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  1. Thanks Werner for the update.. appreciate you are giving plenty of time to upgrade/ change cars to new specs. Great to see you have A and B driver classification ( in all classes or just some? ) obviously it would help if drivers could register as soon as possible so you can give an assessment to which classification they are in. Also, with the release of the new Mini Z body styles it would be good to know which bodies are going to to have what body weight handicap.
  2. Axman

    2019 Slotfest

    Sorry guys.. I dont think anyone from Queensland is coming. Too many events this time of year with S.A. Vic. and NSW all hosting top events over a very short time period. Both S.A. and Vic are an expensive weekend away for us.. Airfares, plus the tracks being a bloody long way from the Airport makes car hire /taxi's and Hotel accommodation all a bit much. I was hoping to come to Slotfest but Bathurst in July was the easiest on the pocket and most of my mates were going to it. I guess thats why Sydney gets the numbers... sort of in the middle of the three other states.
  3. Axman

    APC 2019

    Hi Werner, thanks for putting on this event.. I know it takes a lot of planning and you seem to have covered most points. I just have two queries. Do I read right with all the classes to be run and time limitations there will be no time for motor handouts... and please confirm the track will be run in its current direction ( clock-wise). regards, Kim
  4. Great weekend Glenn.. your club is the standout of Australia slot car clubs.. you give everyone what they want in terms of organisation, support and racing classes that are on the National calendar. Your enthusiasm has a knock on effect that that brings everyone together for your weekly club racing and special evens like this one. Nick and I knew coming to the Bullrings hallowed grounds was going to be a challenge because you guys have got so good over the past 12 months and I feel could be competitive anywhere. Nick felt we could have done better but I'm actually pretty happy we were only a lap or two away from a podium in GT3 and FLM. Great catching up with everyone and a big thanks to Brooksie, Benno, Jim, your family and all that helped make it a great event. Surprisingly for me and Fox the V8 dash was probably the highlight of the weekend... thats the best training ground I've seen for drivers to learn the importance of going hard and staying on...
  5. Axman

    Slot Fest

    That race is a year ago Cody....
  6. What you trying to say Pagey...?
  7. Only 4 weeks to go to the big race.. Just remembered I've been so busy converting Slotworx Sedans to Cup cars I've now got to build a fresh one.. mind you, my old yellow "big Rooster" Holden was always a dog.
  8. Axman

    New Slotworx Porsche Series @ HSC.

    Well done Bramble "boys" .. thats great you organising this event.. 12 entries is a good start for a new series.. I'm sure you will get more on board. The Slotworx cup cars are a lot of bang for your buck.. I really like this class because to go fast you really have to drive them... get em smooth.. and stay on!
  9. Axman

    2019 Qld GT championships

    Another great day of racing on the Plafit Masters at Rivercity Raceway. Stephen from Slotstream did an outstanding of promoting and recording the whole event.. Go to the Slotstream site for more information. Close racing and a full field in all three classes really bought out the best in everyone. Racing is so close almost everyone is recording higher lap totals with each round. On the pointscore sheet attached I have added a leader board so drivers can see where they are after dropping theire worst round. Of course this will change with 2 more rounds to go... your worst might still be coming up! SCALEAUTO - PRO: With the Bullring Team in town for this event it certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. Ace Racing, Bullring and Nikimoto were the fast teams for this event. By halfway Nikimoto who started on black was well placed to be only 1 lap down as Ace and Bullring still to drive the slower lanes. Instead a controller mishap saw the Bullring team drive past Nikimoto and get the lead from Ace. Ace recovered the lead as Bullring hit the slow lanes was uncatchable to get the win. AMATEUR Team Turtle was on pace running as high as 4th outright against the fast boys but it got even easier when Magics car had to stop and re-fix a grill after a colision. As often the case with the Scaleauto bits fly everywhere when you crash hard in this class so have lots of tape ready! SLOTWORX CUP CAR - PRO: unfortunate crash on the warm-up lap saw Narangba have to repair under green at the start and compromise what would have been a very different finish. Again the hot teams were Ace, Bullring and Nikimoto. Ace lead all the way and got a record run of 489 laps, Nikimoto came in 2nd had a PB of 482 and Bullring also a PB of 477 to pick up 3rd place. Considering Narangba lost 10 laps at the start and still achieved 473 laps they certainly would have been a 2nd place contender with potentially 483 laps.. bad luck guys. AMATEUR: Magic reversed the tables on Team Turtle with a 4 lap lead to win, Unfortunately am entries were down for this event... Jack got married the day before (poor excuse) and the Rivercity Racers we down a driver. Hope to see back next time guys.. you can drop a round so you still have a good chance GT3 LEXAN - PRO This class is just getting faster and faster. With the rules allowing virtually any scale chassis and modifications times just keep going down.Last year 7.5 sec laps were considered good enough.. now teams are knocking at the 7.2 second door. In the race last weekend Gold Coast Eagles got down to 7.449, Narangba 7.438, Turtle 7.423, Nikimoto 7.380, Magic 7.379. Bullring 7.368, and Ace racing's 7.219! Really it's the laps that make a race, and getting over 500 laps on the Masters track is the tough one. Narangba there with their 502 for 3rd place..Bullring got 2nd place with their 503 and " of course" drivers Noel and Werner "Aced it " to win with 512 laps. Outstanding drive guys.. we're all going to have to lift our game. AMATEUR: Magic nearly joined the 500 club with an outstanding 498 laps to get their win against Turtle who had car problems right from the start losing 40 laps on the opening bracket. Better luck next time guys. Also "Knocking" at the 500 club door is the Gold Coast Eagles with 499, Nikimoto also 499 and Phoenix with 494... we've just got to get faster guys! Please find progressive pointscore attachment below in PDF format. Any errors or omissions please let me know. 2019 GT champs Round 3 Sheet1.pdf2019 GT champs Round 3 Sheet1.pdf Round 4 is scheduled for Sunday August 18th. 2019 GT champs Round 3 Sheet1.pdf
  10. Axman

    Track line marker

    Thanks Kart.. I'll take it. I'll PM you.
  11. Axman

    Track line marker

    Garry's right.. I've had one for years.. best bit of kit I have ever bought. you would stripe a track the size of your's in less than 2 hours Pagey. I bought the cheaper glass bottle one... and added a bit of water pipe with a stop end to give it more volume... and if you get really bored you can pinstrip the wheels on your ride...
  12. Axman

    New Porsche Cup Wing Mounts

    Got my new Wing Mount from Garry a couple of weeks ago.. very clever design that works well.
  13. Axman

    Slotstream TV

    Okay.. I'll chip in... NAME: Kim Axton TEAM NAME: Various.. Nikimoto with Nick Girdlestone, Batlaxx with Noel Batson, Team zimmer with old mate Mark Fox, Bull Ring Team with Pagey. AGE: jeez.. 69 LIVES: Banora Point NSW HOME TRACK: Bonogin Valley Raceway STARTED RACING: 1968 HIGHLIGHTS: 1st time round.. as a young Wing car racer winning inaugural Brock Trophy Race, Australian drivers Championships (1974). Also first interstate driver to win major NSW events - Matich Trophy Race and Geoghegan Trophy at G&D Sydney same year. Won Total 24 hour Enduro - 3 times, and various state titles in wing cars. 2nd time round returning as an old driver lots of podiums but I'll just list 1st placings.. 1st in four classes 2011 APC, 1st in NSW Plafit Titles 2011, slowed down for a while with business commitments and then got a bit more serious when I retired winning 2016 MCN in Can Am, Hornsby 8 Hour Teams events 2017, 2018 and 2019. 1st place 2018 Australian Scaleauto Nationals. 1st place FLM class teams race at the Bullring 2018. Main Highlight this year was also winning FLM team race with Pagey at Hornsby. Classes: All 1/24th - Hardbody: Scaleauto, Plafit Mini Z and Grp C. Lexan: Slotworx Cup Car and V8, Plafit Historic, GT3, D3 Retro
  14. Axman

    2019 Qld GT championships

    Great work Stephen... thanks for your support.
  15. Axman

    2019 Qld GT championships

    GET READY GUYS... NEXT SUNDAY the 16th is... Round 3 Queensland GT Championships Another great race weekend coming up at River City Raceway for Scaleauto GT's, Slotworx Porsche Cup cars and Lexan GT3. Looks like we have at least 8 teams plus the Bull Ring team of Pagey and Benno are coming. Wear your best race shirts guys as Stephen from Slotstream is coming and doing a live broadcast. Details are pretty much the same as the previous events... Shop opens 7.30am for practise, Cars have to be on the Scrutineering table by 8.45 so racing underway by 9am. Phil Morrow once again will be our race director with Noel Batson, Gary Johnson and Bruce Ambler as the race committee. Any queries or grievances on the day please direct it to the race committee. Their decision is final. Werner from Ace Hobbies with assistance is the scrutineer. Please present cars to scrutineering with the body off but note it is your responsibility to check body has been remounted correctly in parce ferme before racing. RACE FORMAT All heats are 8 minutes, drivers race 4 heats each, no driver changes during a bracket. All classes will be run to Round Robyn format. Drivers may cherry pick lanes. When on a Bye cars must be returned to Parc Ferme. Cars may be checked for body fit in Parc Ferme at the start of the race - All repair work has to be done under green - Drivers are permitted to tape tyres and check braids in a lane changes but no liquids permitted. See you trackside... Kim