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  1. Benno

    2021 GT3

    😂 I knew you wouldnt laugh at me Garry !!! Pagey on the other hand takes the piss every opportunity he gets 😆 BTW .... Happy New Year !
  2. No way !!! I hope the track ( flat track ) goes somewhere local and we can continue to race on it
  3. Results from Week 2 of SlotWorx SuperCars & ScaleAuto GT : SlotWorx : T - Slotworx Supercars-2020-01-16T20.47.40.xlsx ScaleAuto GT Dunlop : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-16T21.29.36.xlsx Super : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-16T22.05.06.xlsx
  4. Results from Week 1 of 2020 !!! SlotWorx Supercars & ScaleAuto GT Also, we will have a live pointscore running all year for our Club Championship as well as our Dunlop Championship, this can be viewed here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1afGey6r1CFn5GmRK6yefhEXGBLVO0mn8T4xmHNb7zWY/edit?usp=sharing Massive thanks to Jo for putting this together and keeping it child proof enough for both Pagey and myself to operate .... will make it far easier to keep the pointscores up to date. A few tweaks for this years racing were also introduced, 8th in Super out pointed the winner in Dunlop last year, this year we will award the same amount of points for finishing 8th in Super & 1st in Dunlop. The other tweak will be Super & Dunlop grids will be determined by lap count from the previous weeks racing from Super & Dunlop seeing the top 8 lap scores into Super and the remainder forming the grid for Dunlop. So possibly we will see more than 1 promotion from Dunlop up to Super depending on luck etc T - Slotworx Supercars-2020-01-09T20.26.04.xlsxT - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-09T21.33.19.xlsx
  5. Hello all, I am now offering Window mask, wing mount & wheel insert kits to suit all GT3 bodies. Priced at $16 a kit including regular/standard post ( express if desired would be at your expense ). At some point i will look at adding mirrors to the kits, but that will be in the future at this point. Here is a snapshot of what they are/what you would get, pictured is Ferrari, Lamborghini & McLaren. Closer pic of BBS LMP, BBS 5Y, McLaren ( x2 ) BBS 7Y & Cadillac LMP inserts And some Aston Martin Group C inserts nicely detailed up ( as an example )
  6. Benno

    2021 GT3

    Thanks for your thoughts Kim, ideally an open gearing also allows the use of the newer M04 module from Ace ( plafit ) as well. I feel we have enough of the heavily 'controlled ' classes, that a luxury class such as the GT3 we could be afforded a little more restricted 'freedom'
  7. Benno

    2021 GT3

    Exactly Stoo, given the circumstances ... any chassis would have been stuffed ( just like we saw this year at Hornsby with the rear ends on the FLM bending the chassis plate between the axle carriers )
  8. Ok, Id say we can make this the time and the place .......... im happy to get the ball rolling as it does appear that we are starting to get more than the odd racer now lobbying for changes in the rules for the most popular class of Scale Model racing. In the court of public opinion we are all looking to make these supreme machines faster and get them away from that 'easy to drive' moniker we have grown to know. So, i was having a chat to another very well seasoned racer and he concurred with my train of thought, with the national LMP scene all but dead in the water, leaving the GT3 to be the premier racing class in Scale Model racing today this was seen as good a time as any to review for next year. This inturn will also give us ample opportunity to test and develop the class at a more comfortable pace than panic stations 8 weeks before a race. I would like to see the rules changed to a SRP30 or SRP35 as the powerplant with gearing changed to open gearing. We still retain all current and general rules/dimensions/weights except for the aforementioned. Some interesting facts, which i hope serve as food for thought for all : in Europe, they run GFK bodies that weigh extremely close to what our lexan bodies do ( 15 - 20g ) . They also run at same or lighter weight overall ( 160g ). I believe this will also help put to bed the large tyre diameter issues we have seen throughout the year ( exceeding max diameter of 27.5mm ) What say you ???
  9. I have only 1 question, if the testing was inconclusive ..... why are we over riding the national rules and changing/altering the pinion size ? I agree that the performance restrictions for GT3 need to be addressed, but there is a time and place for that, this change contravenes the rules irrespective of raceway/race directors discretion. Surely we shouldnt be having a 'discrectionary' rule set Am i the only cynic here ? Please dont take this post or its questioning as inflammatory, as thats not the intention, i am however concerned with the altering of rules
  10. What a great night had by all to cap off what has been a fantastic year of racing ....... CHRISTMAS CUP - 2019 - PLAFIT FLM -2019-12-19T20.32.44.xlsx - NOVELTY RACE T - CHRISTMAS CUP 2019 -2019-12-19T22.13.36.xlsx - FLM TEAMS RACE T - CHRISTMAS CUP 2019 -2019-12-19T22.13.36.xlsx CHRISTMAS CUP - 2019 - PLAFIT FLM -2019-12-19T20.32.44.xlsx CHRISTMAS CUP - 2019 - PLAFIT FLM -2019-12-19T20.32.44.xlsx
  11. Results for Week2 ( and last pointscore club meeting for the year ) December - SlotWorx Supercars & ScaleAuto GT: SlotWorx Supercars : T - Slotworx Supercars-2019-12-12T20.48.19.xlsx ScaleAuto GT : T - Scaleauto GT-2019-12-12T21.39.10.xlsx - DUNLOP T - Scaleauto GT-2019-12-12T22.19.25.xlsx - SUPER
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