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  1. Hi Mark can you tell me how long the FLM and Porsche races will be ?
  2. Hi Mark , I would like to enter the GT3 race , and I am available if any one wants a driver for the Porsche Cup . I will enter the FLM too if I can get another driver . Peter D
  3. Will the track be cleaned/prepped before racing ? Will the lap counter issues be resolved ?
  4. Andrew and I will be coming from SA . We will both run all classes .
  5. Strombecker did a version of this car too. The body is identical to the MRRC one , except they put a slight bulge in one side to clear their brush gear .
  6. Also the shaft has been shortened so the gears will never mesh😟
  7. If you get stuck I have these two. The top one the plastic parts are split and broken and the bottom one you can see the problem as those front holes are the ones you need to use
  8. I have one in this box of parts πŸ™‚ Try http://www.philsmith.co.uk/
  9. Who supplies the bodies for this class ?
  10. Peter D

    Slot Fest

    Which chassis for Scaleauto ?
  11. Umm ? There wasn't a team called Nuts and Bolts ! πŸ˜€
  12. Peter D

    Slot Fest

    Where are the rules And regulations for this event ? Thanks
  13. Peter D

    Slot Fest

    Team SA are coming again . Peter D and Andrew S . We will enter all classes . see you there !
  14. NSW and SA use the same plugs . Queensland I are the ones who need an adapter . Your controller worked fine at Hornsby and that is NSW .
  15. Hi I would like to enter team SA in all classes . I now have to convince some others to come !
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