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  1. Hi everyone... This event is on hold until we have a clear idea whats going on with Covid lockdown and Queensland border control. I'll get Fox to upfrade the 1st post. Regards, Kim
  2. Hi everyone, who knows if this event will go ahead with the unpredictibility of Covid lockdowns and travel restrictions.. all we can do is watch and wait.. On a good note I've got the track up and running and have been suprised just how well some cars handle the track and others, not so. As you know scale racing is predominately run on flat tracks so incorporating a banked turn was always a bit of an unknown.. Most scale cars handle the track very well.. Probably my favourite driving experience in the scale cars so far is the Slotworx Porsche.. It's lively, handles the bank well and gets into a nice controlled drift exiting the big 180 degree flat turn in front of the drivers panel. GT3's, Hstorics, GroupC (lexan) Mini Z all work extremely well. Ive tried a few Retro's and they also are a fun drive, What does'nt work well is the FLM and LMP cars.. Good everywhere on the track but when they hit the bank a combination of long wheekbase and a lot of rear end weight causes drama. The FLM with the large rim size and "rubber band tyre" chews out the right side tyre very quickly, it then delaminates from the rim and starts damaging the track. For some reason the LMP not a problem re tyre or rim but the higher than normal cornering force of the banked turn combined with long wheelbase and heavy longcan motor has the motor box compressing so much the chassis bottoms out and gets very sideways. Based on my experiance with these cars on the track I am going to replace the FLM class with Gen 1 Slotworx Porsche Cars for this event to 2021 specs. . Sorry for the change.. I will get Fox to re configure the opening race information.
  3. Accommodation: Well, there is luxury, cheap, and really cheap. The 1st week of October has holiday loading so the Luxo places like twin towns is expensive.. but, less than a 100 meters away there is a pub a bit like the Blue Gum.. before it was renovated. All rooms have en suite's and the price.. well $77 per room single but if you share only $88 per night ( yep.. thats $44 each) Food is good, beach across the road, about 10 minutes drive to the track.. Dont go to the website.. it will direct you to another entirely different hotel in another state? Phone 0755991909
  4. I've had a few enquiry's regards bodies.. here's an interesting list Fox put me onto. Wow.. I did'nt know so many bodies qualified. https://www.tsrfcars.com/scrra_canam_legal_bodies_web.htm
  5. Agree.. be great to see you Peter.. I'm pretty excited about introducing Retro to this end of the country. Had a lot of interest already. Me, Fox and Garry tried to get Retro happening a few years ago but after two trips to the Browns Plains track and finding the doors shut we sort of gave up.
  6. Thanks for entering Garry.. geez.. now I am going to have to build one of those Aussie Retro chassis we got how many years ago?
  7. Hi everyone, Exciting times.. I did'nt think there was another slot car track in me but when the very last track commercial track I ever built came up on Gumtree I had to save it. A two year search for premises finally found the community minded Seagulls Club only a 10 minutes my place at Tweed Heads. Luckily for me it's in NSW so no crossing the border every day ! .. I'm hoping to have it open in the next couple of weeks. Here's a few pic's... I'll update shortly.
  8. Cam rang me.. wants to enter theBullring Team of Ben, Pagey and the Camster. Thanks guys .. should be fun.. !
  9. Awesome Wayne. .I'll change the sheets in your room at the the Axxman house.
  10. It's a sad day indeed guys.. I was really hoping to catch up with all my old ( in the literal sense ) mates and have one last bash at Hornsby. I sincerely thank James for soldiering on even with the tougher times covid has created. Running a slot car centre in good times is hard enough so how James kept the doors open is true testament to looking after his racers. James said to me once he felt he was not the owner.. just the custodian of a piece of history that needed looking after. To everyone, we will re-group, we will race again, but nothing will ever replace the banter and as Fox says the bullshit good times we had at Hornsby. Axman
  11. Hi Mark, I'll be looking for a team mate in the Porsche cUp car race. Noel is driving with Stephen.
  12. Thanks for posting Pagey.. some really good memories there. There's always been a bit of magic going to Hornsby.. It's a collective thing.. the track, the people, and of course the pub.
  13. Where can I get some of these plaig bearings.. sound impressive.
  14. Hi Wayne, Noel, Simon and I will be competing in round 2.. is it an individual or teams event.
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