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  1. Looks good for NSW our Bull Ring 5 teams entered come on QLD only 1 team entered. This serries is to get some National racing, so support it our there may be no racing other than club.
  2. As all before size over 20 cent piece so Lexan cars rear wing is about it.
  3. I agree every major event should be hand out motors, No one would grudge paying an extra $12 per class it makes it fairer in my opinion .
  4. Please enter Outer Towners Jack Ian all classes
  5. Please enter Outer Towners Ian Jack all classes.
  6. Looking good Pete, You are lucky to have Garry and Wayne helping you. We may call in to have a look going to the tri serries Brisbane round.
  7. Team name Outer Towners Ian Jack
  8. kart.68

    2021 GT3

    I would like to see 30000 our 35000 SRP motors only on cost $11.00 . I have tested a 30000 NSR 12T will try 13T later today on a 34mt track it is a rocket.
  9. Kim, I have put a NSR 30,000 in My GJ GT3 on my 34mt track and it is a rocket. The SRP motors 30 our 35 would be great.
  10. Just checking National rules, have we got a association for scale car rules our who makes them?
  11. I Think the GT3 needs a boost now OLMP has died it is our premier class, may be the 13T will do it our a 30.000RPM NSR our SRP.
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