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  1. 2020 1/24 LEXAN GT3 REGULATIONS 1.0 Body 1.1 Only Ace Modern GT (Lexan) Body Sets listed in the Official Body Homologation list are allowed to be used. 1.2 Body has to be cut to the manufacturers shown cut lines including the wheel arches. 1.3 The rear wing must be mounted at a minimum height of 3mm above the rear of the body, but never higher than the roof of the car. 1.4 Full vacuum formed driver interior ACE 24-12 may be used or any other vacuum formed interior making sure that no chassis part is visible through any window. Driver interiors must be painted. Engine detail underneath the rear window has to be used for the AUDI, Ferrari and McLaren. 1.5 Fantasy car liveries in the spirit of 1:1 Modern GT Car Racing are Permitted. 2.0 Chassis 2.1 Open chassis with a maximum 78mm wide chassis plate can be used. 2.2 No soldering to hold the motor in position. Only motor screws are to be used. 3. 0 Ground Clearance 3.1 1.0mm under the entire chassis including the gear. 4.0 Front Axle 4.1 Any 3mm diameter axle. Independent front axles are allowed. 4.2 Any 3mm axle oilites or axle ball bearings are allowed. 5.0 Front Wheels 5.1 Any Aluminium front wheels with a minimum diameter of 21mm can be used. 5.2 3D Wheels inserts in modern LMP/GT design have to be used. 5.3 Any Hard Sponge Tires sealed or non-sealed can be used. 5.4 Minimum tire and rim width is 6mm. 5.5 Minimum tire diameter is 25mm. 5.6 Maximum front spur width is 82mm but never wider than the body. 6.0 Rear Wheels 6.1 Any Aluminium rear wheels with a minimum diameter of 21mm can be used. 6.2 3D Wheels inserts in modern LMP/GT design have to be used. 6.3 Maximum tire an rim width is 13mm. 6.4 Minimum tire diameter is 26mm, maximum is 27.5mm. 6.5 Maximum rear spur width is 82mm but never wider than the body. 6.6 Plafit Black Magic Rear Tires (8441BM or 8442BM) and Scaleauto ProComp3 Tires are allowed only. 6.7 Use of Goo and/or any other tire softener, liquids etc is not allowed. Cleaning with tape or shellite only is permitted. 7.0 Rear Axle 7.1 Any 3mm diameter. 7.2 Any 3mm axle oilite bushings or axle ball bearings can be used. 8.0 Gears 8.1 Any plastic M50 module 44T spur gears for 3mm axles. 9.0 Pinion 9.1 12T M50 module. 10.0 Motor 10.1 SRP Speed25L Long Can Motor only. 10.2 Original lettering stamp on the motor can has to be visible. 10.3 Sealed motors are not to be opened or modified in any way. 10.4 Any lead wire. 11. Weight 11.1 Minimum total car weight is 160g.
  2. I'm not sure where this fits but they are all Slotworx Cars, with various bodies. Bob is from Port Macquarie and has about 20 V8s and over 50 in total.
  3. That's a dog's breakfast Brett. I'll find the dimensions and make you something a bit more elegant.
  4. If/When Hornsby goes that'll be end of swapping lead wires too.
  5. Yes, the factory that makes the hand out motors needs to up it's game. Oh, hang on .................
  6. A quick note on hand out motors. The motors supplied by Slotworx and Ace Hobbies have all been tested and, not withstanding the normal variations of mass production, have all been found to be within the normal range of performance and without any overt irregularities. As we are all aware, there are many ways to destroy a motor, tight gear mesh, over revving, applying additives that destroy brushes, the list goes on. Therefore it is incumbent on each team to ensure their motor(s) survive. If your motor fails for any reason you will not receive a free replacement. You will need to purchase a new motor from the approved spares held by Mark if you wish to continue racing. Please note that this rule has been applied by the suppliers of the motors and not by Mark so don't complain to him. If you have a problem with this please address all complaints, via email, to nobodygivesastuff@ratsarsecomplaintdept.com I hope everyone attending has a great weekend at what might be the last of these weekends at Hornsby. I wish I could be there at least for the Saturday night piss up, sorry, make that 'social gathering' at the Blue Gum.
  7. A clarification on the rules regarding lead wires. You may add devices to manage lead wires as long as they do not influence the normal operation of the chassis, specifically the normal movement of the 'H' and 'T' plates, and comply with all other rules. Such devices may include, PC board, clips, tape, cable ties, shrink tube, etc.
  8. I don't remember Jan, I've looked for the original drawing but no luck.
  9. Talking with Stoo yesterday and trying to remember exactly when the flat track was built. The absolute latest possible year was 1992 as I moved to Brisbane in early 1993 making it 28 years old this year. I've rebraided it a couple of times over the years and converted it to modular at one time so, unlike the hill climb track, it's easy to move and would be a good buy for someone if James can't find it a new home.
  10. Hi All, There've been some issues reported of posts not being saved since new year. The server has had recent upgrades and there was an update applied to the forum software this morning so I'm hopeful the problem is solved. Of course if the problem isn't solved no one will see this post and I'm wasting my time. Happy New Year 🍻 Cheers, Garry
  11. Australian Enduro Championships 2020 Race Announcement: Next year a Tri-State Championship is to be held in Victoria, N.S.W. and Queensland. All Pro and Am drivers will be eligible for racing as 2 man teams in the four nominated classes: Scaleauto, Slotworx Cup Cars, Lexan GT3 and Plafit FLM. Each event will have trophy’s for Pro’s and Am’s plus points will be combined from all three events to get National Champions for each of the four classes and overall Australian Enduro Champions. For consistency each state will run the same format as raced at Slotfest this year with two classes on the Saturday and two on the Sunday. Racing will be at the following venue’s: Round 1: Slotfest at Mr Slotcars Hallum Victoria 3rd – 5th of April Round 2: Rivercity Rumble Margate Queensland at 5th – 7th of June Round 3: Bathurst MCN at the Bullring N.S.W. 18th – 20th September All classes will be raced to National Rules and most classes will have motor handouts. Please be aware Scaleauto will be limited to the SA 8003 chassis and lights will not be required for FLM. Teams nominating are allowed to change co-drivers but at least one principal member must run all in all events to carry points for the National Championship. Further information will follow shortly. For any questions please direct to the representative in each state. Slotfest Victoria 3rd – 5th April Organiser: Greg Colgan is the communication link for posts dates/ times / format and relevant info and answers questions online River City Rumble Queensland 5th – 7th June Organiser: Kim Axton is the communication link for posts dates/ times / format and relevant info and answers questions online Bathurst at the Bullring 18th – 20th September Organiser: Glen Page is the communication link for posts dates/ times / format and relevant info and answers questions online
  12. You can download these pictures here for offline use - Slotworx_Chassis_Build.zip
  13. Members, please do not put email addresses in your posts. They get picked up by bots and sold on for either targeted marketing or scammers.
  14. New item to solve an old problem, nut holders for the axle carriers. They work very well, don't strip and clamp down tight over and over again. They'll be supplied with all new chassis and you can PM me if you want some. If you're wondering about the weight here's a comparison with a set of 1.5mm aluminium plate nuts.
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