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  1. Hi all, I would like to thank all who competed in this great event,,,,,,,was fantastic to drive with and against such such a top notch bunch of racers.,,,dosn't get any better better than that !! Big thanks to James and Joe,,,the track was unreal.....to Gary and Werner for your sponsorship...a big thankyou,,,,,,,,,to Mark for all your efforts in putting the race together,,,and running it,,,just fantastic !!!! To Mark again for giving Stoo and myself such a well set up Porsche car,,,thanks so much,,,,and you guys just drove it like you stole it,,,but very cleanly,,,well done !!!,,.
  2. Hi Pagey, I sadly will have to drop off the racing list as I have a re-occurring problem with a pinched nerve in my neck,,,really painful stuff !!!!,,,and enduro racing is probably the worst thing I could attempt at this time. The wife and I are doing a USA road trip in mid August,and I want to try and settle it down by then.. Not sure what Mark is doing as to the team racing,,,,he was going to make some calls I think.........anyway,,,,good luck to all and to great racing as you all do so well... cheers Darryl T
  3. Hey Pagey, don,t want to miss out on any racing, so put me down for the V8 supercars also,, thanks Darryl
  4. Hi Ian, Great looking track, well done!!! Jack mentioned the build at Hornsby the other week, sure is a lot of work ,you must be pleased to be at this final stage and enjoy the fruits of your labour Darryl
  5. Well done Mark,,,,hope you and Pipa have a relaxing X mas break, and also to all the the slotters,,have a merry X mas Darryl
  6. Hi Mark, Darryl in for the GT3 [ thanks to Ben ] ..
  7. Hi Pagey,,,,Darryl from team FAT,,,,,,,,,i have lots of JK lane stickers ,,more than enough to cover all the racing,,,so yours to do as you wish. Really looking forward to this fantastic event,,,,and appreciate the huge effort you and others have put in,,,,, thanks Darryl
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