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  1. Nomadman

    New Track Cootamundra

    Looks great Ian. Well done.. Pete
  2. Nomadman

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Well done Mark P. Pete
  3. Nomadman

    Plafit F1 Looking to buy..

    Gidday Cam . Send me a message with the details and I'll check with the guy who is chasing. Thanks heaps Pete
  4. Nomadman

    Plafit F1 Looking to buy..

    Looking to buy a couple of second hand Plafit F1s. We are racing them in Toowoomba and need a couple more. Regards Pete.
  5. I need to figure out how to Run Trackmate and Race Coordinator at the same time.. Dual results gives good info.. Pete
  6. Nomadman

    New Track Cootamundra

    Ian. What are the checkered curtains ??? Pete
  7. Nomadman

    New Track Cootamundra

    Its coming up the goods Ian.. Pete
  8. Nomadman

    New Track Cootamundra

    Looks good Ian.. Pete
  9. Nomadman

    National 1/32 Aussie V8 Rules - 2018

    Pagey, where do you get the wheel inserts for the little V8's.... Regards, Pete
  10. Nomadman

    Nomad Raceway Toowoomba

    Hi Denis Sorry just spotted your post. Track is up and running. Works great. Here's some pics.. Regards Pete.
  11. Looking forward to getting a run on the relocated Bull Ring...
  12. Hi guys. Can I ask about the race timing used. I see the split screen. Looks like a combo of Trackmate and what is the program with the race result next to it? Looks like Race Coordinator . How do you get to run together???... Regards Pete Richards.
  13. Nomadman

    60's MRRC 4 WD

    Cant help with parts Kim but look forward to seeing it restored.. Pete
  14. Nomadman

    National 1/32 Aussie V8 Rules - 2018

    Been racing them for years in Toowoomba. But with 10T pinion (smaller track) and Pointer motor.
  15. Nomadman

    Tech Blocks

    Does it have a 1mm raised centre section for tech check?..