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  1. Agree with Darryl, great weekend great set up and ran with out a hitch well done Kim and Mark for putting this event on.
  2. Great news Mark, Put Outer Towners down for the lot, Ian Jack , Ding
  3. Best investment I have made to save cleaning and gluing this large tarp
  4. And spreading to the country towns ,great work Gladbags, for not going hard on lock down.
  5. You have the best body on your car Cam TI22 short
  6. Hey Peter, bring your son Andrew with you, LOL.
  7. A lot, all the USA ones I have ball races and have sold 3 to people racing at this event, I have 2 chassis the same one with balls and one with oil lites no difference in times, but a pain to un clue them, a reamed and polished bush is as good as a bearing and will not shatter in a big impact,
  8. Have booked City Lights Motel 5 KLM from Seagulls and seagulls have curtesy bus if needed, twin deluxe room $110 per night book direct on 0755243004
  9. Outer Towners are in. Ian Jack Ding, Will bring some Retro's
  10. kart.68


    Wanted late model Garry Johnson GT3 chassis to buy contact Ian 0418974512
  11. Would like to thank Mark and James for putting a great race meeting on, Great fun relaxed event great drivers looking forward to the 8 hour, Team OZ may give every one 5 min start every bracket, Cody and Wayne put on a master class on.
  12. Great choice Wayne, Outer Towners are in.
  13. We will be there Wayne.
  14. Outer Towners are looking for another driver, Jack had to pull out.
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