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  1. ..O.k., let's try another link : https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNKX3pTLjkNST2KmWYbmyZLPE7MiVUNsQcgPY9quBhTdf3Rryig51SHJAxhUvXrFQ?key=aHJkVXMxeDN2Q1A4SndLZkVuaEQ4bUV3Q0I0X2l3
  2. ........I have seen this myself. No idea how to fix this....
  3. Photos of the event are here : https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMqwm2qwqEMEStxOzII3lYEwVGT0QrTbIs6cXJq
  4. The race results I have been given are published here : https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/21-2019-apc Some are still incomplete.....
  5. ........No list as such, Sean. 1/24 Formula 1 and 1/24 FLM will both use the Plafit Cheetah 4 Motor......
  6. Hi all, There has been a minor regulation adjustment withing the 1/24 Historic's class as Plafit stopped the production of their 7mm wide RTR Front Wheels. Effective immediately the new front rims will now only be 6mm wide which results in a 7mm wide tire width. Therefore the old minimum of 8mm wide fronts has been changed to 7mm within the regulations. Cheers Werner
  7. This year within the 1/24 Historic'c class we will give away a special tropy and prize for a "Best of Show" car entry. So, with the usual high modelling standard in this class, do your absolute best.
  8. Kyosho has released some nice new GT bodies for our ever popular 1/27 Mini-Z GT class. The McLaren P1 GTR is a very pretty looking car with stunning detail. The new Audi R8 LMS comes in 3 different attractive liveries. There is also a new Corvette C7 ZR1 been announced and hopefully we can include it into the body list. However all the favorite GT cars from previous years are still popular and competitive. So we again can expect a large entry within this class in both B and A driver classifications.
  9. A complete new class has been added to the APC this year however this will be run together with the 1/24 FLM day/night team race event on Saturday afternoon/evening with different classification. So for this event you have to decide in which class (1/24 FLM or 1/24 Plafit LMP) your team wants to compete in. The new 1/24 Plafit LMP cars are based on the 1800SLP2-SW chassis with SRP25L Motor and open gearing. The 2019 Oreca 07 body set (ACE #24007) is used only. First tests have shown very similar performance between the FLM and the new LMP cars however because of the completely different motors used the driveablility is completely different. But this race event will be very exciting with very fast lap times and a day and night session.
  10. With the APC now only 3 month away let's highlight in short a few things different to last year. A regulation change has been done to the 1/24 Group C class with the PLafit 1900 chassis system now added. Also the selection of bodies has been increased with other types then only 1/24 static model kits included. Bodies can be lightened and Lexan parts are allowed to replace windows, head light covers, rear wings and diffusors. The maximum chassis width is now 78.0mm however the minimum body weight (including mounts) is still 55.0g and the total car weight remains at 165.0g. After building two test cars to the new spec's (one with a GFK body, one with a plastic BRM body) with the different weight distribution, the cars will be better handling and have shown faster lap times compared to previous years. But most important is the addition of the many beautiful Group C cars available these days which makes this class now much more attractive.
  11. Hi Kim, yes, the schedule has at present been written that there will be no time for hand-out motors but rather more racing on the two days. The Master Track can be used in both directions and a final decision on which way we will go has not been done yet. Cheers Werner
  12. ....Certainly is : https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries
  13. ...Wrong link Rodney ! This is the correct one : https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/1-2018-regulations-124-formula-lemans
  14. All the 2019 Australian Plafit Championship info is now here : https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/21-2019-apc
  15. APC News Update here : http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20376-it-is-on-again-in-2018/page__pid__273894#entry273894
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