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  1. Hey Fox, doing an excellent job mate. How are you measuring polar length? I know how we used to do it, and Werner does it his way which is easier. Don't want to pre-empt though, leave it to you. Cheers, Garry
  2. We all hope Yolanda stops oscillating soon mate. Sounds painful.
  3. Have to agree Stoo. I remember sitting down at Creek Corner and hearing the race start in the distance. A few seconds later you'd see the Mustang hit the top of Hume Straight already 50 yards ahead of the pack.
  4. Yes Richard, the laser cutter came good eventually, thanks to intervention from Cam. I suspect he was having his own lockdown problems.
  5. Hi Richard, Some history. Last year and early this year I sold virtually nothing Slotworx, simply because there was nothing open. This was actually a good thing because I couldn't buy most of the bits I needed, and my laser cutter decided to take my money and run. Eventually parts started getting through and I sorted out some laser cutting, but, I then find I can't buy the correct grade of aluminium sheet to make T and H plates, body mounts and motor mounts. With even the best grade being too weak, and the subject of many complaints, I wasn't prepared to downgrade so I did the only thing I could and made the GenII. The oilite problem is an entirely different matter. The last time I ordered oilites I was supplied with solid brass bearings, similar to those made by Slick7. I can't supply these to use on stainless steel axles, which is the only thing we can get in 3mm, they have to be oiled extremely frequently or they'll chew out the axle in my experience. I found ball races are incredibly cheap so I changed. Even if I can get oilites now I'm not going to go back, but they'll be legal for racing. So now you know how we got to this point, not by choice. I have been discussing the problem of the 2 different chassis with racers and I've decided to make a new set of rules for the new chassis. They'll be the same as the old rules as far as you can't change or modify any chassis components, same wheels and tyres and dimensions, etc, but the minimum weight will be reduced and the following are added to the free choice list - Axle bearings Front axle - independent or solid, any material. Slotworx or Plafit bearing mounts only. It has to be said that these are only National Rules and they don't suit every track. I always encourage clubs to stay close to the national rules but do what works best on your track. Slotworx is not my primary employment, I work in IT. Slotworx gets whatever time I can spare after work, family, lawns, pool, pets, cars, etc. I'm sure you know how it is.
  6. Hi Jules, I have to make some for Ian. How many do you need. Cheers Garry
  7. Fox, regarding ball races, are they allowed front and rear? Probably obvious but best to get it in writing.
  8. Only one, I've got 3 or 4 of them. I should put them all together so I can contribute a few loaners.
  9. Grant, Gerald and Garry are in. Not sure of the team name but 'Phoenix' will do for now.
  10. Send me your address Jules. Thanks mate, I got it.
  11. I can supply the same bearings (from Plaig) for $1.90 each plus postage which is $1.50 for a stamp and an envelope.
  12. I have my doubts about these brass bushes. Slick7 brought out similar things years ago (probably still do) and you had to lubricate them constantly because they don't retain oil like sintered bronze does. Also most of us are using Plafit axles which, I believe are stainless steel. These bushes will chew out a stainless steel axle in no time, drill blank axles are the best alternative but hard to get in 2.9?mm. I've spoken to Werner but there doesn't seem to be any alternative coming. THEREFORE, I think I'd best change the rules for the coming year to allow any axle bearings. Everyone I've spoken to is in favour of switching to any bearings, and I can supply chassis kits with ball races for only $8 more than oilites. Of course this only applies to National Events, for club racing do whatever makes you happy. All in favour .................
  13. Hi All, This is the new 2nd generation Slotworx chassis. The main plate, adjustable rear end and motor mounts are unchanged, and it still uses aluminium body mounts for reliability. After discussion with Fox a while back we both decided it was too close to the Hornsby race to introduce new parts so they will be available next week, although I have orders already so there may be a wait for new orders. Upgrade kits will be available and all complete chassis will be supplied fully assembled. Features - T plate has 2 positions +/- 6mm, plus 12mm adjustment for the bearing holders. Front bearing holders are available in resin (for 2 bearing independent front axles) or aluminium. Front axle height adjustment is by shims and Plafit bearing holders will fit. My intent is to make a generic club racing chassis that can be used for a variety of bodies and classes, rather than only fitting the Slotworx Porsche or Aussie V8.
  14. 2022 1/24 LEXAN GT3 REGULATIONS 1.0 Body 1.1 Only Ace Modern GT (Lexan) Body Sets listed in the Official Body Homologation list are allowed to be used. 1.2 Body has to be cut to the manufacturers shown cut lines including the wheel arches. 1.3 The rear wing must be mounted at a minimum height of 3mm above the rear of the body, but never higher than the roof of the car. 1.4 Full vacuum formed driver interior ACE 24-12 may be used or any other vacuum formed interior making sure that no chassis part is visible through any window. Driver interiors must be painted. Engine detail underneath the rear window has to be used for the AUDI, Ferrari and McLaren. 1.5 Fantasy car liveries in the spirit of 1:1 Modern GT Car Racing are Permitted. 2.0 Chassis 2.1 Open chassis with a maximum 78mm wide chassis plate can be used. 2.2 No soldering to hold the motor in position. Only motor screws are to be used. 3. 0 Ground Clearance 3.1 1.0mm under the entire chassis including the gear. 4.0 Front Axle 4.1 Any 3mm diameter axle. Independent front axles are allowed. 4.2 Any 3mm axle oilites or axle ball bearings are allowed. 5.0 Front Wheels 5.1 Any Aluminium front wheels with a minimum diameter of 21mm can be used. 5.2 3D Wheels inserts in modern LMP/GT design have to be used. 5.3 Any Hard Sponge Tires sealed or non-sealed can be used. 5.4 Minimum tire and rim width is 6mm. 5.5 Minimum tire diameter is 25mm. 5.6 Maximum front spur width is 82mm but never wider than the body. 6.0 Rear Wheels 6.1 Any Aluminium rear wheels with a minimum diameter of 21mm can be used. 6.2 3D Wheels inserts in modern LMP/GT design have to be used. 6.3 Maximum tire an rim width is 13mm. 6.4 Minimum tire diameter is 26mm, maximum is 27.5mm. 6.5 Maximum rear spur width is 82mm but never wider than the body. 6.6 Plafit Black Magic Rear Tires (8441BM or 8442BM) and Scaleauto ProComp3 Tires are allowed only. 6.7 Use of Goo and/or any other tire softener, liquids etc is not allowed. Cleaning with tape or shellite only is permitted. 7.0 Rear Axle 7.1 Any 3mm diameter. 7.2 Any 3mm axle oilite bushings or axle ball bearings can be used. 8.0 Gears 8.1 Any plastic M50 module 44T spur gears for 3mm axles. 9.0 Pinion 9.1 12T M50 module. 9.2 For major events a different pinion option is to be at the discretion of the organisers. 10.0 Motor 10.1 SRP Speed25L Long Can Motor only. 10.2 Original lettering stamp on the motor can has to be visible. 10.3 Sealed motors are not to be opened or modified in any way. 10.4 Any lead wire. 10.5 For major events a different motor option is to be at the discretion of the organisers. 11. Weight 11.1 Minimum total car weight is 160g.
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