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  1. Looking good Pete, Would love to have a run on it ,The next time we go up to River city national event.
  2. Have you tried Mr Slot car Hallam , If no good Slot car corner USA.
  3. A bit late responding to this event, with out doubt the most relaxed and fun race meeting I have competed in for years, Well organized Glenn and all that competed should be more like it.
  4. Jason Tupperware type container and store in fridge .
  5. I would like to thank Greg for organising this great event and Peter for the venue. Looking at the entry list if up to date , Not that good for a National event come on get your entries in ONLY NSW have a good entry 7 teams VIC 4 and come on QLD 1 team, If you want these events to keep going support them.
  6. Spot on Kim, I used a hand out motor from last years Slot fest and Qualified 3rd.
  7. Yes, I want to know if it is hand out motors? Kim last year we raced V8 and Porsche cup on Thursday night
  8. Looks good for NSW our Bull Ring 5 teams entered come on QLD only 1 team entered. This serries is to get some National racing, so support it our there may be no racing other than club.
  9. As all before size over 20 cent piece so Lexan cars rear wing is about it.
  10. I agree every major event should be hand out motors, No one would grudge paying an extra $12 per class it makes it fairer in my opinion .
  11. Please enter Outer Towners Jack Ian all classes
  12. Please enter Outer Towners Ian Jack all classes.
  13. Looking good Pete, You are lucky to have Garry and Wayne helping you. We may call in to have a look going to the tri serries Brisbane round.
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