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  1. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Track is not owned by RiverCity though, its owned by Werner, Simon & Andrew. Its not as simple as just painting some lines as the finish on the track isnt painted, its a textured vinyl wrap and as stated the track is multi layout capable. I think the only possible solution could be to pinstripe the lanes with vinyl, but would it adhere correctly to the existing stuff ?? I actually dont find the marking of lanes to really be an issue
  2. Benno

    Show us your latest V8 Slotworx

    Been a little busy of late, but here is another I have done for a fellow racer
  3. Benno

    2019 Qld GT championships

    Hey Kim, Is it possible to get all future round dates ? Pagey and i are keen on attending these races ( although we will miss Round 2 as it was so close to the 12 hour race ) Cheers Benno
  4. Benno

    Track line marker

    Ian, Email for a shipping quote, but this would be the best tool for the job ( stripes up to 7mm ) https://redbonegames.com/product/paint-striper-kit/
  5. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Hey Alan, Not real sure, i like the shape of them ... but i dont think there is much if anything in the different bodies. I have an Audi body that is as fast on the Fola chassis as the McLaren
  6. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    And more numbers from Jimmy ..... Also worked out distance travelled. 48 Mtr track x 5487 laps = 263 K's or 163 miles @ 22 KPH or 13.6 MPH average add the 2000 + K's road trip that was one busy weekend,well done guys.
  7. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Combined results thanks to Jimmy
  8. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Well ... what a weekend of racing that was !! What was a roller coaster ride of a race ended with us very lucky enough to have grabbed the last step on the podium on what could have been considered one of the toughest fields in Australia. The road trip with Pagey & Brooksy was awesome ! Must thank all my team mates Pagey, Brooksy & Cody for a killer effort and the never say die attitude, to drive back through the pack after setback after setback was simply amazing . Kim, mate you did a fantastic job on the organisation & running of the event, all your efforts and praise are well deserved. Werner, again your contributions & support of our hobby is unparalleled, thankyou And all our fellow competitors, man, you guys rock ! I had such a blast catching up with friends old & new ..... and the racing was relentless & really clean ( we knew we had our work cut out for us even before we hit the road because you guys are fast and dont crash ). Sandman ( Stephen Clarke ) .... you opened the eyes to a part of the hobby that many never knew existed, and the time/money/effort you invested into this event was insane ! i, as im sure like most had friends messaging me all day because they were able to watch and enjoy the racing. Really look forward to seeing this part of our hobby grow and help get maximum exposure, couple that with your duties and resulting win in the AM category well done dude Biggest thanks and congrats for me, must go to Noel ... yours and Donna's hospitality was again incredible and immeasurable !!! Nothing is too much trouble for you guys and and i sometimes feel that saying 'thankyou ' just isnt enough. Congrats to race winners & ACE Racing ( Noel,Werner & Jon ) & also BVR Gold Coast ( Kim, Bruce, Nick & Mark ) you guys were the class act of the weekend. Also to anyone else i may have forgotten to thank or congratulate , its not deliberate, but the brain isnt really operational today ( well not yet ) Race results attached, although not combined : Cheers Benno
  9. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Yup .... about as ready as I’ll ever be ..... 🤣🤣🤣 🍻🍺🍺
  10. Benno

    Show us your Slotworx Porsche

    Looking the goods Cody !! Can’t wait to see it on the track
  11. Next week we are still here Pagey .... the road trip begins the following Thursday ( 4th April )
  12. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Hey Kim, Confirming Cody is racing with BullRing