 1st Q gets first pick, 2nd Q gets second pick etc. So I guess it should be called "Lane Selection" and not "Lane Draw" but the process has been known since ever as "Lane Draw" whether it has been a random process or ascertained by qualifying position. Hope that this clarifies the process for you. Cheers
  11. Hi Fox. What is the "lane Draw" ? I thought lanes were decided at Quali. Tks mate
  12. Unfortunately I am currently recovering from surgery and will not be able to make it up for Easter. With COVID we have not even had a slot car out of a box since June of last year and we are really looking forward to getting back into racing and meeting up with the slot car family. Glen will have the first meeting at the Bull Ring in April 2022 after also being closed since June 2022 so we will finally be able to get back into racing. Cheers Charles and Clinton
  13. You and Clint need to be here Charles.. It will be a great weekend. It's vary user friendly track. .A couple of hours and you're on pace.
  14. Maybe I am showing my age but I was probably sitting near you at Creek Corner watching the Mustang lead the pack down the straight. Charles
  15. Have to agree Stoo. I remember sitting down at Creek Corner and hearing the race start in the distance. A few seconds later you'd see the Mustang hit the top of Hume Straight already 50 yards ahead of the pack.
  16. Yes, very nice,.. brings back fond memories, sounds and smells of Warwick Farm as a youngster
  17. Great work Fox.. thanks for organising. I just got the proofs for theTrophies.. There will be trophies for each class - TQ, Concours, 1st 2nd & 3rd podium finishers and highest place Rookie Racer award. To get you name on the Geoghegan Trophy points from your best 3 race results will be added up. In addition to having their name permanently nailed onto the Geoghegan trophy they will be presented with a beautiful limited edition Apex replica of Pete's mustang to keep. Looking forward to a great weekend. .
  18. So after a well over due break the Bull Ring is looking at a start up to racing again on 14th April . Looking forward to catching up with everyone again and enjoying racing . Cheers Pagey
  19. Wow the Bull Ring has turned four years old this week. We started out with a couple of big years with National events and club racing every Thursday night. We were very lucky with solid number of racers . The last two years have been a stop start affair to say the least with covid restrictions etc . I’m also dealing with and working through a family mater at the moment but I’m looking forward to announcing a start up date very soon . Hopefully our regular and patient racers will return. Looking forward to finally catching up mates again and enjoying the Bull Ring .
  20. Hi Peter, Great News - it will be great to see you again.
  21. Hi Mark , I plan on coming to Seagulls at Easter , please register me for all races . Thanks PeterD
  22. As above. is new.still in pkt.the Plafit GCK conversion comes with rear suspension hanger $30. will post at buyers expense or pick up available. located brisbane northside,bracken ridge. thanks for looking.
  23. Please check out the trading section for all the details. Regards , JanR
  24. There are no changes to these rules and the 2020 regulations will remain in force until further notice. If you need any bodies for this class please contact Ian Mugford in Adelaide or myself. You are reminded that the FLM body is not legal in this class. Enjoy the racing. JanR
  25. Hi All Here are the updated rules for this class which incorporate the components now available from the release of the Gen II kits and upgrade kits. Other changes are that max rear tyre size has been increased to 28.5mm (ie as they come from the packet) and the motor rule has been modified to allow track owners and race convenors to choose any 13D long or short motor. I have also included some measurements to assist in setting up and scrutineering the wheelbase and polar length when using Gen II components. Please note that Garry Johnson; the owner of the Slotworx marque; has authorised me to post these regulations.
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