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  1. Hi Racers iam glad to announce the first Vineyard Cup 2022. Classes......Porsche Cup ......GT3 This is a sprint race format, track is a 4 lane 42 meter road course in a air conditioning building, normal hand control plugs,with 120mm lane spacing. Track opens at 12noon and first race starting at 3pm then we stop for BBQ dinner then second class starts, Finish around 9pm Entry Fee is $10 per driver to cover BBQ Trophies for 1st in each class.This track is owned by Pierre Barthram 17 Level Crossing Rd Vineyard There will be a couple of GT3 loaner cars Any Questions call me on 0478377130 WayneBramble 3A06AAF2-3CB7-4FEE-810B-F5698155DF28.mp4
  2. Ok racers who is racing Retro on Friday ??? Cody Wayne Troy Mark Darryl Kim Rusty Ian Jack Ding
  3. Ok we have nine teams who going to be lucky last to enter???
  4. Team OZ are in for Porsche Cup and GT3 Cody and Wayne for Retro
  5. Ok I have kicked Cody out of the car and iam heading North with my controller.
  6. Sorry guys Team OZ can’t make it we are racing wing cars in Melbourne that weekend ( BrockTrophy Race) So have fun and a beer on me. Wayne
  7. We now have 8 teams confirmed for GT3 Race .now I believe Paul from outer towers needs a partner for Porsche Cup race .
  8. OK,HB Racing is back in So we have 7 teams confirmed We still need a third driver for the HSC team
  9. Just update the post , I shouldn’t have to explain why THANKS TEAM OZ (CODY,TROY,WAYNEBRAMBLE)
  10. OK guys we need a third driver for team HSC for the eight hour. What about Stephen and Paul teaming up in 2 hourly
  11. Hi Pagey, Yes HB racing is out , Would bull ring like to come and play?
  12. So we have 7 teams entered we need one more, how about it Bull Ring or SA .
  13. Teams for the 8 hour GT3 Race Team OZ FAT Racing Linfox Team Qld Outa Towners Team JJ Team HSC Teams for Porsche Cup cars Team OZ FAT Racing Fatoz Team Qld HSC Linfox Outa Towners Team JJ
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