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  1. ding

    Tech Blocks

    Hi Benno, Can I have a Blue one please. Can be delivered next time you are in Banana Bender country. Cheers Steve
  2. ding

    New Track Cootamundra

    How is the new track going Ian, any racing yet ?? Steve
  3. ding

    What is it/for

    They are small Capacitors that suppress the electrical noise created by the Brushes/Comutator. With out these suppressors our slot cars will interfere with TV reception. A really good way to piss the missus off. Hope this helps.... Cheers ding...
  4. ding

    New Track Cootamundra

    Looks Great Ian. Well done to get it together with the heat wave you guys had down south. Cheers ding...
  5. ding

    New Track Cootamundra

    G'day Ian, just wondering how the track build was progressing ? Looks great so far, keep up the good work mate. Cheers Steve
  6. ding

    New Track Cootamundra

    Looks great Ian, maybe a road trip from Brisbane in the future. Keep up the good work mate. ding...
  7. ding

    Plafit Cars For Sale

    All sold on eBay. ding...
  8. ding

    Plafit Cars For Sale

    Now on eBay ding...
  9. ding

    APC 2018

    A great weekend of racing our slot cars with like minded mates. Great venue and a well run event. Thanks to the 2 Peters, also thanks to Deb for the food. Thanks to all who traveled to get there and compete, great to catch up with everyone again. See you all at another track soon. Cheers ding...
  10. ding

    Plafit Cars For Sale

    Cars are now on eBay Cheers Steve
  11. ding

    APC 2018

    They look Flash and Fast enough to me Ian...... See you tomorrow afternoon. ding...
  12. ding

    APC 2018

    My cars for the trip to Melbourne for APC. Cheers ding...
  13. ding

    APC 2018

    QUEENSLANDERS are Werner, Andrew, Simon, Jacques and myself. That makes 11 of us so far...... ding...
  14. ding

    APC 2018

    10 days to go, can't wait. Another APC trip away, who's coming and who is staying at home. See you all track side ...... Cheers ding...
  15. ding

    Lexan GT3 For Sale

    Hi all, I have for sale my GT3 Camaro. It has a Redroo V1.0 chassis that has a Gary Johnson motor box fitted to it. The car is complete and ready to race. SOLD SOLD SOLD. Thanks for looking ding...😜