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  1. Benno

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Jimmy always has toys !!
  2. Benno

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Just got off the phone to Pierre .... Unfortunately he wont make it this weekend, a business trip to India last week has seen him hospitalised this week. His pleas of an early release have fallen on deaf ears and the doctors will not release him until they are comfortable he is well enough to do so.
  3. Benno

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Awesome !!!! Be great to see Pete racing
  4. Benno

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Great work Kim & all involved in getting this off the ground !! Big thankyou to Werner for again supporting the racers with handout motors I too am looking forward to this one
  5. Hey Jan, In short Yes, we have it at the track near home like this .... although it is a little hard to see as it small font! Problem with the results file is that there are some short laps in there. Next week ill get them removed & set a minimum lap time to prevent incorrect recordings Cheers Benno
  6. Good to hear you made it home safely Pagey ( or is it Sven after all your flat packed furniture assembling ? )
  7. Ughh ... dont mind me , its been a long week !
  8. Benno

    Show us your Slotworx Porsche

    Cheers Pagey, imagination is our only limitation ... if you think it, you can do it !! Im just a numpty who tinkers I was seriously tempted to keep this one & do another one
  9. Benno

    Show us your Slotworx Porsche

    Squeezed in this one for a local racer .... a sharp eye will notice something’s different 🤪 Looks really sharp in this livery, although it’s just white .... dunno why but in my opinion it just works.
  10. Benno

    Show us your latest V8 Slotworx

    So ..... I have knocked over this group build for a bunch of locals in Bendigo. They have a the old Flat Black track from Mobile Raceways ( from what I’m lead to believe ). I have told them about here and hopefully soon they will join us. Really look forward to these guys starting to race these at club level and perhaps join us at the national events level !! Really enjoyed this build, it certainly kept me busy over the last month or so
  11. Benno

    Events 2019

    Definitely looking forward to racing in BrisVegas again !!
  12. Benno

    APC 2018

    This was pure art in the flesh ... all i can is see is a Rebellion ONLYWATCH or a JC B&O theme
  13. Benno

    New Track Cootamundra

    looking good Ian ‼️
  14. Benno


    Hey all , Would like to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas & Happy New Year. For those who are travelling, be safe please. Looking forward to some great racing with you all next year !!!!! Benno
  15. Benno

    Flexible Wing Mounts - GT3/FLM

    Hey Guys, I have punched out a heap of flexible wing mounts if anyone is chasing some. $4 a pair. These are barbed so with some careful cutting they wont require any glue once mounted in the body.