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  1. Don’t forget the Porsche Cup race on Saturday night starting at 5.30
  2. There are two other teams with only 2 drivers, so if no steps up to race with you Don’t not come we will sort something out for the teams with two drivers
  3. Thanks Mark, that was big savings to what I was going to buy, let’s hope there good for 8 hours and 10.min.
  4. Done good to have you aboard, Don’t forget the new rule for 8 hour, Ball bearings can be used front and back for this race .and only gen 1 chassis .
  5. Round 1 is this coming Saturday Starting at 6pm track on at 5.30 for practice.
  6. Ok Balls get my vote,So see how I organised the eight hour, Iam going to change the rules to allow any type of 3mm axle ball bearings. So who ever is responsible for National Rules,how about changing them. PS, How about changing ground clearance tech at end of race for Porsche Cup car. ONLY kidding. Third time lucky for Team OZ
  7. Round 1 is this coming Saturday Starting at 6pm track on at 5.30 for practice.
  8. The Porsche Cup sprint series is starting again for Slotworx cars, this series is run to Australian Rules and only use Gen 1 chassis. Entry Fee.......$10 No Qualifying. Start at 6pm. Track on at 5.30 for practice This is a 4round series with points handed out for each round Rd1........27/3 Rd2.......24/4 Rd3.......22/5 Rd4.......26/6
  9. Mark Andrew pulled out tonite sick, so team Oz still needs a third driver for Sunday otherwise we will have to pull out.
  10. Teams Entered Team OZ Linfox Fat Racing Outer Towners HB Racing Team Qld Team JJ Team HSC
  11. Hi Racers HSC is holding a 8 Hour Race for Porsche Cup Cars Date......26’27/6/2021 Rules are the Australian Porsche Cup Rules . This race is for the first 8 teams to enter. Motor......Srp 25 which will be hand out.included in your entry fee. For this race you are allowed axle ball bearings front and back ( any type ) Gearing......13/44 Entry Fee....$150 per team. 3 or 4 Drivers per Team Saturday 4pm - 5pm hand out motors and Break in ( if you don’t like your motor you can buy another one for $15 but you must hand back the first motor until after the
  12. Hi guys the kid here again does anybody have a spare bed or floor at the blue gum for sat night cheers
  13. Cody here im looking to drive FLM with someone if anyone is keen
  14. Mark our third driver will be Andrew B. for the Porsche Cup.
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