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  1. Camber

    Plafit F1 Looking to buy..

    HI Pete, I have a race prepared chassis if interested. - Cam
  2. Camber

    Hornsby 2019

    Nice. I like the rear wheel inserts.
  3. Big thanks for a great year at the Bull Ring Pagey. Us locals have a great bunch of guys to race with on a fabulous track, looking forward to 2019.
  4. Camber

    New Track Cootamundra

    Looking good Ian, I'd be up for a road trip.
  5. Camber

    APC 2018

    Good luck to all racers👍
  6. Camber

    NSW Endurance Championships

    Personally I think 3 classes is a good move and spreading the love around with an open class (Garry Johnson chassis, Red Roo, whatever you want), Plafit FLM and being personally privileged with Slotworx cup cars as the main event on Sunday should please everyone. I try not to get involved in event management, however one thing I would like to see is handout motors for all 3 classes and tight controls on car movements after motors are fitted. Cars should stay in park ferme (not in pit areas) unless being track tested. If a motor smokes up in testing (which from what I hear happened a few times at the Bull Ring Bathurst weekend) you get one more chance at purchasing another handout motor at a premium price of at least $25.00. SRP and Cheetah motors are very good and consistent from my experience. I'm happy to provide some funds to subsidise handout motors. In European racing, the second motor cannot be tested which should he adopted here as well. Play with jungle juices like Inox at your peril. They can produce a rocket motor or send it up in smoke, but you should only get one opportunity to get a second motor. Smoked motors won't get much respect from me though. Magnet zappers should be banned and anyone seen with one at the event should be sent home IMO. My personal comments, treat them as you will. - Cam
  7. Camber

    Bathurst at the Bull Ring

    So did Clinton give a speach on behalf of Slotworx factory team at the presentations given we won the cup car race? Please post a youtube link so I can have a look😎
  8. Camber

    Bathurst at the Bull Ring

    Cup car rules have been amended to state what lights can be used.
  9. Camber

    Bathurst at the Bull Ring

    Same with winning races, drive it fast and stay in the slot.....simple.
  10. Camber

    Bathurst at the Bull Ring

    Yeah, I think Garry is right about RPM testing. It didn't provide reliable results. It would disappointing to find out people were changing wrappers on motors. A suspect car that is significantly quicker than the rest of the field may need some extra scrutiny, particularly if the wrapper looks like it has been removed and replaced. I won't be racing but will look after admin and scrutineering, I'll be keeping a close eye on that one....
  11. Camber

    Australian Scaleauto Championships 2018

    "100% satisfaction guarantee" 😂 You might get a belly rub afterwards Pagey if you're a good boy.
  12. Camber

    front tyre rules?

    Rules amended for clarity, minimum 6mm wide wheels. 5mm must contact setup board to allow for corner radius.
  13. My Enzo had a 1700, Chris was 1900 and not sure what Brooksy had...
  14. Camber

    Bathurst at the Bull Ring

    Weekend before suits me too. I take it the 1/32 Plafit rules include the 16mm wheels used with the GT class, not the muscle car 14mm wheel? Thanks for hosting another big weekend of racing. - Cam