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  1. Garry J

    2019 Slotfest

    If you're running National rules then GT3 gear ratio is fixed at 12/44
  2. Garry J

    Show us your latest V8 Slotworx

    Pretty obvious it's a work in progress Pagey.
  3. Garry J

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Fox, I've revised the rules and removed the offending line regarding weighting the body. I don't consider this to be a change as logic has prevailed in the past and it's been rightfully ignored. Also if anyone wants to add weight to their body I'm sure the rest of us won't complain.
  4. Garry J

    1/32 Aussie V8's

    It's 1/32 scale Ian
  5. Garry J

    New Porsche Cup Wing Mounts

    New wing mounts for the Porsche Cup car are available, and will replace the old mount in new kits. The new mounts feature a hooked body mount for positive location and a larger glue area for the wing. They are also similar to the wing mounts on the 1 to 1 cars but a bit shorter to keep them the same height as the original mounts. Both the new and the original mounts will be legal for racing. Weight is 0.1 grams heavier than the old mount, per pair, but you won't need globs of glue to hold them to the wing, and they're almost impossible to pull out of the body. PM me for more information An early heavier prototype. Larger glue area for the wing
  6. Garry J

    Track line marker

    Pagey, you don't know what you're missing. With a decent line marker you just walk around each lane, once. 😎
  7. Garry J

    Track line marker

    I have one of those, among other striping tools, and it works fine. If you want the best have a look here - https://www.beugler.com/ - but make sure you're sitting down before you check their prices.
  8. Garry J

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Well done Mark. Given that data, would you agree that small factors have a large bearing on the result. 🤐
  9. Garry J

    Controller Plugs - Standardisation

    The push to change in Queensland came primarily from "suspected" issues with brakes and the round pin. Not because Queenslanders are conformist by nature. Queenslanders seem to have a lot of issues with brakes not working. We're hoping that getting rid of the round pin and its tiny contact area will fix the problem.
  10. Garry J

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Are there two different Cams or is he 'doing a Brock' and cross entering?
  11. Garry J

    Controller Plugs - Standardisation

    Mark, That's crap, all sockets are marked A N & E. I've never had any issue using the correct terminology. Also the instructions are vague as to which end of the socket you're looking at.
  12. Garry J

    Controller Plugs - Standardisation

    Or if you prefer the simple version Red - Active White - Neutral Black - Earth
  13. Garry J

    Race calendar 2019

    It'd be nice if you could get a yearly view but it doesn't have it. If you click on 'Event Stream' it'll show you what's on with a bit of detail as you cycle through the months. You can set reminders for up to 30 days in advance.
  14. Garry J

    Hallam V8 Bathurst race

    Yes, 10 heats of 12 minutes is 2 hours but it's only an 8 lane track so you only race for 96 minutes and sit out for 24 minutes. Simples .