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  1. Wanted. A few second hand Plafit chassis. Tyres/motors not important. If you have something you might like to part with, get in touch through here or email :-nomadman@bigpond.com Thanks Pete
  2. I have a couple up here in Toowoomba somewhere. Ones new.. If you're keen Ill drag them out Regards, Pete
  3. Nomad Raceway is running again.. 20200531_175040.mp4
  4. Nomad Raceway track build. Wired up, lane colours finished, barriers all done, timing installed. Pretty much ready to fo after a few tidy up bits. Approx 27m lap length.. Big thanks to Garry and Wayne fo the help..
  5. Only raced there the once in a NSW Plafit Champs many years ago. Dave Newton and I travelled down from Qld for it. Was a great setup ... Sad day, but a reality of commercial rents today.. All the best James and hope the tracks find new homes somewhere.. Pete Richards
  6. Nomad Raceway track build update. All sections built. Some straights to route and then braid groove. No far away.. As I have a dislocated shoulder on the mend, my gun track builders Garry and Wayne have completed a lot of the work. Thanks men. Pete
  7. Started on what will be the 5th 1/24th board track in Nomad's history. Approx 27m 4 lane. 110 lane spacing.. A few months and we should be running..
  8. Team Nomads first Slotworx build. Thanks to my team mate Garry Stevens for the artwork and paint.. We may not be fast but we will look good... Car is a replica ofvthe Carerra Cup car of Harri Jones making his debut on the Gold Coast this weekend..
  9. Hi all. I am re doing a plug to use at Redcliffe. Can someone confirm with the diagram am I looking at the face of the controller plug.. Regards Pete..
  10. Expressions of interest.. Thinking of selling Nomad Raceways current 3 lane track. No power supply no lapcounter but wired ready to go. Approx 25m lap length 110mm lane spacing. Footprint approx 7.5m x 2.8m These are pics when new. Has been used for approx 2 years. Runs great. Could be shortened. Pick up only and inspections welcome. Looking to sell for new project. Not desperate though and no rush from my side. 1200.00 Contact me if you are interested. Pete
  11. There is front wheel detail in the link ??? Click on the image and expands.. Pete..
  12. Its good being able to watch. Well done on the live feed. I like the breakout class. Might introduce to one of our hard body historic classes... Keep the feeds coming... Regards, Pete. Nomad Raceway..
  13. I am lucky here Ian. One of our racers is a sign writer and kindly painted Nomad Raceway lane colours by hand ... Pete..
  14. Congratulations to the place winners and for Werners very kind gesture. Well done.. Pete
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