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  1. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Go Darryl I am in the process of building a V8 as well 😑 Go 'FAT Racing' Its gunna be awesome 🤩🤩
  2. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Thanks Gents Well I missed that detail for sure - yep on the first post as you said.
  3. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Hey Pagey Just got my V8 from Cam today so have been having fun getting it assembled for the Bull Ring and reading the rules leads me to a couple of questions (sorry if these items have been covered but I could not find). I am assuming SRP 25 for sure? Is it the 12 like GT3 or 13 like Porsche Cup? Cheers and see you in Qld.
  4. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Hey Pagey Just confirming that FAT Racing (Fox and Darryl) are on for all the Team events and I will also race in the V8 event as well. Really looking forward to those toasted sambos again (and the racing of course) 🤤 Cheers Mate
  5. FoxBox

    Controller Plugs - Standardisation

    I have updated the diagram to erase any possibility of misunderstanding it.
  6. FoxBox

    Controller Plugs - Standardisation

    That works for the US controllers. If the plug is labelled - not all are. Diagram was done to spec 😀
  7. Hi All Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Tasmania racers currently wire a female 3 pin plug to their controllers as that is the way their tracks are wired. To be able to use their controllers for races in Queensland they needed to make an adaptor that looks like this which I made for the upcoming 12 hour race at River City Raceway in Queensland: - I was quite disturbed by this device as it has the ability to kill somebody (a child or someone not too smart) as it has two sets of potential live pins. Probably illegal to make or own one as well? For Queenslanders coming to other states it was not an issue as they required an adaptor with two female plugs so there was no chance of accidental misuse. I sent the image to Kim Axton with my concerns who saw the issue as important and immediately gained the support of Andrew Bartholomew, Jan Roestorf, Garry Johnson and Mark Stockwell who will modify their tracks to accept the female 3 flat pin plug currently used everywhere else. It is also possible that River City Raceway will also have converted their track as well by the time of the upcoming 12 hour race. Kim asked me to do some wiring diagrams for you to show the correct wiring for the 3 flat pin female plug so here it is. I understand that many racers with the current 2 female plug adaptors that Queenslanders use interstate will be donating them to River City Raceway to enable non traveling racers to enjoy the track without having to rewire their controllers - a great idea. So here you go with the wiring diagram - please note this is looking at the TOP of the plug!
  8. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Shaping up very nicely Pagey 🍺
  9. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Just like Xmas in July Not to be missed - put FAT Racing ( Mark and Darryl) in dependant on my team mate for all bar the V8s. Thanks
  10. FoxBox

    HSC 8 Hour for Porsche Cup Cars

    Cody - that naming get will be confusing as your Dad is B1 and ---- therefore you are B? (2 perhaps) 😎 Look forward to it.
  11. FoxBox

    Hallam V8 Bathurst race

    Seriously let me confirm: - 8X15 = 4x30 = 2x60 =120 10x12 = 120 And: - 120 mins equals 2 hours
  12. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    I think you misunderstand Benno's question Ax - he is checking 'light areas' not 'grey areas' 🤣
  13. FoxBox

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Hi All Well what a great weekend we just had and to cap it off (and probably bore you stupid) here is some analysis of laps and race times from 2018 to 2019 for Porsche Cup and GT3 (sorry can’t help myself I am a numbers nerd). It is always a bit iffy doing these types of analysis as track conditions vary and this year’s conditions were about perfect with a fast track and moderate temperatures in the mid 20’s which is about ideal for model car racing in my opinion. Overall it would appear that a year of tuning and development of both these classes has paid off with faster times and more laps for both classes excepting for a couple of exceptions which I have highlighted. Overall the winning Porsche Cup car did 9.90 laps per min this year (a 1.5% improvement over 9.75 for 2018 ) whilst the winning GT3 car did 10.59 laps per min this year (a whopping 4.1% improvement over 2018). The gap in laps per minute between the winning Porsche Cup car and the winning GT3 car also stretched out to a 9.3% differential over last year’s 4.3%. This reflects the development and tuning of these open class GT3 cars over the past year vs the tuning gains made on the Porsche Cup cars (which are not open class so the car platform is the same between years). Cheers FoxBox
  14. FoxBox

    How to custom paint a scaleauto

    Wow I was just getting interested - what happened? The last post was April 1 - is that significant? Where is the guff regarding decal techniques?----please I would like any info on this. Cheers
  15. FoxBox

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    A photo montage of the weekends racing (racing only - what happens at the Blue Gum stays at the Blue Gum). Thanks for coming. See you all same time same place 2020. Cheers