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  1. Noticed the Sad News of Lee Gilbert's passing 'posted' on Slot Blog 😢 See here; http://slotblog.net/topic/99383-70s-racing-legend-lee-gilbert-has-passed/ and Here; https://www.pacificslotcarraceways.com/2021/12/in-memory-of-lee-gilbert/ Possibly The Most Famous Slot Car Body and Chassis building article Ever LOL (Well For us Old Pharts anyway)
  2. Gee,.. Really,... Ball Bearings ??,.. How many people Intending to Run Retro actually Have chassis Already fitted with Ball Bearings ??
  3. Yeah, I agree !! Would be Great to get up there soon, for some Practice / Tuning Prior to the October event !! Looking Really Good Kim !!! 👍👍
  4. Oh yeah,.. I Know Mark,.. was Not 'Whingeing' / Complaining,.. Just sort of Speaking / Thinking out loud,.. ... it is what it is Now,..
  5. Well, thanks for all the effort etc,... but somehow I Still feel it would have been Far simpler / easier and IMHO Better, if the Porsche Race was kept simply as a Single Driver Sprint race !! Would have made it Far easier to organize and with a bit of Extra discussion, I am sure we could have worked out a suitable 'Program' & Timing with James. So Many of these Scale type events are ALL 'Teams' Events,.. apart from the eventual GT3 class,.. which Not everyone had anyway,.. and With the Following GT3 Team event,.. a simple 'Sprint' with the Porsche cars Would have added to the Variety of the Weekend I believe
  6. Who is Dale running with in the Porsche Cup Race ??
  7. We had 8 racers turn up for this round and typically, the racing was great !! Race report and pics here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1625&p=7118#p7118 Pointscore here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1555
  8. Plenty of entries this time around, 14 in total with a couple of regulars attending who were missing from the previous round and all the entrants for the following day's event getting in some useful 'track time' and racing It allowed us to have 2 x 7 car races,.. Both of which were absolutely fantastic,.. as can be both seen & read about here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1618&p=7102#p7102 Very clean and incredibly Close & clean racing, in Both Heats,.. allowing the marshals to virtually 'sit back' & enjoy the great racing Series Pointscore here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1555
  9. Well,.. the FINAL season of Slotworx Porsche races got under way last week and was a typically great evening's racing, with 7 starters. Race report, Sheets and Pics here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1616 Pointscore; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1555 With the track seemingly now Definitely CLOSING at the end of June,.. there aren't many opportunities left to race at HSC,.. so If you are interested,.. then try and get along !! Upcoming Porsche rounds; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1556&p=6942#p6942
  10. Gee,.. NO Need to be agressive or offended about it Wayne,... 😧 It was merely a suggestion & statement of fact. The HSC Series is (with regard to who normally turns up to race), just 'Local' Club Racing,.. as with the Regular "Bull Ring" reports & announcements. Apologies for seemingly 'giving a shit',...
  11. I would have thought this Would/should have been 'posted' under the HSC Club Racing section !!?? The HSC sprint series isn't a National 'Event'
  12. See Foxy's 'post' here; http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/406-gt3-6-hour-enduro/&tab=comments#comment-4191
  13. Hi guys there has been a bit of a change to the racing on 27th June. Sunday 27th is NOW a 3 X man 8 hour GT3 race GT-3 Schedule test and tune GT3 up to 4.30pm Track is open from 12noon, Yon can practice all day for $10 a person Saturday 4.30 - Tech' inspection of GT-3 cars 5.00 - Qualifying of GT-3 cars 6.00 - Qualifying for Porsche Cup cars 6.30 - Porsche Cup 2 x Hour race start You May get your hand out motor ( 30,000 ) from 12.30pm onwards. If not happy with that motor, you may purchase another for $15 but must hand back the first motor which you get back after the race. . After Qualifying, ALL GT-3 cars will be impounded until start of race. You may oil, clean tyres, check and kiss body before the start of race Entry Fee is $150 per team and this includes the first motor Sunday 27th shop opens at 9.00 Race starts at 9.30
  14. Hi guys there has been a bit of a change to the racing on 26th June. Saturday 26th is NOW going to be a 2 x man, 2 x hour Porsche Cup race Saturday 6pm - Qualifying 6.30 - Racing Starts This event is for two man teams and we will take the first 12 teams to enter. So this means that we will run a 'round robin' race, (9 up to 12 teams), Once we know how many teams we have we can work out the lengths of the heats. This means if we have 12 teams the heats will be 10min long. We just want the race to go for two hours not run all night !! Normal National Porsche Cup rules ( Except you can run ball bearings front and back ) byo 25,000 motor Entry Fees are $30 per Teams Track is open from 12noon, You can practice all day for $10 a person
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