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  1. Glen - this is the correct decision for you and Jo to make to protect Matt's health. As a member of the "Bull Ring" racing group I fully support you and your family in this approach and racing should only resume when we are past the worst of the pandemic.
  2. Please add Team Nissan to all classes. Charles and Clinton
  3. Can you please remove Team Nissan from the Porsche Cup race on sunday. This will free up a space on the grid for another team to enter. Please add Clinton to Stallion Racing for the Porsche Cup race.
  4. Please add Team Nissan to those who are interested in this series.
  5. Just confirming that Team Nissan are good to go and looking forward to the weekend. Our line up is JJ, Clinton and Charles.
  6. Victory

    Tech Blocks

    Hi Benno To add to our collection of your tech blocks can you please bring one of each colour to the Bull Ring on Thursday evening for Team Nissan.
  7. Victory

    1/32 Aussie V8's

    The Mustang sure looks great. I hope that Andrew's body design has incorporated the appropriate weight penalty into the roof to be in line with V8 Supercar regulations. Can the rules be updated to allow the new wing mounts to be retro fitted to the existing Commodore and Falcon bodies?
  8. Racing at the Bull Ring is something that you never want to miss - Please add Team Nissan with Charles and Clinton to the entrants list. We may be able to enter Team Nissan Two if the ducks line up and some of our rural racers are available to attend. I will keep you posted.
  9. Hi Wayne Please include Team Nissan Charles, Clinton TBA Charles
  10. Hi FoxBox - that would be great if you could help us out with a possible replacement for Pierre at such short notice. Please let me know how you get on.
  11. I support Axman's comments above as how to run an event. I have one additional comment in that the car should be returned after scrutineering without the body being attached. It is then for the racer to attached the body at the designated area prior to qualifying. I have had too many instances where the lights are plugged in incorrectly, the lead wires are being pinched by the body mounts or some other body mounting issue.
  12. The hottest that it got here in Wollongong (Bellambi observations) this morning was 24.90 at 10:30. Another hot day in paradise - there is a lot to be said about a cool sea breeze.
  13. The track is looking great Ian. Please make sure that you take it easy this week with the excessive heat in your part of the world. We do not want to hear of someone being found in a shed suffering from heat exhaustion.
  14. The track component build quality looks even better than how you described it.The track looks to be coming together nicely. Well done Ian. I am sure that Team Nissan would be up for a road trip to Cootamundra.
  15. FoxBox - FLM Rule Clarification please You have already confirmed that lights are not required as it will be a day race. Are light buckets required or can the lights just be painted over in body colour with no light buckets installed.
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