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  1. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Great time. Have not felt so exhausted after a weekend away since my 1st serious girlfriend. Awesome racing, awesome mates, awesome time. Love yous all. Fox
  2. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Benno Found some great screws to up the weight Cheers
  3. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Thanks again Benno. So I just contravene the regs as per the accepted practice in this instance πŸ˜‘. OK I am now ready to finish my V8 πŸ˜€
  4. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Thanks Pagey - yep I read the rules πŸ™„
  5. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    Ta Benno. That's what I figured. Just thought I would check as I heard some differing opinions. I have another question regarding the body. The rules under section "Body" state: - - mine weighs 19 grams currently and yet the rules under "Weight and Dimensions" say: - How do I get my body to weigh the legal min if I can't add weight to it or the mounting plates - is section "f" above incorrectly drafted? Thanks
  6. FoxBox

    Bathurst in July. National Club Challenge

    OK I have a question regarding V8 Rules as follows. The Porsche cup Rules state that: - c) Only the supplied body mount plates can be used. Plafit or custom made mounts are NOT acceptable. A full-length piece of body mounting foam must be used minimum 55mm long. The V8 Rules state that: - C) Only the supplied body mount plates may be used. So the rules differ in that there is no mention of the requirement for a "full-length piece of body mounting foam must be used minimum 55mm long". My question: - Given that that there is no mention of a min length of foam is this set-up legal for V8s (I have seen it used but just want a ruling). Thanks
  7. FoxBox

    New Slotworx Porsche Series @ HSC.

    Looking forward to the first round - how many starters are there: - So far I can deduce: - Me Darryl Wayne Cody JJ Benno Pagey Brooksey Others ???????????????????????????????????????? Also Wayne a couple of questions : - Whats happening here - you wont have many starters for this round given the conflict. So is it 4 or 5 min heats? Cheers
  8. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Make the dots bigger and more legible then - or redo the stripes when the track is moved - surely it’s not that hard?
  9. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Ha πŸ˜‘ I can only refer you to my sign-off: - Do Less with More Focus Cheers Benno
  10. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Saw this a couple of days ago and let it ride but now I would like to ask how can marshals possibly use two hands when one hand is constantly holding a mobile phone, texting or watching Youtube or updating Facebook - or whatever? It also helps if marshals actually watch the corner rather than maintaining eye contact with the whoever they are deep in conversation with? Just my 2 cents worth - we all like to do our best but I think some application and concentration is required to do that πŸ˜‘
  11. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Hey Cam I actually heard Adam Spencer use that slut term also and yes he is the man of math for sure especially in making concepts somewhat accessible to those with a limited math background. Cheers
  12. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Agree totally Cam but all I was trying to say is that the winners only had 2 of these 3 (the most important 2) being not coming off and having the best drivers (which is almost the same thing but not quite). Agree totally re the statistician comment also - it is well known and as noted by Benjamin Disraeli: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." 😧 Sorry you missed it and hope to see you soon. Cheers
  13. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Hi Gents, Absolutely correct and I think that some previous comments have added to this theme of small factors and Noel has been gracious enough to enlighten us on how to do it. I called Noel up a couple of weeks out from the race and he had just got home from a 2 - 3 hour tuning and practise session. Have a guess how many others were at the track developing their cars - NONE - he had the track to himself. So here we have a guy that has won a shit load of races and is renowned for spending hours developing and tuning his car at the track doing exactly that and practising - by himself. Its no coincidence that his cars are fast and he wins a lot. On the subject of car tuning I commend to you all the treatise by Jan (Springbok Racer) in the Discussion/Workshop area of this forum - there you will find the stuff that the top racers do to get their car to optimum performance. Now a few numbers for Pagey Day Section BVR set the fastest lap and overall and fastest on 5 of the lanes - ACE filled the other 3. ACE however did the most laps in a bracket and set most laps on 5 lanes followed by BVR who did most on 3 (including equaling ACE on White) whilst Narangba did most on Purple. Night Session This was a very interesting race as ACE and Bull Ring of the podium 3 had had issues which affected their result in the Day section and would have to work hard to come back - which they both did. BVR were again the rocket team with fastest time overall and fastest time on 6 of the 8 lanes with Bull Ring and River City getting 1 each - NOTE that ACE did not have the fastest car on any lane! Most laps on a lane was by ACE who had the most on 6 of the 8 lanes with Bull Ring equaling them on Yellow and getting the remaining 2. Overall Of the 16 brackets BVR set fast time on 11 lanes, ACE on 3 lanes with Bull Ring and River City having 1 each. Of the 16 brackets ACE scored most laps on 11 lanes, Bull Ring on 3 (including equaling ACE once) , BVR on 3 (including equaling ACE once) and Narangba 1. In summary having the fastest car does not get you the most laps as noted by Pagey above. In a long race there are many sad tales to tell but I note that only BVR of the podium three had no car issues in the Day or Night sessions. Overall I had a great time catching up with you all even though Team Phoenix did not rise as we had hoped due to a variety of reasons - my actual race highlight was as builder of the chassis that BVR used which the Axman has labelled the Pla-Fox πŸ™„ Cheers
  14. FoxBox

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    OK got home late today - have been to the pub and had a nice meal nearby and now have a big screen and keyboard - so - numbers will be coming. Just as an entree the podium was really close - ACE 1st to BVR 2nd was 60 laps over 12 hours. That's 5 laps per hour or 1 lap per 12 minutes. BULL Ring were roughly the same dist behind BVR which means 2 laps per 12 mins behind ACE . That is close in my book. BTW ACE averaged at 7.87 secs per lap BVR averaged at 7.96 secs per lap BULL RING averaged at 8.06 secs per lap So about a tenth per lap including troubles. More to come Pagey but time for red wine and then sleepys now.