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  1. Hi all, After some tips on how to best store foam wheels. With the current situation of no racing for the foreseeable future, i'm cleaning on rebuilding my cars. Would like to preserve my current foam wheels the best way possible and any tips would be very much appreciated. Cheers Jason
  2. Don't be sorry for caring for Matt and making decisions to best protect his health, totally understandable. Cheers
  3. Thursday 5/3/20 T - Slotworx Utes-2020-03-05T20.35.34.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2020-03-05T21.22.30.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2020-03-05T21.22.30.xlsx Thursday 12/3/20 T - Slotworx Utes-2020-03-12T20.57.21.xlsx Historics T - Slotworx Utes-2020-03-12T20.57.21.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2020-03-12T22.26.59.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2020-03-05T22.00.58.xlsx T - Slotworx Utes-2020-03-12T21.45.02.xlsx
  4. Thanks for all the prep work Fox, very much looking forward to the weekend and learning some more about race craft and car set up, plus drinking tips from master Glenn. It would have been great to have you down this year Garry, thanks for supplying the motors along with Werner. Cheers
  5. Team Monster - Chris Wonson, Jason Bell for GT3 and FLM races. Chris, Jason and TBA for Porsche Enduro
  6. Thanks for the results Benno......and shock horror Rodney was right for the 1st time in forever! He had a penalty lap on white after all, congrats on your 8th place in GT Captain
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for a year with plenty of great racing, semi decent marshaling - looking at you Troy, and plenty of laughs. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice, pointed in the right direction with car set ups or just generally made racing at the Bull Ring fun. Huge shout out to Pagey for building a super exciting track, opening his house to us every week, and to his amazing wife who let grown men race cars in her house garage every week. Cheers to the Page family. Also big shout out to my chauffeur every week Chris, it's been a blast mate and thanks for the lifts.
  8. Hi FoxBox, In the Porsche Cup race I am honored to be a member of Team Phoenix, but I'm pretty certain that team will be better served by Jason Brooks being apart of the team! LOL Cheers
  9. Hey Pagey, Thought there was another week to go for this series? Cheers
  10. Wow what a great weekend of racing at The Bull Ring. Congratulations to everyone who came from interstate and the local contingent who showed up in great numbers as well. I had an absolute blast driving over the weekend, my first national event in almost 4 years and a fire may have been lit to attend more in the future. The 5 classes that were raced were all very enjoyable with lots of high quality racing, plus some very professional liveries turned out by the likes of Ben, Gordon, Jules and Michael. To Noel and Glenn, congratulations on the very very successful MCN 2018 event. The plannin
  11. If by some miracle you look like making an appearance Noel, let me know and I'll see what i can do in the scotch department. Just tell the doctors that the scotch was to help keep the chest wound clean from the inside. Cheers
  12. From everything i've heard Benno, Tequila is your specialty so leave that in your hands lol
  13. I'm organising some beverages, through my work contacts, for the Saturday night and so far looks like i managed a case of Hahn 3.5, XXXX gold for our northern friends and possibly a case of Great Northern crisp. Any particular requests that I can ask the beer reps to maybe donate? Cheers Jason
  14. Here is some footage of The Bull Ring, Pageys fantastic 8 lane home track. The first section of the video show the 1/24 Slotworx V8 being raced. The last part of the video is the super fast 1/24 Slotworx Porsche series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BiXc02TRys Cheers Jason
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