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  1. OK Fox, time to confess. Which one is the fastest??
  2. Hi Kim, What controller plugs is your track fitted with?
  3. Looking forward to this race meet, track looks fast.
  4. Sad to hear about Mick, great guy. I enjoyed catching up with him when I raced in Adelaide. Too young.... RIP. - Cam
  5. Great weekend of racing and privileged to take out the overall award, wouldn't have happened without my team mate Clinton...well done. Big thanks to the Page family, quite a commitment to hold an event of this size and inviting people from all over the country to race and stay at their house. Lot of people behind the scenes helping out, thanks to you all and also a shout out to the sponsors for the great prizes. Ultimately the racers make the event, thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend. Looking forward to next year, - Cam
  6. Very professional Brooksy, well done. Looking forward to this event. - Cam
  7. Hey Foxy, I heard the statistician quote from Adam Spencer who is an Aussie math legend for me. Love your work and look forward to catching up with you. Goes to show the permutations slot car racing car throw up. - Cam
  8. Foxy, I can guarantee having the the fastest car, not coming out of the slot, with the best drivers will give you the most laps. - Cam PS, love the stats, you know statisticians are the sluts of mathematics though... PPS, you are a legend statistician though, so don't take me seriously...
  9. Any chance of having the Slotworx Porsche body homologated for this event?
  10. Looks like I missed an awesome event, will definitely try and line up a run with a team next year. I like that track. The web coverage really impressive, thoroughly enjoyed watching from down here through the day. Loved the commentary. Well done team Ace on the win and also well done to my home town guys Bull Ring for an amazing come back into 3rd...I thought you guys were shot ducks! Looks like you excelled again Kim with the organising. Keen for next year, work can FO! Cheers, - Cam
  11. Hi Pagey, Can I please enter team Slotworx, Garry Johnson and myself for all classes. Cheers, - Cam
  12. My work lab classes conflict with going to the event so unfortunately I'll have to pull out.
  13. HI Pete, I have a race prepared chassis if interested. - Cam
  14. Nice. I like the rear wheel inserts.
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