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  1. Looks like being an awesome event. Lots of sanity in the classes also, with three states onboard, well done guys.
  2. After numerous chip upgrades the controller is now very useable and its now got a few wins under its belt at club level.
  3. I finished the firmware upgrade this morning. Looking forward to testing it
  4. it turns out now the brake transistor had blown. A new one was sourced online with help from Garry J, and soldered onto the board. the issue I have now , is the controller has far too much brakes even on the lowest settings. I spoke to Erick and it seems others are having the same problems.. Erick has a new firmware upgrade to address the problem. I had to buy a usb programmer and cable from a local supplier to allow this to happen. Erick has been great with understanding all the issues, I don't think it will be long til this awesome controller is a the front of the pack.
  5. The hardware has been changed which requires the new firmware.
  6. Not much progress. It is in the USA being repaired and having a firmware upgrade
  7. I was wondering about any feedback on these new synapse programmable controllers? I have purchased one and have a few issues; 1.too much brakes even at zero 2.Not sensitive enough down low 3.It 'pops' the track reset from time to time
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