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  1. Axman

    2019 Qld GT championships

    Round 2 Queensland GT Championships This is scheduled for Sunday the 28th of April..( the weekend after Easter.) Shop opens 8am, Scrutineering 8.45, so racing can get underway by 9am. This race series has been very well received, the following committee has now been formed to ensure rules are enforced and for the smooth running of the event. Race Day committee: Noel Batson, Gary Johnson, Bruce Ambler Scrutineering: Werner Wittsack with assistance Race control: Phil Morrow, Simon Wakelin with assistance from committee members. Publicity and pointscore: Kim Axton. RACE FORMAT: All heats are 8 minutes, drivers race 4 heats each, no driver changes during a bracket. All classes will be run to Round Robyn format. When on a Bye cars must be returned to Parc Ferme. No working on cars in Parc Ferme or during lane changes. Classes are listed below. 1/24th Scaleauto GT Scaleauto - Ams have the choice of either SC-8000 or SC-8003 chassis, but Pro's can only race the new SC-8003. Rules for the SC-8000 are unchanged so you still have to run the Enduro motor. The new SC-0029 Sprinter Junior motor is only eligible for the SC-8003. Body weights and interior's have changed for SC-8003 so check rules: www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/16-2018regulations-124scaleautogt And yes, I have been asked this a few times, Am's can run the new SA-8003 to 2019 specs. 1/24th Slotworx Porsche Cup Cars Slotworx Porsche Cup cars. replace's the V8 class we ran last year. Body and chassis upgrade kits are available from you local track, Ace hobbies or direct from Slotworx. Note, These cars run the SRP long-can motor and a T plate specific to this class. Check rules here: www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/13-2018regulations-124slotworxporschecup 1/24th Lexan GT3 and GT3a GT3 class is for those that nominate to be in the pro class and GT3a is for Am's. To encourage new racers and make an easier price point GT3a cars cannot run a suspension motor box. Don't worry if you have an existing chassis with a motor box, simply remove the springs and bolt the box solid to the chassis plate. Lap times at Red Racer with suspension and non suspension are very similar. Check rules here: www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/14-2018regulations-124lexangt3 Note: Am's.. A reminder you must remove springs and lock down the back end of of your chassis to compete in AM. if you have a hybrid SLP2 /Slotworx Pod conversion the rear of the chassis must be locked down with the Plafit aluminium side plate's or similar.. NOT the flexi ones. Racing fee's this year have been reduced to $10 per class, thanks to trophy sponsorship. You may chose to run one or all the classes on the day, and even mix drivers between classes, it's up to you. Team names are important, Stick to your team name for the series.. as per last year you may have a relief drivers step in for you or your team mate if you are down a driver due to other commitments so keep the team alive by not changing names. Drivers ratings. As per last year am drivers may choose to run in a pro class but Pro drivers cannot race for points in Am. The Venue for all events will be at River City Raceway at 300 Oxley Avenue Margate. Shop opens 8.00 am, Scrutineering 8.45am (or before if you're ready) so racing can start 9am. The order of racing will be Scaleauto, Slotworx and then GT3. All heats are 8 minutes with drivers sharing the driving, 4 heats each with no driver changes during a bracket. See you trackside, Kim
  2. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Not that straight forward Cody.. the track can be multi configured for different layouts and to suit various shop sizes. If we "striped" and changed to another configuration you would have black lanes lining up with red...
  3. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Yep.. it is hard to find colour dots on the Plafit Masters track.. especially at night!. That is being addressed for future events.
  4. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    It's not just that Pagey.. have you noticed Werner and Noel keep practising and most wonder why... they can already drive fast and stay on. What they are really doing in practise is working on a race rhythm that continuously pumps out laps times that are as close as possible to be in the same 10th. It's absolutely a waste of time in racing if you're only good enough to get an occasional fast lap time on Black of say 7.85 but your real average is 8.0 to 8.1. What that 7.85 lap is telling you is the car is fast, it can do it, but you the the driver would be much better of trying to get a nice 7.9 sec rhythm going... then you're going to build up laps.
  5. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Following up on Garry's comment the winning team sharing the same controller and having less driver changes must have been a big help.
  6. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Thanks for your kind words and posting results Benno. It was great to see your guys get a podium.. your super fast motor change and teams driving skills pulled you out of a black hole for the best recovery I have ever seen. Very happy you went back to NSW with something to show for your outstanding effort. I was really happy with our teams 2nd place, my club mates did an outstanding job of keeping the car out of trouble and just clocking up the laps. We had a trouble free run and only stopped once for a tyre change. I felt bad for the Victorian Phoenix team who had a terrible run right from the start but kept plugging away regardless.. they will no doubt reverse the tables when we go down to Slotfest later in the year. Crash damage ruined the chances of two very fast teams, Narangba while in 2nd place in the day section and Magic while in 3rd in the night section. Both teams suffered bent chassis in the motorbox area that dashed their chances of a podium. The local Rivercity Am team had a really good go.. their 5th place in the day section and 4th in the night section was outstanding considering apart from racing and marshalling they also had the juggling act of Phill Morrow helping me in race control and Stephen doing the Slotstream commentary. As we all know now Stephen did an outstanding job both on and off the track ( no pun intended) and I was so happy for him at the end of the race when Werner from Ace Hobbies presented him with the winning GT3 car as a gift for his contribution to the promotion of slotcar racing... for the first time in 12 hours Stephen was almost speechless.. and it came with a rare bit of German humour... "only driven on weekends said Werner."
  7. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Haha.. definately not you Cody. It's to encourage local racers to have a go.
  8. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Rivercity Update - Track will now be open from 7am Big thanks to Peter and Werner for opening the shop early so teams will have more time to install handout motors and track testing. Race start time remains the same with all cars required to be on the scrutineers table by 8.45am for tech and concours. Peter will have bacon and egg burgers from the track kitchen so you wont miss out on breakfast! See you Saturday,
  9. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Go Pagey go... wait a minute.. is that the trusty Nissan 4wd with navigation to show you where the track goes?
  10. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Rivercity Update... Track Hours: Friday: Shop opens 10am for all day practise.. $20 for all day or $10 evening only. Saturday: Shop opens 8am for entries and motor handout and track testing to 8.45. Then scrutineering and concours. Race start will be at 9.15am. Food: The track kitchen will have bacon and egg roles on sale for breakfast time and burgers later in the day for $5 each. A race committee has now been formed fro this event comprising Greg Colgan, Glen Page, Noel Batson and myself to handle any disputes and help in the running of the event. Werner from Ace hobbies is generously supplying the SRP race motors and his time to be the head scrutineer assisted by the race committee. Concours: There will be a concours trophy - Judging will be by the race committee Live Footage Stephen Clarke from Slotstream will be providing all day race coverage. A multitude of camera's will be trackside to catch the action and driver interviews. See the action @ slotstream on facebook and dont forget to get your free Slotstream slotbox stickers on race day.. Team selection: Go to the first post on this forum for the latest update.
  11. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Rivercity has now converted to the National plug system so you no longer need adaptors to race up here.. As a lap time target last night the fast guys were getting into the 7.3 second lap times.. Tyre wear may be an issue on the Plafit Masters track as the track surface is a factory matt vinyl finish and more abrasive on tyres than a normal gloss paint.
  12. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Hey Cody.. Got a drive for Wayne in Jacks Team.. Jack builds fast cars but has other commitments later in the day so is happy for Wayne to step in and run the full race with the other team members who are two local guys - Cam and Jason and Rodney from NSW. Jack will supply the car and stay on as team manager for some of the day.
  13. Its a bit vague Cody. if you keep the front spoiler intact and cut the rear wheell arches to suit 27.5mm tyres with clearance you should be ok.
  14. It's been a while since BVR has posted so I'm just doing an update for Mark. BVR now has changed it's plugs in line with the rest of Australia so guys, if you're up on the Gold Coast for a holiday do drop in.. We race Wednesday nights. PM Mark and let him know you are coming and pack the following cars. Scaleauto... We have been running old and new together and there seems to be very little difference between the old "club cars" (SC800) and new National class (SC8003) in terms of track speed. Generally, the Club car is still a touch faster at BVR as the lexan windows keep the weight low and on this track the open gearing is no advantage to the SC8003. That said, the taller gearing is a game changer on the bigger tracks like Rivercity, there the SC8003 is the preferred weapon. I'm curious to know how other tracks are running SA.. together or separate classes? Slotworx Cup Car is now firmly established at BVR with most members having made the change from V8. Some used the conversion kit and some kept their V8's for future series and National events. . Lap times are quicker.. but not by much. The difference seems to be pretty much any club car easily get into the 6.4's.. and they all have pretty similar performance where as the V8 was more of a black art to make it fast. GT3's still hover around the 6.1's... times hav'nt changed much for this class. Occasionally we get into the high 5's but what is good with this class a variety of bodies and chassis all seem to work.. Hope to see you trackside, Kim
  15. Goes to show.. put a bar next to a slot car track and they will come...