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  1. Firstly I hope you are all safe, healthy and sane in these times of COVID 19 and these never to sufficiently damned, but necessary, lockdowns. With the new updated Slotworx chassis being so very different from the 1st generation will, or should, there be new rules coming out in the future for the Aussie V8’s and Porsche Cup? I am not trying to cause an argument here, just asking if there will be changes made. The Gen2 is 15 grams lighter than the Gen1 which means it doesn’t fit within the rules as they are now. Also there is the option of having independent front wheels which isn’t allowed in the old rules. The front axle uprights which can be replaced with Plafit or Scaleauto parts, will that be allowed. With bearings being suppplied with the Gen2 kits that would suggest that oil-lites are now obsolete. I have my own opinion about the changes that have been made which I will keep to myself at this point in time, all I would like to know is if and or when there are going to be changes made to the rules. I have been known to cause arguments about various other subjects but I am certain that there are other racers out there who would like to have the areas of doubt and uncertainty/ rules and regulations updated to allow the Gen2 to be used. If it’s just a simple case of adding weight, using oil-lites instead of the supplied bearings and using a solid axle in the front, so be it. As it used to say on the old fireworks rockets, light the blue touch paper and step back.
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