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  1. At this stage the 1:24 classes to be run from January to June 2019 are: Scaleauto GT (Club Class) LMP GT3 Slotworx Cup Car Historic / Grp C (Combined) Scaleauto GT (National class but allowing the Scaleauto Junior motor in BOTH the old and the new chassis) Whilst Group C & Historic classes are combined for sprint racing, they will be separated for endurances. Once classes are finalised there will be a list of rules for each class posted.
  2. Guys, it was a very enjoyable day yesterday. Win or lose it was good spending the day with mates doing something we all enjoy. I’d like to make this a regular thing (1 or 2 times a year) and perhaps we can build it beyond 4 teams. The LMP's don't get much of a chance to stretch their legs for and hour per lane very often. Congrats to my team mates, Bruce, Ash & Garry, we gelled we’ll on the day and Garry gave us a car was awesome. To Grant Gerald and Paul, you scared the hell out of us early, jumping out to an early lead after the first bracket. All 3 of you showed great speed and driving from start to finish. Grant that was a fantastic bracket you drove tussling with Jan for pretty much the entire 20 minutes. No touches, no offs!!! Narangba, well a team of better quality, you would have to go a long way to find. If it wasn’t for the mixup with the car, I’m sure you would have been the team to beat. Thanks to Andrew, Jan & Simon for always supporting BVR events. Kim, you guys kept going through drama after drama. Things just didn’t fall your way yesterday. Each drove very well and Nick showed he is already a very handy driver. Shame Noel’s first trip to BVR was not successful but I hope to see him here again. Once again, thanks to all who came into our home yesterday and helped make the day a success. Mark & Leisa.
  3. Absolutely Kim. For our "club" racing we'll keep the pinion option open, as I do think the 12t will be the right pinion around BVR but we are lacking development at this stage. My old Red Roo 1 is still honking under the Audi R15 with the 12T. The car is now as old as the class with it being one of the first cars after the first 4 to be built. It's showing signs of use but what a freak of a car, 5.8's around BVR at over 160gms.
  4. Bugger! Sorry guys, 6mm in MINIMUM width for fronts!!! Not max as previously written.
  5. Hi Everyone To help any oversights on Sunday can you please check the following measurements BEFORE the event? I don’t want to overrun anyone with rules but this is the first time the 2018 rules have been tested so, to get worthwhile data, we need to be strict on these. Jan will help as race director so he and I will share the computer, track call button and call times. As such we won’t also marshal. Scrutineering before start: - min car weight 150g. - min frt wheel dia 25mm - min/max rear wheel dia 26.6/27.5mm - spur max 83mm - ride height 1.0mm - frt and rear max wheel widths 6/13mm - NSR 25evo with 11:44 (Motor & Pinion SUPPLIED) Team marshalling positions - when on: - RED (Right hand end) - YELLOW (Run-in) - BLUE (Top Left Corner) - WHITE (End of the straight) 2 additional marshals will be required to help the right hand (RED) end of the track. Can everyone please just help there and make sure these points are covered also. The 4 main positions must remained manned at all times or a team penalty of 10 laps may apply. If a team’s marshal needs to leave their post they MUST have a replacement first. MARSHALS ARE NOT MECHANICS so please hand the car back to the team or your team mate if it is your own car. ALL driver changes are to done under GREEN conditions. Car MUST be stopped within the 2 black markers on the main straight for mechanical work or driver change. All repairs are to be completed under GREEN conditions, please do not work on the cars between heats including the cleaning or taping tyres. Most of these rules we observe from week to week so not much new. More than anything, enjoy the race and if you need to know anything, just ask. Thanks… Mark
  6. Proposed schedule for Sunday: 9:00am Track open 11:00am Motor handout 11:45am Scrutiny 11:45am Lunch 12:30pm Race start 4:45-5:00pm Race finish. Cost for the day: $15 per driver which includes lunch.
  7. Well it seems as though very few LMP's these days are being made to comply with the actual national rules for the class... Due to this I am relaxing the livery for this event but all cars are to look like race cars please. Lets face it, the intent of the event is to enjoy our hobby, just at a bit stronger level of competition. With LMP being considered, by me, as the pinnacle of what we race at BVR, I would like to see the livery as scale as possible (within the guidelines of the national rule set). As new cars are being built, please try to respect the nature of the class and use the guidelines as set down. I'm pretty cruisey with most things, and don't get pedantic with very many classes trying to emphasise the fun factor and not get hung up on rules, but it would be nice to keep this one as intended moving forward... Thanks...
  8. Just to clarify the last post. This is an example where the car won't win a concours as it is not exactly scale. The colour is close but not exactly right and there is a bit of poetic licence on some decals BUT, there is no mistaking that the car is meant to represent a 1:1 car. Hope this helps...
  9. Guys just a reminder that we are running to the national rules apart from the flexibility of pinions, that I have fixed and will supply as you know. In amongst those rules is the requirement of livery to represent a 1:1 car. There is no issue with small details like I have with my Lotus (Small BVR above the cockpit and on the rear wing but scale to all other detail). It's a friendly race but it is a step above the regular club racing so I think it's important to raise the bar to represent "scale" racing. If anyone is concerned about their car being accepted, just bring a photo of the car it represents.
  10. Wednesday night was the first race meeting we've had where most ran the 12T pinion on their LMP's at BVR. The motors got particularly hot (some discolouring) after just 2x 3minute brackets prompting a revision of the pinion specified for this race. As BVR is supplying all motors and pinions, and requesting them back at the end of the race, the pinion supplied shall be an 11T Slot It ergle pinion, NOT 12T as originally specified. Thanks...
  11. Thanks Mate. Getting pretty good numbers nowadays (12-16 weekly) and the guys all seem to like racing on the track. Visitors to the Gold Coast are always welcome to join in.
  12. For your viewing pleasure , attached is a diagram of the track layout s well as some photos. The track is approx 33.5lm, 4 lane with 110mm lane spacing. The open design of the track see very close racing in all classes with side by side racing possible. One needs to pick their places to pass wisely as doing so in the wrong spot can have dire consequences .
  13. Thanks Kim. I'll run the LMP class for the preceding 2 weeks for Wednesday night racing and can certainly organise time on the Sunday from 9:00am. I'm also happy to organise a TnT the Saturday afternoon January 20 if that helps.
  14. Well this is the first post for BVR on the this forum... January 21 2018 will see a 4hr endurance race run for the much loved OAPR LMP. Teams will be made up of 3-4 drivers with 1 hour being run per lane. This is NOT and national championship but will run to the national rules with the 1 exception of the pinion shall be 12T. Motors to be run shall be the NSR25 Evo as per previous years and this combination seems to work well on the BVR track. BVR will be supplying motors and pinions, which will be handed back at the end of the event. Emphasis at BVR is putting the fun back into slot car racing. With teams currently entered, as per below, the level of competition will be of the highest standard so will cater for the most competitive. The aim is to allow up to 6 teams with 4 already locked in. For those not sure where BVR is, it's located in the Gold Coast Hinterland approx 15 minutes off the M1 from either Robina or Mudgeeraba. If anyone else is keen to join us please let me know. Team 1. Andrew, Simon, Steve Team 2. Nick, Kim, Noel Team 3. Ashley, Bruce, Mark, Garry Team 4. Grant, Gerald, Paul Wishing everyone a successful and safe 2018.... Stocky...
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