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  1. Thanks Benno, good suggestion that worked. I guess that's why you get paid the big bucks.
  2. As the forum is the place to get information about upcoming events, developments and other general things could we please have the rules posted on the relevent pages. I would like this done so as I can print them out without all the stuffing around I have to do too get them from Ace Hobbies site, I am Mac based and get lots of useless stuff being printed when I try getting them from there for some reason that my computer skills are unable to understand.
  3. Team Triple R [Ray & Richard] would like to be entered into the Sunday events, Lexan GT3 and FLM as Richard has other commitments on Saturday.
  4. Richard M

    2019 Slotfest

    Now that I am fit enough to get to my computer, nothing to do with the carrier of the black plague[flu], I would like to thank the team of Benno and Pagey for all of there help with the scurtineering over the weekend. You guys made it quick and easy to get through things and it was a pleasure to not have any major issues to deal with, that trick of Bennos using his phone to check pinions is a little ripper. Just goes to show you what a young head can come up with, smart lad that young man. Great weekend of good racing, hope to see you all when the 12 hour race is sorted. Thanks again fellas it was a great weekend. Richard M.
  5. Richard M

    2019 Slotfest

    Peter and Trev have asked me to enter them in all classes, team name Hallams Howlers.
  6. Richard M

    2019 Slotfest

    Greg could you put Team RRR, Ray and Richard, down for all classes please.
  7. Richard M

    Slot Fest

    As to the following complaint from Kart: "Scrutineering tyres new out of packet to wide and you and I ground down to alloy for him had to fall out of Cams test tool, I measured my tyres on my Mitutoyo callipers 12.997 he checked on Cam's gauge the tool would not fall of got my tool fell straight out he the checked on his $10 callipers said 13.14 I got pissed with him and told him so went and got my Callipers he checked and them called Greg to check all good I let him use my callipers for the rest of classes." Part of racing slot cars is having your car scrutineered and Event organizers must provide all actual scrutineering tools for the event at the start of official practice, we used the readily available Slotworx tool and the heads up was given to all racers on the practice day "the tool must fall of the tire on its own weight to pass" no big deal one would have thought also after all the fuss about the accuracy of the tool I have had Cams tool for the V8's checked over by an engineering firm and it was found to be very, very accurate. The largest discrepancy being :045 of a mm, less than the thickness of a human hair or as the engineer who checked it said anyone complaining about that needs to get a life. Everything else was within :01 of a mm. So well done Cam on making such an accurate gauge, I look forward to getting the Porsche one when we start racing them here regularly. Back to the callipers, the $10 pair that Kart referred to were handed to me by another interstate racer and were not mine. Mine are also a pair of Mitutoyo callipers, thankfully not digital ones. I suggest Kart that you book in for an eye test as whilst your callipers were on the scrutineering desk I was using my pair in full view of yourself. There was a slight bit of confusion about the rules regarding Porsche GT3s, half of the cars didn't meet the rules regarding exhaust pipes. I refer you all to the following: Porsche body rule F Supplied flexible exhaust pipes must be fitted, Rule H mirrors must be installed prior to scrutineering. All cars were allowed to run because it would have been a very small field otherwise also I was informed that they were allowed to run like that at Hornsby and they should be allowed to run here. If that is the case why have the rule in the first place, same thing with the mirrors which many removed before the race started. The rules are the rules and should be adhered to as much as possible, they are not rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty. There were a lot more examples I could have used as well. Here's a subtle hint for you all, don't throw a filthy look at the scrutineer as he will only look at your car a lot harder. Richard M
  8. Thanks for the replies guys but I am really not any clearer on the subject. Having looked at the rules it mentions front wheels which means that the rim and tyre, the parts that make up the wheel, must fit within these dimensions ie 7mm. Also note that the rear tyre, the rubber bit, can be no wider than 13mm. Having just gotten my hands on Cams Slotworx Go-Nogo plate for the V8's the rear tyre check is set for 13mm wide. Like I said before I can be a pedantic Ar#$*^#e. Also according to the OAPR rule it says 13mm wide with minimal rounding allowed. Maybe Cam could come in with an answer but as he is very busy with making chassis and kits he might not have the time. By the was rules reffered to OAPR 2:15, Slotworx Axles and Wheels D:1 and E:2. Yours in the state of confusion Richard M. P.S. It's easy to fix the front tyre/wheel rule just change it to the same size as OAPR and Lexan GT3's
  9. Let me start with why I am asking about the rules regarding front tyres/wheels. I am the guy who was asked/pushed forward into doing the scrutineering at Mr. Slotcar on Thursdays and being the pedantic person that I am have been fairly hard on everyone in the hope that they would find someone else to take over, sadly this has not happened. With regards to the Slotworx V8's I have noted that in most cases the rubber on the rims is usually 7.3 mm wide and the actual rim is usually 6mm wide on the wheels supplied with the kit. This is also true with the Porsche Cup kits. So, I would like to know if the 7mm as stated in the rules is a minimum or a maximum width and if applies to only the rubber or the whole wheel. I have also noticed that the rear wheels are also usually 13.4 mm wide on the rubber but the rims are usually right at 13mm. Getting the rears to the right width is fairly easy but adding an extra millimeter to the front rims would be somewhat difficult. Solutions that come to mind are use the 7mm Scaleauto fronts which are allowed in the rules. Cut down a pair of old rears to the 7mm width, messy but easy enough to do or bring the size down to the 6mm that is used in the other classes such as Lexan GT3, OAPS and Scaleauto. I must say that being tougher on the adherance to the rules has made for closer and better racing. I look forward to the replies, Richard M. P.S. If you want to know how hard I can be just ask Arkin.
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