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  1. Mark please add Jake as our 3rd driver for cup cars.
  2. Ok guys only 32 more sleeps until the great race. If anyone needs to tune there car we have one last round of the Porsche Cup on 16/11/19, Racing starts sharp at 6pm and finish by 9.
  3. Done Rodney. great to have team Linfox as part of this great event.
  4. Ok guys next Saturday is round two of the Porsche Cup at HSC starts at 6pm Hope you all can make it.
  5. Hi Greg how much $$$ are the entry fees and when will the hand out motors be handed out???
  6. What time is track open on Friday?
  7. Jake Burton also yes round 2 will be cancelled Round 1 will have 30sec QUAL and 4 min heats all other rounds will be 5min heats with lane choice done by point score placing
  8. Ok guys the first round of the Porsche Cup is on next Saturday starting at 6pm wayne
  9. Hi guys I need the rules for the FLM class as I have to build car for this weekend Thanks Wayne
  10. Have you worked out pinion size for classes yet.
  11. Put Team Oz down for all classes
  12. Robbo, Could you let us know which is the closest motel to the raceway. Thanks Wayne
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