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  1. Hi All, Please note that the point score system for this race will now be as follows: - 1st = 25 points 2nd = 20 3rd = 17 4th = 15 5th = 14 6th = 13 7th = 12 8th = 11 9th and onwards = 10 Cheers FoxBox
  2. REMINDER FROM KIM AXTON The Geoghegan Race is only 2 weeks away.. This promises to be a great weekend for all. Trophies for Concours, Top qualifier, All podium finishes and Most outstanding performance by a rookie in a National event are up for grabs in all classes. This is a sprint event for Aussie Retro, Plafit historic, Slotworx Porsche and Lexan GT3. Racing starts 10am Saturday the 22nd for Plafit Historic, after lunch for Aussie Retro. On Sunday the 23rd it's Slotworx Porsche and Lexan GT3. Shop open Thursday and Friday for practise from 10am. Cheers and see you there. FoxBox
  3. Hi Garry, These were Interim rules and I have updated them with a methodology for measuring the polar length (centre of back axle to centre of guide post) and wheelbase (centre of axle to axle) in the regulations section posted in 'National Regulations' here and also on Werner's site. There was never any issue with Gen I chassis as they had to be assembled per the regs which then resulted in the correct dimensions. I have tried to make a simple measurement process for the Gen II version which you can see in the posted regs. Let me know what you think and if you can offer any improvement/modification of my method. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Cheers Fox
  4. Hi All As you can see its on again after many trials and tribulations so lets make it a BIG one. Any questions etc please respond in this thread. Cheers FoxBox
  5. Hi All, Well with Covid running amok yet again I have the sad task of yet again announcing a cancelled/postponed race event. GEOGHEGAN TROPHY - EASTER BIG BASH EVENT POSTPONED Hip Hip Hooray - postponement over - lets go RACING This event will now be held at a future date with in October with the same format as explained above. Cheers FoxBox.
  6. Hi All A few things to help you along. Gearing is per current regs with the nominated pinion for the Slotworx Cup Car being 13T - here is a summary for you: - Points will be awarded as follows for each event your best 3 results will be summed to ascertain the Geoghegan Trophy winner for 2022. Summary table of the car regs for this event: - The full version of the regs for each class are posted via links above - be one of the few who reads such things and any questions please let me know in this thread. Any disparity between this summary table and the full version of the regs (other than the 'yellow highlights') indicates that I have made an error in constructing the table in which case the full version of the regs will prevail. Please note GT3 min weight for this event is 155 gms so throw some of the lead out! Cheers FoxBox
  7. Hi Bruce, You are correct; you get to choose your starting lane based on on your qualifying time - 1st Q gets first pick, 2nd Q gets second pick etc. So I guess it should be called "Lane Selection" and not "Lane Draw" but the process has been known since ever as "Lane Draw" whether it has been a random process or ascertained by qualifying position. Hope that this clarifies the process for you. Cheers
  8. Hi All Here are the updated rules for this class which incorporate the components now available from the release of the Gen II kits and upgrade kits. Other changes are that max rear tyre size has been increased to 28.5mm (ie as they come from the packet) and the motor rule has been modified to allow track owners and race convenors to choose any 13D long or short motor. I have also included some measurements to assist in setting up and scrutineering the wheelbase and polar length when using Gen II components. Please note that Garry Johnson; the owner of the Slotworx marque; has authorised me to post these regulations.
  9. Hi All Here is the Program which runs from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd October: - Cheers FoxBox
  10. Hi All Some further information on this event: - Event Entry Motor REGULATIONS Practice days 20/Day All BYO Markings Required Historic CanAm 25 FOX IV Must have factory markings https://www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/7-2018regulations-124historics Retro CanAm 25 CHEETAH Must have factory markings http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1254 Porsche Cup 25 SRP 25L Must have factory markings http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/504-2022-slotworx-cup-car-regulations/ Lexan GT3 25 NSR 25 Must have factory markings ** http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/forum/31-lexan-gt3-sedan/ ** As the Factory markings are easily tampered with on the NSR 25 your motor will be tested at Tech for compliance. Cheers FoxBox
  11. Hi All These regulations are a polished version of the Interim regulations published here - http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/495-interim-slotworx-porsche-cup-rules/ I have now included some measurements to assist in setting up and scrutineering the wheelbase and polar length when using Gen II components. Also note that the max rear tyre size is now 28.5mm (ie as they come out of the packet). Please note that Garry Johnson; the owner of the Slotworx marque; has authorised me to post these regulations. Cheers FoxBox
  12. Hi All, It is my pleasure to announce that finally over the coming Easter weekend period October: - Thurs 20 Fri 21 Sat 22 Sun 23 the Seagulls Slot Racing Club is hosting a sprint race series for the following classes Plafit Historic Slotworx Porsche Cup Lexan GT3 Retro CanAm The historic Geoghegan Trophy will also be up for grabs. This trophy has been won by the cream of Australian slot car racers (and also myself) since 1970. Here is a listing of previous winners so you can see the history of this piece: - The Seagulls slot shop has a HUGE range of stock and all in all the facility is by a long way the best set up for slot racing I have ever seen and with the restaurant and bar downstairs plus loads of parking available it is just sensational. The track itself is fast with a few tricks but overall very easy to learn. Also each lane on the track has its own power supply so no little surges when a car or two de-slot and the lap counters are set up with light beams so no dead spot which is sensational also. So watch this space for the program etc and start getting you equipment together. Cheers FoxBox
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