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  1. Great you're coming Fox.. been a long time since we've been in Melbourne racing slotcars together
  2. Axman

    2021 GT3

    Pete, I'm sure most of the club tracks will stick to 25k... we certainly will be at the Gold Coast tracks and I'm sure Andrew feels the same way for his track and the Qld GT3 Drivers champs he's sponsoring trophy's for in 2020.
  3. Axman

    2021 GT3

    Good subject Benno. Due to the popularity of the GT3 class Worldwide ( as a real car) it has obviously become a more popular choice with slotcar racers here in Australia. The LMP class here has suffered a bit of an identity crisis with the cheaper Plafit FLM class similar in speed and appearance and the GT3 cars virtually running identical chassis. Jan tried to enhance the performance of the LMP's back in 2017 but it was too little, too late. I see the performance upgrade Jan wrote into the LMP rules as a good basis for GT3. Here's an extract from Jans post on this forum but I feel we should limit the motor to SRP's. The race motor may only be a long can (FK-180). Any 25000 or 30000 rpm variant may be used, but event organisers MUST specify the exact motor before an event. Motors may not be opened and must have positive identification on the can itself, motors with wrappers must have these wrappers removed so that the can identification is visible. 3.02 The spur gear is fixed at 44T M50 pitch. 3.03 The M50 pinion gear is completely open and left to the driver to decide - event organisers may NOT specify this at all.
  4. Makes sense to me.. we have sophisticated expensive chassis dumbed down with the same motors we run in the base classes. I see Benno has started a separate thread on this.
  5. I agree.. I would like to see these cars on a National level with the faster motors. The Slotworx cars are getting closer and closer to GT3 times for nearly 1/2 the price. Club tracks can run whatever they like and the 25k is more than adequate on the shorter tracks. Apparently it costs no more to buy a 30 or 35k SRP so it's not an expensive option.
  6. Brett, as far as I know the National Rules are not changing. The HSC event is a one off event and I'm really looking forward to test and tune the day before the event. I have motors that are I thought were dogs in GT3 but surprised me by being really good in Cup cars with a 13t. Conversely the same thing happened when I had some ordinary motors in cupcars that came alive in GT3 with a 12T. Some of my best lap times in GT3 have been 12/44 and 27mm tyres.. so what's the best ratio.. buggered if I know... give me a motor and I'll work it out on the day.
  7. Contact Can or the Bullring guys... they are thick on the ground down there.. (the controllers that is )
  8. Hi Fox, please put down Charles R racing in GT3 and shared driving with Simon for FLM instead of Andrew B.
  9. Agree, had a great drive beside Jake a couple of times at the 8 hour... not sure who was going to crack first, him or me!
  10. Thanks Fox.. yep, it was a crazy day. You and Team Oz were unlucky not to snap a podium. We got 3rd by default so we don't have any bragging rights! Our handout motor was pretty ordinary but started to come good after about 3 hours of wringing it's neck out. We actually had a reasonably trouble free until we blew the motor but, as you say we would'nt of had have enough of a buffer to stay in front of Oz racings great effort but it would have been a close finish between you and the Outer Towners. It was bad luck / management missing podium positions you certainly earned, you were both diligent and checked rear tyre clearance prior to race end but unfortunately missed crash front damage that knocked down your front clearance and so the result. NOTE TO SELF - check front clearance too! Outertowners and Linfox drove a great race so I was happy for them with their final results... Well done guys. The racing with the Slotworx Cup cars is a great leveller and well suited to Hornsby so we are all looking forward to a re-match at the Lexan shootout in February. Thanks for organising Wayne and thanks Garry for donating the Slotworx goodies. BKS - aka Ben, Kim and Simon.
  11. Hey Fox Team Nissan will be entering - Charles and Clinton and tba for all events
  12. Please enter: Nikimoto - Kim and Nick - GT3 and FLM Narangba - Simon and Andrew - GT3 and FLM Our two Queensland teams will combine for Sundays Slotworx race. Thanks for organising Fox.
  13. I like it.. There ya go Cody.. make it official
  14. Nickimoto is in.. Kim, Simon and Benno.. My other race partner had an unexpected overseas trip so there is no Nick in moto...
  15. RACE REPORT 2019 GT champs round final score.xlsx FINAL RESULTS 2019 QUEENSLAND ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIPS.docx 2019 GT champs round final score.xlsx
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