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  1. kart.68

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Pagey, can you put outer towners in Porsche as Jack Ian 1 and 2 Paul Alvaro please.
  2. kart.68

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    I have not seen the track , I think why would you mark any track that has been CNC that would be great not, put lines on it like every other track if moved re do it no big deal as we all know tracks do not sell fast big ones. Mark you are spot on.
  3. kart.68

    Endurance Event, SA, Thunderbird Raceway

    It was LMP OPAR.
  4. kart.68

    Track line marker

    Thanks Garry, I have the good ones are over $200 . I may get the cheaper one and give it ago the paint in the slot is OK now don't know how long it will last.
  5. kart.68

    New Track Cootamundra

    Thanks Rodney, Will give that a go.
  6. kart.68

    New Track Cootamundra

    Has any one got a track lane roller I could hire lend to do my track please, I have the slots coloured but would like to roll markings on corners.
  7. kart.68

    Track line marker

    Hi, would any one have a lane marker roller the would lend hire please
  8. kart.68

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Yes we all go on about Marshalling. I think we all do the best we can poorly marked lanes do not help. Watching nearly all the 12 hour great feed there were some calling track calls with one car off there car of coarse. My opinion is to stay cool abuse a marshal will not get you any favours..
  9. kart.68

    2019 Slotfest

    Greg, put Outer Towners down for all Jack and Ian.
  10. kart.68

    New Track Cootamundra

    No Steve, will get a weekend after the Bull Ring one in June will work it out there, a fair bit of testing it is a fast flowing track Garry designed a good track very pleased with it. Hope to get you down one day. Ian
  11. kart.68

    2019 MCN

    It is always a great event at the Bull Ring. Glen and family put on a great event and make feel at home. If any one that has not been there you should go you won't be disappointed.
  12. kart.68

    2019 MCN

    Is there going to be another 1/24 MCN this year , It was a big success last year.
  13. kart.68

    New Track Cootamundra

    Thanks Darryl, very pleased with it if ever down this way drop in for a drive. I will put a fun weekend later this year.
  14. kart.68

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Hi, could you add Alvaro to outer towners 2 please.
  15. kart.68

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Hi Pagey, you can put outer towners down for all.