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  1. Hi Fox Please update our team to add Stephen and take Simon out please..
  2. Hey Brett no mention of a national rule change. I’d say foxy is trying to give the racers an option. As you rightly say this class seems to be getting caught by other classes speed wise. Not that speed is the be all end all but when other classes start to close the gap 🤷‍♂️
  3. Please enter Team BullRing Pagey Benno Cam Noel Pagey & Benno for FLM Cam & Noel for FLM All are in for GT3
  4. 9 more sleeps until official APC practice begins. And 9 more sleeps until one half of the bullring team arrives. Not sure if the nights will be any earlier for me as he likes to drink as well 😳😳
  5. The corner of Oxley ave and Wighton st Margate
  6. Hey Wayne Mawson lakes hotel is excellent to stay in and only a 3 minute drive from the track..
  7. Yes Garry there is. Cameron from Andrew’s track is racing in Jacque’s team
  8. Cody see below Shop 11/300 oxley Ave Margate it’s front door entrance is actually in Wighton st
  9. Hey Pagey work depending I’ll be in. Slot me into a team when you have time mate
  10. Well done Wayne. This’ll be Awsome for you guys
  11. it’s always easy to chime in down the thread and echo everyone’s sentiments above , however I like to thank Mark Fox on a personal level and also from a competitors stand point for organizing the most well run race event I’ve ever competed in. Honestly Mark 2nd to none mate you deserve all the kudos sent your way. it was great to race with Cam , Kim and Pagey in the Porsche race and one could not ask for better team mates and the win was a bonus. I’m especially happy for Pagey who puts in the practice on his own track and is always on the phone talking about set up or his driving style. N
  12. 😳😳😳😳 I be gotten used to this Charles 🤞🤞🤞taken awhile but seems to work for me now.
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