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  1. Results from Week 3 of Breakout Touring & SlotWorx V8 Utes T - Breakout Touring-2019-08-15T20.40.23.xlsx T - Slotworx Utes-2019-08-15T21.27.03.xlsx ( DUNLOP ) T - Slotworx Utes-2019-08-15T22.05.13.xlsx ( SUPER )
  2. Benno

    Show us your Slotworx Porsche

    Nice work Jamie ! The LiquiMoly car looks great on track. Although im not a fan of the Rainbow Warrior ( Skittles 😂) it too looks great. Keep up the good work
  3. Hey Kim , With the exception of the Corvette C7R, the other bodies are already in the ruleset with weights etc. Audi is listed as 2015 ( 65/165g ) variant & the P1 ( 60/160g ) as ... well itself
  4. Results from tonights racing: T - Breakout Touring-2019-08-08T20.36.06.xlsx T - Slotworx Utes-2019-08-08T21.24.33.xlsx ( DUNLOP ) T - Slotworx Utes-2019-08-08T21.59.17.xlsx ( SUPER )
  5. Benno

    2019 Slotfest

    Bull Ring will be there
  6. Results from Round 1 of August series, SlotWorx Utes & Muscle Car Breakout Touring : T - Breakout Touring-2019-08-01T20.52.46.xlsx T - Slotworx Utes-2019-08-01T21.46.35.xlsx ( Dunlop ) T - Slotworx Utes-2019-08-01T22.24.54.xlsx ( Super )
  7. Little bit late to the party for me.... But I echo everyones sentiments from the weekend. Awesome event, awesome camaraderie, awesome race track ( the grip was insane !!!! ) we took a punt on leaving it about a month out from the event and im glad we did. Congrats to Cam, such a quality racer and deserving of all the accolades..... it was a 3 way battle between Cam, Brooksy & myself heading into the final race of the weekend and i really enjoyed the way the meeting was finished off with a solo race to decide the event champion. Brooksy, thankyou for all your efforts with the Race Director(ing) of the event, and efforts on track was another great weekend for Bull Ring 2. Jimmy, Kim, Cam , your help in scrutineering was greatly appreciated & it allowed us to pretty much stick to a pretty tight schedule ..... but all racers must really be thanked for your diligence in presenting race legal cars which made the job of scrutineering them so much easier. Pagey ( and family ) .... again, thankyou mate ! Your hospitality is unrivalled, i appreciate you putting the tornado & myself up personally ( how good was Matt with the kids over the weekend !!! ). Learnt a few things to make the racing a better event etc over the weekend Thanks to everyone who made the event what it was
  8. Benno

    2019 Slotfest

    This .....
  9. Benno

    2019 Slotfest

    A good motor on your own track will be a good motor anywhere Anyway, lets not take the 'anything goes' comment out of context here. I am certain that Marks' reference was get your best motors out and was purely tongue in cheek. Motors have been listed per class, lets just focus on the event and encourage entries as we cant afford to keep having events with 12 people entered. Pagey and I will be there regardless of handouts or not .... just means we need to do a little bit of testing before we get there. Additionally, would there be any objections if entry fees were raised to cover the cost of the handout motors ? To be fair, if $40 per team is the deal breaker ... you probably werent going in the first place ?
  10. Benno

    2019 Slotfest

    Usually 10am Wayne
  11. Results from tonights racing : T - Lexan GT3-2019-07-25T20.47.27.xlsx T - Plafit FLM -2019-07-25T21.33.21.xlsx ( DUNLOP ) T - Plafit FLM -2019-07-25T22.11.07.xlsx ( SUPER )
  12. Updated the pointscore for YTD :
  13. Same as Pagey, just quickly checking in for now to post some results : LEXAN GT3 : 10. QUALIFYING - LEXAN GT3-2019-07-19T20.44.18.xlsx 1. LEXAN GT3-2019-07-20T10.03.30.xlsx ( B MAIN ) 1. LEXAN GT3-2019-07-20T11.40.01.xlsx ( A MAIN ) SLOTWORX PORSCHE CUP : 20. QUALIFYING - SLOTWORX PORSCHE CUP-2019-07-20T13.12.10 (1).xlsx 2. SLOTWORX PORSCHE CUP-2019-07-20T20.08.24.xlsx ( ALL RUN ) PLAFIT FLM : 30. QUALIFYING - PLAFIT FLM-2019-07-20T21.39.14.xlsx 3. PLAFIT FLM-2019-07-21T10.24.58.xlsx ( B MAIN ) 3. PLAFIT FLM-2019-07-21T12.14.35.xlsx ( A MAIN ) SLOTWORX SUPECARS : 40. QUALIFYING - SLOTWORX SUPERCARS-2019-07-21T13.27.27.xlsx 4. SLOTWORX SUPERCARS-2019-07-21T14.09.23.xlsx ( D MAIN ) 4. SLOTWORX SUPERCARS-2019-07-21T14.44.07.xlsx ( C MAIN ) 4. SLOTWORX SUPERCARS-2019-07-21T15.17.11.xlsx ( B MAIN ) 4. SLOTWORX SUPERCARS-2019-07-21T15.53.25.xlsx ( A MAIN )
  14. Just the 1 class run tonight as it was a fairly long affair and general consensus was to run the remaining 40 mins of the night as grouped practice. T - Lexan GT3-2019-07-18T21.06.12.xlsx
  15. Results for tonights action at the BullRing : T - Lexan GT3-2019-07-11T20.46.59.xlsx T - Plafit FLM -2019-07-11T21.40.32.xlsx ( DUNLOP ) T - Plafit FLM -2019-07-11T22.23.10.xlsx ( SUPER)