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  1. Dear Peter Please don't apologise for any inconvenience - it is not inconvenient to make safe decisions but of course the financial ramifications for you and Debbie will not be convenient at all. Thanks for making this very tough call and FAT Racing (me and Darryl) look forward to coming to MrSlotcar once this situation has receded. Best wishes and Regards FoxBox
  2. Hi Greg Can you please confirm the motor and the gearing will be as follows: - FLM Cheetah IV National Rules state motor to be either FOX IV or Cheetah IV - set by race organiser Porsche Cup SRP 25K and 13/44 National Rules state both motor and pinion to be set by race organiser. Cheers FoxBox
  3. Hi Greg Does this mean hand-outs for all classes now? Fox
  4. Perfect, may I also suggest that the motors be identifiable (by event and numbered) and the draw recorded as at HSC. For Example: - G1, G2 etc for GT3 P1, P2 etc for Porsche Cup as their are 2 classes for the SRP 25 motors F1, F2 etc for FLM Also agree with Greg C re hand-outs for 3 classes (GT3, FLM and Porsche Cup). This is essential to ensure a level playing field for all three legs of the National Enduro Series. If no sponsor for motors then add the cost of a motor to the entry fee - it's minor in the scheme of things. Cheers
  5. Similar story here. I used the motor I got as a hand-out from last years Lexan Shootout Porsche Cup 6 Hour race and TQed - go figure. This particular motor had done around 8 hours of racing prior to this year's GT3 race but was the fastest I had (marginally) in track testing and was also marginally quicker with a 13T pinion.
  6. Please add FAT Racing to Scaleauto - so all classes now. Update on schedule, costs, track opening times etc please. Please confirm that the handout motor process will replicate the process used at HSC with all motors being uniquely identified and blind drawn in some way. Cheers
  7. I would have thought that Pagey would have been happy with the hand-outs for FLM and Porsche Cup for sure?
  8. A few more pics of the presentations etc. Thanks to Stephen Clarke (SlotStream) for these.
  9. OK Gents Racers came from the four corners of the globe to contest what will in all likelihood be the final Lexan Shootout at this fabulous track and venue. GT3 Very happy to TQ for this event. Great to have 24 starters for 3 full fields of 8 Race1 Race 2 Race 3 Final Race Positions Great 1st Individual Sprint Title for Pagey. Podium L - R Fox 2nd, Pagey 1st, Kim 3rd (a great day for McLaren) FLM Two Races of 7 A very fast TQ for Bullring 2 (Benno at the wheel). Race 1 Race 2 Final Placing That concluded the actual racing for Saturday which was followed by Qualifying for the Porsche Cup 6 hour on the following day. Solid TQ by Nikimoto (with Kim at the wheel) just breaking into the 5.6's So now bit of a meal and a couple of beers and then a sleep in preparation for the BIG ONE. Porsche Cup Hour Podium L - R Bullring 2nd, FAT Racing 1st, Nikimoto 3rd A great win by 'FAT Racing' who have been slowly working up the ladder in this format with a 3rd in 2018, a 2nd in 2019 and now the win in 2020. To say we were over the moon would be a fair assessment. The final tally of the points from all three events to determine the holder of the noble title of LEXAN KING for 2020: - and the winner is Pagey - well done. That wraps it up - thanks to all the racers that came to this event to make it the great time it was and to James and Joe for the lovely track prep. Also a big thanks to the sponsors of motor and prizes - Garry of Slotworx and Werner of ACE Hobbies. Cheers FoxBox
  10. Hi All Here is the outline of the complete program for the Lexan Shootout (aka HSC Enduro weekend). There may be a little tweaking here and there but essentially this will be it with adjustments if scrutineering and track-calls (and other variable portions of the program) take more or less time. Program Overview Fri Open Practice GT3 Tech FLM & Cup Practice GT3 Photos & Concours GT3 Qual GT3 Lane Draw & Parc Ferme FLM and Cup Practice Start 12:00 PM 4:15 PM 5:30 PM 5:45 PM 6:18 PM 6:28 PM Minutes 255.00 75.00 15.00 33.00 10.00 114.00 Est Finish 4:15 PM 5:30 PM 5:45 PM 6:18 PM 6:28 PM 8:22 PM GT3 Sprint Races Sat Open @ 8:00 Start @ 8:30 Briefing GT3 Race & FLM H/O Track Call Lane Change Main Changes Podium Photos & Break Start 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 8:40 AM 11:38 AM Minutes 30.00 10.00 130.00 15.00 23.00 10.00 10.00 Est Finish 8:30 AM 8:40 AM 11:38 AM 11:48 AM FLM Team Races Sat FLM Test & Practice FLM Tech & Break FLM Qual & Lane Draw Briefing, Concours & Photos FLM Race & Cup H/O Track Call Lane Change Driver Changes Main Changes Podium Photos & Break Start 11:48 AM 12:18 PM 12:58 PM 1:26 PM 1:36 PM 5:02 PM Minutes 30.00 40.00 28.00 10.00 160.00 20.00 14.00 7.00 5.00 10.00 Est Finish 12:18 PM 12:58 PM 1:26 PM 1:36 PM 5:02 PM 5:12 PM Cup Prelim. Sat Cup Test & Practice Cup Tech & Break Cup Qual Parc Ferme Start 5:12 PM 5:32 PM 6:02 PM 6:12 PM Minutes 20.00 30.00 10.00 Est Finish 5:32 PM 6:02 PM 6:12 PM Porsche Cup 6 Hr Enduro Sun Open @ 8:00 Start @ 8:30 Briefing, Concours & Photos Porsche Cup Race Track Call Lane Change Trophies & Photos Start 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 8:50 AM 3:57 PM Minutes 30.00 20.00 360.00 60.00 7.00 30.00 Est Finish 8:30 AM 8:50 AM 3:57 PM 4:27 PM It is a lot of racing and a lot of fun to be packed into the 3 days and in particular Saturday will be busy. Accordingly it will be imperative that all racers cooperate in being on time and ready for their events, available for marshaling when required and otherwise being aware and responsive to any other directives such as organising for photo ops and judging Concours etc. Note in particular the motor hand-out schedule and the controls relating to same which will be identical to the process used last year. FLM Handouts These motors will be available by draw during the GT3 races. Porsche Cup Handouts These motors will be available by draw during the FLM races. Motors Generally When you are scheduled for your hand-out (more on this later) the process is: - If James has not been already paid (for the whole team) you pay James any outstanding entry fees for the race. You will then draw a numbered stick from an envelope which represents the corresponding numbered motor. Your motor selection will be recorded on a spreadsheet for tech. Once received motors may be run on a power source. The race schedule allows for a test period after the allocation and fitting of FLM and Porsche Cup motors. There will be a very limited number of replacement motors that will be available in exchange for your original motor and $12 payable to James (if you are unhappy with your original selection). You get your original motor back after the race. These motors will also be marked and any replacement recorded as per above. Cheetah IVs I have run these motors for 45 minutes at low voltage. Werner of ACE Hobbies has supplied the motors for the FLM event. SRP 25L Again we are very lucky to have these motors supplied – by Garry Johnson of Slotworx this time. These motors have been oiled and run for a few seconds by Garry to ensure they are ok and you will get them exactly like that. Race Scheduling and Marshaling GT3 There will be 3 races comprising brackets of 5 minutes (run in ‘Round Robin’ mode) composed as follows: - A Main Qualifiers 1 to 8 B Main Qualifiers 9 to 17 C Main Qualifiers 18 to 26 Racing will start with the C Main. Followed by B then A The following Table sets out who is racing and who is marshalling during any particular main. Notice that all participants are scheduled to marshal once and have two ‘inactive’ mains where they will not be racing or marshalling. GT3 Schedule Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 A Main A Main A Main B Main B Main B Main C Main C Main C Main LEGEND Racing Marshalling Inactive (FLM Handout) Immediately after each race you DO NOT TOUCH YOUR CAR. Your finishing point will be marked on the track-side with a piece of masking tape with your name (as this is a Round Robin format) after which cars go to Parc Ferme. Racers are able to pay any outstanding FLM entry fees and get their FLM motors and fit them during their inactive period as explained earlier FLM There will be 2 races comprising 8 brackets of 10 minutes composed (with current entry numbers) as follows: - A Main Qualifiers 1 to 7 B Main Qualifiers 8 to 14 As there are two drivers per Team one will be driving and one will be marshaling. At the 5 minute mark there will be a track-call and drivers swapped. Both team members drive for 5 minutes each on all lanes – no cherry picking drivers for lanes. Racing will start with the B Main. After each race cars go to Parc Ferme Teams are able to pay Porsche Cup entry fees and get their motors and fit them during the Main they are not participating in. Porsche Cup This will be an 8 team race with qualifying position dictating lane choice. All team drivers must drive all lanes for an equal length of time - 3 driver teams 15 minutes per driver and 4 driver teams approx 11 minutes per driver. Driver changes must occur with the car stationary in the prescribed zone. If a driver change is made with the car outside the zone the penalty is 5 laps. FURTHER INFORMATION Parc Ferme If is not clear from the above schedule this is what happens: - Afre your car is submitted to Tech Scrutiny it MUST be in Parc Ferme at ALL times unless you are qualifying, racing or working on it under Green Flag. This will be the case until all races of a particular class have been run and results finalised and the all-clear given - no exceptions. Penalty for transgressions of this condition - 10 Laps Deduction. Tech Scrutiny All cars will be required to have a post-it sticker identity tag which needs to submitted with the car for tech and remain with the car whilst in Parc Ferme. Please ensure your car is legal prior to Tech to ensure a smooth and quick process. Please ensure that your car is legal at the end of the race to avoid risk of disqualification. Porsche Cup cars will be teched after the race to ensure the car is compliant wrt it being complete and at correct weight (160 grams) with min (0.5mm) clearance as per Porsche Cup Rules. As previously outlined in posts regarding this event the Cup cars must be complete with the exceptions that wheel inserts may be missing, mirrors may be missing and light buckets may be missing. There will be no post-race tech inspection for GT3 or FLM although any car that is riding too low at any point will need to be removed and rectified under Green. Working on Cars Once a car has been submitted to Tech NO work may be done on it EXCEPTING: - (1) Qualifying Cars are available from Parc Ferme two qualifiers from when you are due. First up will have their car for 3 minutes and second up gets theirs 1.5 minutes before the first qualifier is up. You may give the car a once-over by checking the body is properly fitted, oil it, adjust braids and juice them and clean the tyres. (2) Lane Change You may clean the tyres (tape only) and adjust (not replace) the braids. This also means no use of test boards or any measuring device etc – the only items proximate to the car during a lane change is the tyre tape and lane stickers. You may obviously look at the car from any angle you like etc but that’s it. (3) Under Green Flag You may do anything under Green Flag. HOWEVER if working under Green and a lane change occurs you must not continue working on it until Green continues. Penalty for transgressions of these conditions - 10 Laps Deduction. Point Score Points will be allocated to all races as follows: - For the title 'Lexan King' for 2020 it will be an addition of all points scored as a team member or individually. In the event of a tied score this coveted title will be awarded to whoever finished higher in the GT3 race. Trophies Trophies are being supplied by James Colfax of HSC Raceway as follows. Well I think that covers it please yell out if you think I have missed or confused anything. Here is a Dropbox link for you download this and/or print as PDF https://www.dropbox.com/s/ahn8cdl4ycwjmnh/Program etc.pdf?dl=0 Cheers FoxBox
  11. Hi Guys Here is the schedule for the weekend - same kind of format etc as last year. As always the times may vary a little depending on Tech, track calls and sluggards etc.
  12. OK I am in the process of setting up entry and race sheets together with point-score sheet for tracking the next weekend's events and to assist the overall process of collecting entry fees, recording motor handouts and running the race. I have asked several times for those who have not advised me of a team name to do so and now is the point of no return - teams that are still in TBA category have been allocated the following names: - Also note that Dale Anderson has joined Stallion Racing Cheers
  13. Hi Guys Regarding the entries I have to date - I need some information ASAP as follows: - 1) ALL Teams marked TBA please advise me of a Team name. I need these to set up entry sheets etc. If no name is forthcoming I will allocate you a name. 2) Is Reinier racing in GT3? 3) does anybody know if Jake is running in GT3? (I suspect not). Thanks
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