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    Round 3 Queensland GT Championships Race 1 - Scaleauto Race 2 - Slotworx Porsche Cup Race 3 - Lexan GT3
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    2019 Qld GT championships

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    Slotstream TV

    Thanks Ben and Glenn. Thanks for the kind words too Pagey. Hopefully this broadcast will be much better then the first. I'm planning to have it LIVE on YouTube for Sunday and I will post the link on the Facebook page. Once the stream is up I will post the links on here too.
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    Slotstream TV

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know that our next broadcast will be this coming Sunday. We will be broadcasting Round 3 Queensland GT Championships from Rivercity Slot Car Centre. I'm in the process of putting together some on screen graphics and would love to know the team names and drivers that will be taking part. Also is you would be interested in filling out a little bio that would be helpful for the broadcast. (EXAMPLE) NAME: Stephen Clarke TEAM NAME: Rivercity AGE: 43 LIVES: Queensland HOME TRACK: Rivercity Slot Car Centre STARTED RACING: 1994 HIGHLIGHT: 5th Rivercity 12hr CLASS: Scaleauto/Slotworx Porsche Cup/Lexan GT3 Cheers, Steve