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  1. Axman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Great line up of cars and drivers in GT3. Noel top qualified with a Plafit SLP2 with no ( yes, NO) motorbox. Melbourne racer Mark Pollard won the event with a SLP2/SW built by Werner. The big surprise was how well the big Viper body worked... 2nd was Jason Brooks with a Johnson chassis and a Honda Accura.. 3rd Mark fox with a De Watcher and an Audi body. PIcs are the winning cars
  2. Axman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Hi Fox, Nick Girdlestone could'nt get an FLM together and Stoo has'nt got one so thats one entry less for the Saturday race.
  3. Axman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Fox never takes them off..
  4. Axman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Only 4 days to go... Pagey, you better have a good FLM, mine is non existent! As for my Martini stable the purists are going to give me hell.
  5. Axman

    2019 Qld GT championships

    Pagey Moderators 287 Posted February 6 Thanks to all the Qld boys for a top days racing on Sunday in your Qld Enduro series. Great to see the newly managed and badged River City Raceway with so many racers in the doors. With 3 great classes on offer. Scaleauto, Slotworx Porsche and GT3 open . I Love racing on the Plafit track and highly recommend the series to anyone who wants a great race weekend. Very fast and clean racing with plenty of laughs along the way adding to the fun . Big thanks to my team mate Jon Walter. Great to get a couple of Podiums in Qld. I’m looking forward to returning as many times as possible this year . Thanks Kim and other organisers for such a great challenge and fun time. Cheers Pagey
  6. Axman

    2019 Qld GT championships

    The first round of the Queensland GT3 Championships got of to a great start with 12 Teams entering the competition. This is a 5 race series spread out over the year. All events are held at the River City race facility on the Plafit Masters track, a fast but tricky 48 meter 8 lane track that was imported form Japan by Ace hobbies a few years ago to host events like the APC and MCN. The Pro/Am format for this series kicked of last year with the idea of getting all the clubs to a neutral track to minimise home track advantage, also, the introduction of team names that would stay the same for the entire series so a club or team could substitute drivers to fill in any vacancies in the team if a driver could not attend. A surge in entries has to be attributed to the pro/am format, the introduction of the very successful Slotworx Cup cars and the chassis format in GT3 where Am drivers chassis must have a fixed motorbox. The mix of chassis was interesting, in GT3 Pro, the Ace and Narangba's teams came 1st and 2nd with SLP2/SW's, ( SLP2/S/W is a hybrid Plafit/Slotworx chassis available thru Ace hobbies) . In 3rd was Garry and Dean with a very fast Johnson chassis that set fastest lap time, in 4th myself and Nick only 3 meters further back running a stock SLP2 ( no motor box), the Gold Coast Eagles 5th with a Red Roo, 6th Rickshaw SLP2/Doslot pod, and Pagey in 7th (after loosing his nuts) with a SLP2/slotworx. In GT3 Am all the podiums were SLP2's I've attached the race sheet and report as sent to the contestants - next event will be after the 12 hour.. most likely late April - date has still to be finalised Round 1 of the SEQ GT Teams championship held at Rivercity Raceway exceeded expectations with 24 drivers in 12 teams signing up for the race series.pdf SEQ RND 1 2019 Sheet1.pdf
  7. Axman

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Latest update: RIVER CITY 12 HOUR RACE - I have been given the job to organise this race so details are as follows: Definitely now a 12 Hour on Saturday 6th of April. This is a handout motor event that Ace Hobbies is very generously supplying. Motor Handout is 8.30am, race starts 9.30am. Event will be 2 x 6 hours: We will race 6 hours first up ( daylight section) and then an hour break so we can have a meal ..a few social drinks and a bit of banter. Then race the next 6 hours with lights. Room will only be partially blacked out so marshals wont need torches.... The race is for GT3 cars. This event is now booked out with 8 teams from 3 different states. The early race start will give plenty of time for out of state drivers to get home. 1/Bullring - NSW - Pagey, Benno, Brooksy 2/Narangba - Qld - Andrew, Simon, Sean, Richard 3/GGG - Qld - Grant, Gary, Gerald, 4/BVR - Gold Coast - Bruce, Nick, Kim , Mark 5/Ace Racing- Qld - Noel - Werner - Jon 6/JJC - Qld - Jason, Jacques, Cam, Steve 7/Colgans Hero’s - Vic - Greg Colgan , Doug, Fox and Pollard 8/River City - Andrew, Trevor, Steve More details to follow shortly. Axman
  8. Hi Guys, I'm chasing an old ACD 3 Ohm.. It's the one that Ace hobbies sells. must be in good condition however if the triggers is cracked around the bearing pivot point thats ok. This is a pretty common fault and I can get a spare trigger.
  9. Axman

    New Track Cootamundra

    Really nice design, and the build looks well executed Ian... You've built to a proven formula of having the fences form a structural member so the track will stay in good shape for many years of great racing.
  10. Axman

    Events 2019

    2019 QLD GT Championships now has it's own section
  11. Axman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Mmmm.. might have to reorganise my thinking on this.. The format I put for consideration above we did at the APC for a couple of classes and the Scaleuto teams enduro's where there was only 8 or so teams... but how do we accommodate 30+ drivers all at the same time on the party table? I spoke to Fox and he will be posting something soon on this subject.
  12. Axman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Fox, for your consideration.. I know you have been to a few of these events but generally we all sit down at the big table while the headmaster watches over us. The pre labeled/engraved motors ( be good if Werner could do this) are then picked out of a hat by teams and then installed straight away into the chassis. Drivers can test the car on the track and decide whether to keep it or pay for another. All work on the car is in a supervised area. Cars then go to scrutineering and motors are re checked as a part of the process. Cars are impounded until qualifying and race time. Just prior to qualifying ( in a designated area - not the drivers pit area) it's the drivers responsibility to check the body has been screwed back on correctly by the scrutineer. Tyre's and braids can be cleaned and checked. As soon as the driver has completed qualifying the car is then impounded until race time.
  13. Axman


    Hi Guys, there are now 3 new bodies approved for the GT3 Lexan class. Has'nt been updated here yet but you can find it on the ACE slotcar site here: https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/14-2018regulations-124lexangt3
  14. Axman

    Events 2018

    You said it Pagey. While driving in the race yesterday I had this rush of local pride for the way the guys were racing. Everyone had come together from both sides of the river and were driving like pro's. The format of 5 rounds over a year running our 3 most popular classes saw the guys just getting better and better. If it was'nt you and Werner going past it was some am guy running wheel to wheel, staying calm and staying on. I'll publish the results in a few days time.
  15. Axman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Like you Fox I love the format Pagey had at the Bullring... and based on that I gather you going to have an overall champion for the weekend.. So.. the winner of this illustrious event will have bragging rights to... The Blue Gum Cup?