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  1. I could be very interested in this. what $$$$ u looking for it?
  2. Anyone got a tyre truer for sale? would pref one that does 2 tyres at same time.
  3. I’ve actually bought a food storage device which sucks the air out and seals it up. if u use that and old camera rolls containers and just write on the lid which tyres are what. last forever and a day
  4. Wow, r these fantasies or based on real? Very bright
  5. Will post a better pic later
  6. I think it’s ready for track action!! apart from wiring 👍🏼
  7. Little more done to it... cant wait to run it!!!
  8. So what paints do ppl use for interiors etc... ive tried a few but they seem to be too thin...
  9. Anyone got any info on APC this year? i heard it was gunna be back at Melbourne AGAIN 😞
  10. Wing on Mirrors on Light tint done...
  11. It’s nothing like YOUR STANDARD mate!!! But thanks for that!
  12. I couldn’t resist.... had to do right colours.. ( sort of ) think the orange is off.... came up ok...
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