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  1. Garry J

    Hand Controllers

    Have a look here Ian, I'll give you a better deal. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20714-2-x-slotit-scp-1-controllers-for-sale/ .
  2. Garry J


    That's a bargain, does it fit a GT3 body?
  3. Garry J

    Show us your Slotworx Porsche

    I don't believe the wing mounts are legal under the current rules. The list of parts of free make are quite specific.
  4. Garry J

    Flexible Wing Mounts - GT3/FLM

    Gee, they look familiar
  5. Garry J

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    I must remember to pack lemons and salt 😎
  6. Garry J

    NSW Endurance Championships

    I've added an 'Events 2019' section under Hornsby Slot Cars and copied Mark's post there. I'm going to lock this 'Events 2018' section. Mark can you check here for entries and add them to your list.
  7. Garry J

    NSW Endurance Championships

    Kim, if you need anything done regarding changes or other bits for your cars you only have to ask. Same goes for anyone who has an issue with one of my chassis.
  8. FoxBox HSC Lexan Shootout 2019 Hi All I am pleased to confirm that I will be the man on the ground regarding the organisation of the 2019 NSW Endurance Championship series to be held at Hornsby Slot Cars (HSC); 126a James Lane Hornsby. In this endevour I am assisted by Kim and Noel and have; and will be further; relying on their mentoring and advice to ensure a great event. Firstly the classes to be raced will be: - Saturday GT3 Sprint event for single drivers FLM 2 member team Sunday Porsche Cup 3 or 4 member team. The current regulations as posted on ACE Hobbies web Site for these cars will be in force. https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries Here is a Dropbox link to these regulations as PDF files to allow easy downloading and printing for your convenience: - GT3 (inc Ratified Body list for 2019) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ijteq2jyjcflnhc/2019 Regs - 124 Lexan GT3.pdf?dl=0 FLM https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogfhaojzi4g5tlk/2019 Regs - 124 Formula LeMans.pdf?dl=0 NOTE Exception Lights are not required for FLM as there is no night racing at this event - this means also that the light buckets do not require installation and the light lens may be painted in any fashion (including the body colour). Porsche Cup https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qg0mlxw2puevrm/2019 Regs - 124 Porsche Cup.pdf?dl=0 The sprint/team format is following Pagey's lead at the recent Bathurst meet at the 'Bull Ring' which was well received. The racing will be over 2 days as usual being the weekend of 23/24 February with the Friday before being open practice. Entry Fees are as follows: - Saturday’s Races are $20 per driver for each race. Monies to be paid at counter when nominating your entry (GT3)/team (FLM). Sunday’s race (the BIG one) is $50 per driver. Monies to be paid to James when nominating your team. Friday open practice will be $10 per driver all day. All races will have handout motors which will supplied via a most generous sponsorship from Werner of Ace Hobbies. The tuned and finalised schedule of events will be laid out in due course but please note the following:- Scrutineering and Qualifying for the GT3 Sprint will be held on Friday and cars impounded overnight for an early start Saturday. We want to have at least a 4 hour Enduro (and hopefully longer) for the Porsche Cup cars so this means that it will be a later finish than last year. Book for a later flight out of Sydney or leave Monday. There is a limit of 16 Teams able to race in the Porsche Cup event. Previous entries will have priority BUT this expires on November 30 2018 after which date it will be first in best dressed. So get building gents and don't forget to nominate your team and event. Cheers. Here is the Finalised Table of entries.
  9. Garry J

    Tyre and ride height

    Pagey, I generally run my GT3 and LMP at 1.3mm to 1.4mm starting clearance which does help with the bottoming out problem, BUT, I still see rub marks on the rear corners of the chassis. In spite of the rubbing I'm yet to see any damage caused by it. One thing I have noticed is that if these cars start bottoming too much they lose traction and don't work so well. I don't have an answer for this but in the back of my mind I've had the thought that having a car that can hit the track under load is not good. Perhaps there should be limiters on the chassis to limit downward movement to say 0.4mm or 0.5mm clearance. On the other hand these cars are used all over the world with no track damage issues being reported. From what I've seen track damage, other than cars being too low, is generally cause by front chassis edges on cars with soft front suspension. I try to remember to round the front edges on my chassis so this can't happen. Both Jan's and Mark's tracks have height gauges and we don't have issues with any cars built to the right clearance. If your height gauges are on a straight and a car hits them then it's too low and it's nothing to do with the motor box. Next time you have booty call to Brisbane it'd be nice to catch up.
  10. Garry J

    NSW Endurance Championships

    Kim, the information I've provided is for the OLDER CHASSIS. Removing the 0.5mm spacers allows a 1mm variation in tyre diameter. I've had no problem running 27.5mm tyres on my cars and removing the spacers allows me to go to 26.6mm or start with the larger tyre for more clearance in longer races. Since you chopped up your LMP it's now an Axton chassis and it's out of my hands. As for the GT3; Noel and yourself, and Noel and myself, have used my car to win at Red Racer without problems using 27.5mm tyres. Since I know you're an extremely capable builder, I don't understand how such a simple problem can be causing you so much angst.
  11. Garry J

    NSW Endurance Championships

    For those who missed Kim's question about ride height on my GT3 and LMP chassis. My chassis have spacers on the rear of the motor box, some with brass and some with plastic. These can be sanded down, removed or replaced to change the ride height. The latest chassis can be adjusted with Plafit axle shims. There really is no need to change the GT3 tyre rule.
  12. Garry J

    NSW Endurance Championships

    I trust the organisers will liaise with James on all aspects of the event next year. What happened this year regarding entry fees and ignoring James' authority was embarrassing and I think his tolerance may have been exhausted. After all, he does own the place.
  13. A couple of tips for driving around Brisbane Pagey, so you'll look like a local 1 - Always drive in the right hand lane 2 - Indicate only as a last resort 3 - Never, ever let anyone merge on you 4 - Always stop on on-ramps and merge lanes 5 - Use all the lanes on multi lane turns (called the 'old fart' turn) Follow these simple rules and everyone will think you were born here 😎