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  1. Stoo23

    Bull Ring turns one 🎉🎉

    :) Yes,.. similar Congrats Re; Bull Ring's Birthday !! Hopefully I can make it down there soon.
  2. Stoo23

    Select 1/32 cars for Sale

    Oh well,.. a couple more cars sold,.. finally,.. lol Harvick Nascar and Ludwig Capri,.. thanks to Sports Racer from Ausslot. :)
  3. Stoo23

    Select 1/32 cars for Sale

    Hi again guys, Well, apart from 1 x car sold when I initially 'posted' this Info', I haven't had a 'skerrick' of interest, so thought I'd 'Bump' the Post up on here and elsewhere,.. with 'Reduced Prices' and Free Postage !! Thanks for Looking :) Cheers
  4. YES !! agreed,.. Hope he is Feeling Good !!,.. Say Hi and give him my Best etc
  5. Yeah,.. agreed and they were / Are rather effective as well !! Will perhaps be even more so Now !!,.. :)
  6. Hey Benno,... Nice 'Livery' choice on the Porka's !! :) Especially so in this 'Age' of what are often 'Rolling Corporate Advertisements' 😋
  7. Stoo23

    2019 Model Car Worlds Proposed

    One would HAVE to 'suggest', that would be an Understatement !!
  8. YES !!,.... lol Fox & I are Still trying to work out how They managed to do 5 MORE Laps on Black, than Anyone !!,.. in the Porsche Cup !!,.. Our total on Black was Bad !!, After a Late 'Nasty' 'Nailing' by Both a Car AND Marshal,..lol, Our Car's Braids Were 'Skrunched', so may Not have been counting Perfectly !!??,..:),.. Well That's MY Story,.. Anyway,... LOL It has in fact, been a Long Time, since I have had to 'Learn' a Brand NEW Track !!,... Eeeek !!,... EDIT: Although Now that I think about, it was when I came up to race at Gary's and Jan's a couple of years back. And as well, some of those Damn Fast South Coast 'Aliens' are getting Plenty of 'Practice' and Setup time !!!!,.. I must admit, I'm quite 'partial' to Foxy's New one,.. "Do LESS with More Focus" !!,..
  9. Stoo23

    Pagey new track build

    YES !!,.. it would 'appear' you have done a Truly Excellent Job !!,.. Congrats !! Looks as Smooth as that gorgeous Blue Track in New Zealand !!,.. lol
  10. Stoo23

    2019 Model Car Worlds Proposed

    Hey,.. this IS JPVR we are talking about,.. Those with a Possible 'Death-Wish', can Volunteer to 'Hold Their Breath' in Anticipation,..
  11. REJECTS ????,... Yeah,.. Right !!,.. ??,.. lol Such a Shame NONE of you can Drive,.. or you might even do OK !!,...
  12. Hi guys,.. it was really only whilst chatting to 'Fox' on the weekend, that I became aware of the fact that ALL of the races to be held at this Years MCN, are 'Team' events. May I ask Why ?? and/or perhaps, what thoughts/factors have driven this decision? I know previously, there Were some Team events, but many/most were 'Individual' driver events. I am honestly, just wondering and interested,..
  13. Stoo23

    NSW Endurance Championships

    ,... YES !!!!,...
  14. Stoo23

    NSW Endurance Championships

    Once again, Thanks 'Brooksy' for you Efforts, it is Greatly appreciated,.. Especially, as I/We NOW Know NOT to attend Today to get the Porsche Cup 'Hand-Out' motors, (as was originally suggested) A fact that was actually being 'discussed' by Us(Darryl, Mark and Myself) late Yesterday Arvo'/evening AT the Track !!,.. Handy to know !!!,... and,... Arguably,.. Far More 'Equitable'. As far as the 'Crack of Dawn' Sunday Start goes,.. it is Still (in My opinion,.. something which I believe is MY right to have btw), a ludicrously EARLY start time for ANY Race !!! for Whatever Reasons,... all I can say, (to all the Blu-Gummers), is.... Drink Long and Party Hard on Saturday Night !!!