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  1. Round two for the month of 1/32 V8 and Slotworx Porsche. We had 17 racers ready for the nights battles. First up the Aussie V8’s were entertaining and the second week in everyone was more tuned up . Some very nice close heat battles with plenty of room for overtakes making it interesting. JJ was very quick and in a good battle with Ben, Pagey , Chris, Clinton and Rod . Ben was unlucky with a broken lead wire halting his run for the top step. JJ with a great drive secured first over Pagey for second. Rod with a solid third rounding off the podium. Clinton and Chris not far back . Our Dunlop series was next up . As always very enjoyable and entertaining racing . With Cam back from a few weeks away and a hungry pack ready to try and get to Super series. Cam was very fast and consistent as per normal. So the hungry pack we’re fighting hard for the minors. Mick with some of his best driving won four heats in a row on his way to a top quality second . Third place to Troy with Serg very close behind . Super was fast and furious. No room for errors up here with any bad luck putting you well back in the pack . JJ with a great night continues with plenty of speed and good luck to take home the double win . Well done mate. Ben was next over the line for another podium and Pagey finishing off for third. The rest of the field very close with nothing really in it . Thanks to Ben again for race director roll again . Thanks to all for the track pack up again . Big thanks to Serg for set up and cleaning the track . Hope everyone enjoys Bathurst and the Red Bulls are on top. Cheers Pagey
  2. This is when you can appreciate how big my garage is 🧐😳. Thanks again for the help packing up track the other night . Happy πŸ‘©πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ₯³
  3. Change of month and also the classes at the BullRing. Being school holidays we had a few away . Family first is always the best option . 1/32 Aussie V8 was first up . We don’t run any other 1/32 classes at the BullRing. The brain child of Andrew from our Qld Narangba friends . A National class using the plafit chassis with a SRP 20 motor . Quick enough to get your full attention and quite a driving challenge. Ben continues his relentless run of form leading the way with lap times near record pace . A good battle for the minor placings between JJ , Pagey and Chris . Finishing in that order with next to nothing in it . The Dunlop series of our Slotworx Porsche was next . Sorting out the classes with 7 runners in Super and 6 in Dunlop. Rod unfortunately with the numbers and break down got the unlucky dog going back to Dunlop after finishing second last the week before in super . So the racing was very close with four drivers tossing the lead around . Jamie , Jules , Rodney and Gregg with plenty of tough close racing through the heats . They finished in that order and basically all on the same lap with nothing in it . Awesome stuff and proves again that Dunlop is a tough group to breakout of and up to super class . Seven drivers on the grid ready for the green light in super tonight . One or two mistakes and you will be off the podium in this cut throat class . Very even racing with plenty of close battles. Pagey with accident damage in a early heat dropped 6 laps . Serg also had some car issues. It ended up being a shoot out at the rear of the field to not come last and drop back to Dunlop next week . Serg gave me plenty of racing pushing me hard to just get over him in the last heat . Bugger he has to drop down next week . Up front it was a great drive again by Ben . Getting a double win on the night . Well done mate and you are certainly on a roll the last few months. JJ with a great night also, with a second and another podium for the night . Clinton back in form with a very solid third. Chris again with a bit of bad luck for fourth. Thanks Ben for race director and computer work . Also to everyone for the track pack up . Appreciate the assistance in keeping up stairs management happy . Hopefully we get a full grid next week and look forward to week two of our new classes. Cheers Pagey
  4. Thanks Ben for posting up the race report. We had a few away for one reason or another and still managed 16 drivers . It was our last night of the current classes. MZ plafit first up with Ben out front again and the fight continues between Pagey and Chris . Nothing all series between us and tonight was no different. Pagey just getting over Chris with Rod again for a strong 4th . Dunlop Can Am next up and always enjoyable watching the battles . Really great racing in a few heats from Serg , Jim and Gregg. Also plenty of entertainment from Vito . The long tail Porsche is very quick and once Vito got his rhythm he also had some great battles . Not always ending quite right at times but great viewing. Jim taking a good win with a fast finishing Serge for second and Gregg with a quality third . Also a very good drive by Clinton S down from Sydney for his third visit . Well done mate . πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Super Can Am was very quick . There is know place to rest in this class on track with this field of drivers . With no room for de slots or you will find yourself falling back through the field very fast . Ben giving us all a chance for a change with motor power issues. Pagey having a clean run to get the top step for the first time for quite a while. Chris was very fast and the difference was a couple of offs in the end getting him second. JJ was extremely fast and set fastest times on a few lanes for the night . It was his Off’s also that made the difference. Ron’s promotion up from Dunlop last week giving him a taste of the super pace . He did well with a good drive for fourth place . Next week will see the return of 1/32 plafit V8 and Slotworx Porsche.Thanks Ben for running the night as race director. Looking forward to catching up with everyone again next week. One of the best parts of our nights is hanging with good mates. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Cheers Pagey
  5. Great report Stoo and great to see the Slotworx Porsche continues its great close racing at all tracks . I Was unfortunately unable to make it again . A trip to Coffs Harbour for care of my daughter after a operation. With interstate races clashing previously I hope to make the next round . Is that the 8hr 1st of Dec or one earlier? Great to see you enjoying your racing and taking it too Cody . πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. Excited to be part of the new series. Looking forward to getting our BullRing club mates to travel to the other interstate events . A fully detailed race program will be released shortly. But the header gives classes and enough details to be very excited about a great new series.
  7. Huge field of 23 drivers at the BullRing last night . That’s just awesome support and thanks everyone, really appreciate it . Thanks to Ron for his efforts bringing down from Sydney three fellow racers . Great to have Gregg back in the group . Always plenty of laughs with Gregg back . Great to see Clinton back for his second visit and new comer Ian . Ian said he was blown away by the size of the track and broadcast doesn’t do the track justice. A lot of heats and racing to get through but thanks to Ben we stayed well on time all finished by 10.30 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» MZ battles across all heats giving plenty of excitement. Ben continues his great form with another win . Pagey and Chris continue a very close battle week after week . Pagey in for second and Chris for third . Rods good runs also continued with a solid fourth . We had super Can Am next do I could get away and on the road to Coffs Harbour. Cam after his fantastic speed last week in Dunlop just continued on in Super . Lucky for us he had a few offs just to make us all feel better about our own efforts. Chris reversed the position over Pagey this time . Once again zero diff in results for us both . Great competition mate . Ben had a bad run in traffic and gave me a chance to get that bottom step . Very close to Ben in for fourth . Also a great drive by Mick in his first run in the big boy race . πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»Dunlop was a great run by Ron . That will have him up in Super class next week. Fantastic efforts Ron . Been very consistent for quite a few weeks . Second was Jason Belly and then Jamie for third . Sorry I missed the photos as I was going out the door . Also we had a couple of Birthdays Col and Ben . Gregg was very excited to break into song . πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks again Ben for running the show and closing up for me . Thanks everyone and do it all again next week. Cheers Pagey
  8. Thanks Ben . Out of my very limited abilities to post the photos today .
  9. Great night at the BullRing. We had 19 drivers in house ready to send Brooksy off. Well done to Brooksy who is off to start a new career as event organiser for the Phillip Island Raceway. We are positive he will kick goals in his new job . Melbourne will be very lucky to have him involved in the slotcar scene in Mexico also . First up we had our MZ class . Ben continues his speed out front with another very impressive drive to the top spot . Pagey found some speed but wasn’t in the hunt for the top step and only just getting over Chris who was very close for 3rd . Rodney continues his good form with a solid 4th. Ron also continues his good drives four 5th position. Dunlop we had a few big dogs in the fight . Chris , Cam and Brooksy ready to take it on . Unfortunately for his last hit out Brooksy had controller issues and retired early. Bummer ! Cam put on a master class showing speed that the computer couldn’t cope with πŸ§πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Breaking out and having 8 laps added to score at the end . That’s a sub 7.0 lap and truely fast . Chris was a solid 2nd place with slim Jim Jason Bell for 3rd . Super class was who was going to try and get close to Ben . He is driving at another level of late . Pagey again found some more speed from last week but still was well back from Ben . Rod continues his good form in the plafit classes for a solid 3rd . However it was a good chase by JJ , Troy and Clinton . All very close in the end . Serg showed good speed also and just needs to stich the race together to feature in the results . Great to welcome another racer from 1/32 world in Sydney. Clinton traveled down with Ron for a go at the BullRing. Getting a couple of 3rds in a few heats so great first up go Clint. Hopefully you will be back for another visit . We also celebrated Bens daughters 8th birthday. Kiannah is part of our weekly family and it was great to see her enjoy some cake . Same again next week and we hope we get Jim back soon . Missing you Pop and know how busy you have been with all your house sale etc . Cheers Pagey
  10. Great start to the new months classes. Plafit favourites MZ and Historic Can Am . Our older club members with experience in plafit coming to the front . Rodney having one of his best nights for quite awhile . Chris always fast in these classes also but a mixed bag of results with some drama in Can Am . Be warned next week he will be fast . Dunlop and Super had quite a few in diff places and racing was interesting. Nothing in 2nd to 4th in the super Can Am with less than 1/2lap between Rodney , JJ and Charles . Great stuff. The stand out drive was from Ben who in a first time car all but set a new distance record for Can Am . Also getting the double with a good win in MZ . Thanks also mate for running the night for us .
  11. Thanks Ben for running last night for me while I was under the weather. Glad everyone still had a goodnight .
  12. Bathurst at the BullRing MCN 2020 will be on the weekend of 18th - 20th September 2020 . Just before football finals and true Bathurst Supercar weekends. Put the date away in diary and start saving if your interstate. Tell your wife or partners now so you have no excuse. Full race program and details later . The race meeting will also be part of the new Australian Enduro series.
  13. Pagey

    2019 Slotfest

    I have finally got test results from Doctors. I do have influenza A . Bad shit and sorry to all . I hope that no one has caught it from me . Ben has managed to still be ok so far so here is hoping for all . Pagey πŸ˜·πŸ’€