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  1. As above. is new.still in pkt.the Plafit GCK conversion comes with rear suspension hanger $30. will post at buyers expense or pick up available. located brisbane northside,bracken ridge. thanks for looking.
  2. this year the theme is any chassis, anything for a body except a car or truck body. took a while to decide but went with an iron man mask computer mouse body. happy with the look but have no idea as to how it will go yet. not the point of the day to go fast anyway, but to instead have a great fun day. one thing though it will look good with the eyes lit up. cheers rick
  4. as above and pics. very little use. fitted with quality bearings. motor and tyres little use. carbon front axle and SRP25L motor. looking for $85 plus postage if applicable. cheers rick
  5. as above and pics. tyres are not usable, just to hold axles in place. has extra weights and i will supply some extra shims for the front as they are in transit. has good bearings included.please note, not a pod model. looking for $65 plus postage if applicable
  6. HI All i was wanting to know the specs of the SRP 20 motor. in particular the torque rating. cant seem to find any actual figures for torque only max revs.anyone know? cheers rick
  7. just finished putting a lexan Impala together, one of Andrews.painting was done by me and the chrome work by Trevor Lumsden, many thanks for his efforts.running a Plafit Can Am chassis, 116.5 chassis plate, with fox 4 and 12/37 gears to suit Red Racer track. handles extremely well and looks brillant going round. is getting a 8.3 sec lap with more to come once the tyres settle in. sorry pics arent better but you get the idea. cheers rick
  8. liked the caddy so much i have treated it to some new rims.look great i think. cheers rick
  9. Narangba Raceway will reopen on the 15/1/2018. everyone have a happy and safe New Year. cheers rick
  10. thanks to Andrew and Simon for another great day as usual. lots of fun and laughs were had by all. looking forward to next years events. Merry Christmas one and all ! cheers rick
  11. RICK

    Jig Wheels

    hi Benno i would like to order a set if possible.send me an email if possible please. cheers rick
  12. took the mounted caddy for a run at red racer this morning and it is perfect! drives very nicely with really no vices. just a slight rounding of the rear tyre edges and we're ready to race. cheers rick
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