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  1. Race Results from Week 2 Lexan GT3 & Plafit FLM : T - Plafit FLM -2021-02-11T22.27.10.xlsxT - Lexan GT3-2021-02-11T21.17.52.xlsx
  2. Week 1 for Jan 2021 : T - Scaleauto GT-2021-01-28T21.51.18.xlsx T - Slotworx Supercars-2021-01-28T20.45.22.xlsx Week 1 for February : T - Lexan GT3-2021-02-04T20.56.33.xlsx T - Plafit FLM -2021-02-04T22.33.03.xlsx
  3. Hey Fox, Ill address the elephant in the room ..... COVID With newer stricter restrictions being implemented, along with border closures, do we have a Plan B for the race ? With no other calendared racing, would it be worthwhile looking at postponing the race Cheers Benno
  4. Hey Fox Are you going to allow the new FLM bodies ? There are 3 new closed cockpit bodies that Andrew has done for a direct replacement of the Oreca 07 body Cheers Benno
  5. I too did these sometime ago .... I plagiarised Garrys SlotWorx mounts to suit. If you aren’t sweating on them .... I can bring a couple of pairs with me to SlotFest
  6. I would love to update the forum Brett, but i cant and it appears the ones that can arent interested in doing so either
  7. 2020 as per ACE HOBBIES as this is the current rule set. Only change was from 81mm rear to 82mm
  8. Hey Richard, does Mac have a cropping tool ? If so, you could crop image to desired size and then print ?
  9. E - ScaleAuto GT -2020-03-14T10.37.12.xlsx ScaleAuto GT E - Slotworx Porsche -2020-03-14T13.20.47.xlsx SlotWorx Porsche E - Lexan GT3-2020-03-14T16.17.24.xlsx Lexan GT3
  10. Just a quick update - i have spoken to Greg & event pricing and details will be forthcoming in the next couple of days. He has been away for his wedding anniversary this weekend. I can confirm that Handout motors are part of entry fees
  11. I have spoken to Greg about this and believe that we are placing too much financial strain/burden on the limited suppliers we have and that all entries for all the tri-series events have the handout motors paid for in the entry fee.
  12. Fox, last year Dimmers ran them in for memory and numbers were drawn from a hat
  13. Results for Week 3 Lexan GT3 & Plafit FLM Lexan GT3 : T - Lexan GT3-2020-02-27T20.48.51.xlsx Plafit FLM ( All-In ) : T - Plafit FLM -2020-02-27T21.46.58.xlsx ( all points will be awarded to Super for this week ) So depending on numbers, next weeks Plafit Can Am will be based on the lap totals from tonights FLM race ( as done in previous weeks )
  14. Results for week 2 : Lexan GT3 : T - Lexan GT3-2020-02-13T20.56.47.xlsx Plafit FLM : Dunlop : T - Plafit FLM -2020-02-13T21.38.28.xlsx Super : T - Plafit FLM -2020-02-13T22.16.17.xlsx
  15. First one that hasnt died on him wasnt a handout .... so id say his feelings on them remain the same Mark
  16. Results from Week 1 - Lexan GT3 & Plafit FLM Lexan GT3 : T - Lexan GT3-2020-02-06T20.54.11.xlsx Plafit FLM - Dunlop T - Plafit FLM -2020-02-06T21.32.22.xlsx Plafit FLM - Super T - Plafit FLM -2020-02-06T22.07.56.xlsx
  17. Results from Week 4 - SlotWorx Supercars & ScaleAuto GT SlotWorx V8 Supercars : T - Slotworx Supercars-2020-01-30T20.47.10.xlsx ScaleAuto GT Dunlop : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-30T21.23.41.xlsx Super : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-30T22.05.47.xlsx
  18. An even easier fix is to add $12 to each teams entry so they pay for a new motor at each event, this also fixes the financial strain placed on ACE Hobbies, SlotWorx etc .... In a highly competitive sport where there are a large number of suppliers and competitors i get wanting tho corner off the market place by offering sponsorship, but its a small pond here and again ill say it ..... if each team cant afford $12-$15 per class for a motor they probably werent going to race in the first place. ( it adds a max of $30 per driver per team to your total racing cost for a weekend )
  19. Thought it better to create its own topic, i will update pointscore after racing every week and will be visible here by clicking on the link below : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1afGey6r1CFn5GmRK6yefhEXGBLVO0mn8T4xmHNb7zWY/edit?usp=sharing
  20. Results from Week 3 - SlotWorx Supercars & ScaleAuto GT SlotWorx Supercars : T - Slotworx Supercars-2020-01-23T20.47.32.xlsx ScaleAuto GT Dunlop : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-23T21.27.10.xlsx Super : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-23T22.00.24.xlsx
  21. No way !!! I hope the track ( flat track ) goes somewhere local and we can continue to race on it
  22. Results from Week 2 of SlotWorx SuperCars & ScaleAuto GT : SlotWorx : T - Slotworx Supercars-2020-01-16T20.47.40.xlsx ScaleAuto GT Dunlop : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-16T21.29.36.xlsx Super : T - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-16T22.05.06.xlsx
  23. Results from Week 1 of 2020 !!! SlotWorx Supercars & ScaleAuto GT Also, we will have a live pointscore running all year for our Club Championship as well as our Dunlop Championship, this can be viewed here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1afGey6r1CFn5GmRK6yefhEXGBLVO0mn8T4xmHNb7zWY/edit?usp=sharing Massive thanks to Jo for putting this together and keeping it child proof enough for both Pagey and myself to operate .... will make it far easier to keep the pointscores up to date. A few tweaks for this years racing were also introduced, 8th in Super out pointed the winner in Dunlop last year, this year we will award the same amount of points for finishing 8th in Super & 1st in Dunlop. The other tweak will be Super & Dunlop grids will be determined by lap count from the previous weeks racing from Super & Dunlop seeing the top 8 lap scores into Super and the remainder forming the grid for Dunlop. So possibly we will see more than 1 promotion from Dunlop up to Super depending on luck etc T - Slotworx Supercars-2020-01-09T20.26.04.xlsxT - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-09T21.33.19.xlsx
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