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  1. Peter, it's you and Deb I'm worried about. As Pagey said your centre is the benchmark for how a Slotcar Centre should be set up but for the foreseeable future getting bums in the door to pay bills will be your main problem. I hope this pandemic goes away quickly so you and Deb can get back to business as usual. I'm sure all racers will support your re-scheduled event and hope in the meantime you guys stay healthy.
  2. Seems to have worked.. Garry allerted us to wear in the round pin contacts may be causing braking issues. . Since we have changed over there has been far less braking issues. I must say it's been nice to be able to go interstate and not have adapter plug issues..
  3. Interesting the GT3 Qualifying times this year.. Even with the 13T and "bring your best motor" still in the 5.3's and not much quicker than last years times with handouts...
  4. Mmmm..good to know.. I like the idea of Cup cars Thursday night.
  5. This event is only 5 weeks away.. any updates.. ? Is it motor handout?... current list of teams entered? .. entry fee's. and what time does the shop open on Thursday Friday for practise.. any warm up races that week.
  6. BYO for GT3 at this race... Garry J from Slotworx provided motors for Cup Cars and they were all very similar. Ace Hobbies supplied Cheetah's for FLM .. also all pretty good.
  7. Great report Fox.. I know you put in a huge effort to make the event run smoothly and at the same time somehow managed to build race winning cars, and then drive them to podium finishes with your team. The trophy's you donated were great and as "dtslot" said James and Joe's efforts with the race and track presentation was 1st class. I do like the format with drivers individual performance and their team effort counting towards an overall champion.. makes for a great finish to the weekend with the Lexan Crown.. Interesting outcome re the option for 12 or 13t in the GT3 class.. it certainly g
  8. Good design.. a lot of track in a small space.
  9. What.. no Cody or Wayne.. was looking forward to racing you guys.. Especially after you kicked our arses at the 8 hour.
  10. 2020 Queensland GT Team Enduro series - Round 1 Rivercity Raceway - Sunday 9th February Venue is Rivercity Raceway - 300 Oxley Avenue Margate Queensland Hi everyone, Next week the 2020 Qld GT Team series starts.. looks to be very exciting race day with 13 teams competing at this stage from the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and all of Brisbane. Race procedure is the same as previous years but this year your laps and track position will become your points. By doing this we will have a better overall picture of the performance difference between Am's and Pro's to help dete
  11. Warhammer.. I like it .. Scrutineering will be watching out for no robotic arms or shovel nose flip blades.
  12. I'm beginning to wonder if running in motors - especially SRP's is even necessary. Keep it simple.. just run it so you know it works, number it to the Fox system.. at handout pay your $12 and record motor number to the team/ driver. If it's a fail or poor performer keep it simple as Wayne Bramble did for the 8 hour he organised.. we had a motor fail at the 5 hour's into the race.. We simply bought another numbered motor for $12 and kept racing.. due to a few miracles we still managed a podium. It's many many hours of time to run in about 70 motors as Fox did for previous ev
  13. Makes sense to me.. we have sophisticated expensive chassis dumbed down with the same motors we run in the base classes. I see Benno has started a separate thread on this.
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