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  2. Yep - that is the way and they will last forever (more or less).
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  4. Jason Tupperware type container and store in fridge .
  5. Hi all, After some tips on how to best store foam wheels. With the current situation of no racing for the foreseeable future, i'm cleaning on rebuilding my cars. Would like to preserve my current foam wheels the best way possible and any tips would be very much appreciated. Cheers Jason
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  7. This event was Not held due to the current Covid 19 situation.
  8. nice looking collection there
  9. 2020 1/24 LEXAN GT3 REGULATIONS 1.0 Body 1.1 Only Ace Modern GT (Lexan) Body Sets listed in the Official Body Homologation list are allowed to be used. 1.2 Body has to be cut to the manufacturers shown cut lines including the wheel arches. 1.3 The rear wing must be mounted at a minimum height of 3mm above the rear of the body, but never higher than the roof of the car. 1.4 Full vacuum formed driver interior ACE 24-12 may be used or any other vacuum formed interior making sure that no chassis part is visible through any window. Driver interiors must be painted. Engine detail underneath the rear window has to be used for the AUDI, Ferrari and McLaren. 1.5 Fantasy car liveries in the spirit of 1:1 Modern GT Car Racing are Permitted. 2.0 Chassis 2.1 Open chassis with a maximum 78mm wide chassis plate can be used. 2.2 No soldering to hold the motor in position. Only motor screws are to be used. 3. 0 Ground Clearance 3.1 1.0mm under the entire chassis including the gear. 4.0 Front Axle 4.1 Any 3mm diameter axle. Independent front axles are allowed. 4.2 Any 3mm axle oilites or axle ball bearings are allowed. 5.0 Front Wheels 5.1 Any Aluminium front wheels with a minimum diameter of 21mm can be used. 5.2 3D Wheels inserts in modern LMP/GT design have to be used. 5.3 Any Hard Sponge Tires sealed or non-sealed can be used. 5.4 Minimum tire and rim width is 6mm. 5.5 Minimum tire diameter is 25mm. 5.6 Maximum front spur width is 82mm but never wider than the body. 6.0 Rear Wheels 6.1 Any Aluminium rear wheels with a minimum diameter of 21mm can be used. 6.2 3D Wheels inserts in modern LMP/GT design have to be used. 6.3 Maximum tire an rim width is 13mm. 6.4 Minimum tire diameter is 26mm, maximum is 27.5mm. 6.5 Maximum rear spur width is 82mm but never wider than the body. 6.6 Plafit Black Magic Rear Tires (8441BM or 8442BM) and Scaleauto ProComp3 Tires are allowed only. 6.7 Use of Goo and/or any other tire softener, liquids etc is not allowed. Cleaning with tape or shellite only is permitted. 7.0 Rear Axle 7.1 Any 3mm diameter. 7.2 Any 3mm axle oilite bushings or axle ball bearings can be used. 8.0 Gears 8.1 Any plastic M50 module 44T spur gears for 3mm axles. 9.0 Pinion 9.1 12T M50 module. 10.0 Motor 10.1 SRP Speed25L Long Can Motor only. 10.2 Original lettering stamp on the motor can has to be visible. 10.3 Sealed motors are not to be opened or modified in any way. 10.4 Any lead wire. 11. Weight 11.1 Minimum total car weight is 160g.
  10. Glen - this is the correct decision for you and Jo to make to protect Matt's health. As a member of the "Bull Ring" racing group I fully support you and your family in this approach and racing should only resume when we are past the worst of the pandemic.
  11. I'm not sure where this fits but they are all Slotworx Cars, with various bodies. Bob is from Port Macquarie and has about 20 V8s and over 50 in total.
  12. its hard to fathom really but we cant dodge the facts, look out for each other , make sensible decisions. i am hopeful of a reasonably quick recovery for us all. race ya later (as arkin would say). All the best deb and pete.
  13. Don't be sorry for caring for Matt and making decisions to best protect his health, totally understandable. Cheers
  14. Dear Peter Please don't apologise for any inconvenience - it is not inconvenient to make safe decisions but of course the financial ramifications for you and Debbie will not be convenient at all. Thanks for making this very tough call and FAT Racing (me and Darryl) look forward to coming to MrSlotcar once this situation has receded. Best wishes and Regards FoxBox
  15. Ok so a unfortunate news update for the BullRing. As most of you know our son has battled serious illness in the past . Even with Doctors advice we don’t want to test his new immune system out with this virus . We have made the decision to keep him home from school for the next while just to be safe . So the knock on is that no racing for the next while until all this stuff settles down . Hopefully we can get back to normal weekly activity very soon . Hope everyone understands and stays healthy. Two years of great fun so far just placed on hold . Sorry Pagey
  16. Peter, it's you and Deb I'm worried about. As Pagey said your centre is the benchmark for how a Slotcar Centre should be set up but for the foreseeable future getting bums in the door to pay bills will be your main problem. I hope this pandemic goes away quickly so you and Deb can get back to business as usual. I'm sure all racers will support your re-scheduled event and hope in the meantime you guys stay healthy.
  17. Very sad to hear Peter . I’m sure we can get the group from here at the BullRing sorted to adjust plans when we get a date fixed . Your race centre is the benchmark and pray that all this virus stuff is over as quickly as possible. Looking forward to the trip at a later date . Cheers Pagey
  18. This is not a decision I ever thought I would have to make. But in light of the virus pandemic, and the phone calls from concerned racers, Debbie and I have decided to postpone the Race scheduled for April 3rd - 5th, till later this year. We don't have a date in mind. That will be discussed once our lives start returning back to normal. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to the racers. Stay safe and healthy!
  19. Hi Greg Can you please confirm the motor and the gearing will be as follows: - FLM Cheetah IV National Rules state motor to be either FOX IV or Cheetah IV - set by race organiser Porsche Cup SRP 25K and 13/44 National Rules state both motor and pinion to be set by race organiser. Cheers FoxBox
  20. Wow the BullRing turns two . Thanks for all the fantastic support and memories so far with such an awesome group of blokes each week having fun .
  21. but they work fine. just goes to show how good your original design is! Multi use. thanks Benno, but not needed.
  22. I too did these sometime ago .... I plagiarised Garrys SlotWorx mounts to suit. If you aren’t sweating on them .... I can bring a couple of pairs with me to SlotFest
  23. That's a dog's breakfast Brett. I'll find the dimensions and make you something a bit more elegant.
  24. Not as nice as Cam and Gary’s alloy ones, but work just as well. laziness meant I still haven’t fitted these to either my SlotWorx V8, or cup Porsche, so when it came time to mount my ScaleAuto C7 body, saw Gary’s 3D printed axle carrier nut holders and thought, they’ll work perfectly, and they did after a small adjustment. I’m sure Gary is already producing proper ones after I showed him what I did.
  25. Nice stuff Peter. Our club is doing all we can do to support your race meetings along with the other national meets . But with a lot of negative comments flying around today I’m not sure we have much hope for our loved hobby . Thanks for your efforts.
  26. Here's a sample pic of the www.twitch.tv/mobileraceways camera for the Australian Endurance Championship weekend.
  27. What a fantastic fun day of action . The results and debriefing can be found in club racing Bullring. Thanks for the support from all involved.
  28. Hi Guys Another update We will be using the ACE HOBBIES Website as rule sets for All Classes at the Slot Fest for 2020 Greg
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