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  1. Gday everyone, hope that all have had a good holiday and start to the New year. Looking at the calendar we will have a restart to our racing on Jan Thur 28th . At this stage we have no new restrictions for covid affecting our racing as we are not in a hot spot . However as we know things can change quickly and be out of our control with health advice . Of course if you are unwell or have been around others that have please think of your mates and don’t come along . Looking at last year’s schedule the classes to start year off are Slotworx V8 and Scaleauto Gt . It will be great to catch up with
  2. What a great way to finish off the year . The Christmas party night was awesome fun with plenty of laughs and racing . It was Fantastic to have Brooksy call in on his way home to join in the fun . We were also happy to have Jason Belly and Chris back for the night . Jim and Cam sent apologies but other than that we had a great roll up of 19 drivers including for the first time Miss Kiannah Ben’s daughter. Our first event was our novelty ping pong challenge. Drive a car around the track with a ball in a very small cradle. Fastest lap without losing the ball. It called on a very smooth driving s
  3. Don’t forget tomorrow night is our Bull Ring Xmas party and final night for the year. Looking forward to catching up and celebrating the end of this crazy year . A few mates that have been missing in action have also indicated they are coming to join in the fun .A Bbq and drinks along with plenty of fun race events throughout the night to spice things up . A few photos of last years fun . Cheers Pagey
  4. So it was the last night of club racing tonight. We will miss next week with other family commitments. Then we are back for our Xmas party and final night of the year . Really looking forward to a fun night with plenty of special events scheduled.Plus our club presentations for this weird year . Our final hit out with GT3 and Ben gave Pagey’ car a run . Cruising out front to the top step . Troy also in a Pagey car with a solid drive to lock in second . Serg then finding his way to 3rd place . The rest of the field was so close it was insane. Have a close look at the times between 3rd
  5. A Great nights racing and a pretty good role up of 15 to do battle . Serg went all out with a total strip back clean of the track . A massive effort on his part but really appreciated by our racers tonight . The grip giving some very close side by side racing with quality battles through out the field . GT3 was fast and furious. Bush man Jack back in town with plenty of speed to take a well deserved 1st place . Gregg continued his good form from last week’s win with a solid second place. JJ was next onto the podium , a bit of trouble in heat one with a broken lead wire so a good recovery drive
  6. So an update of the remaining Thursday nights for this forgettable year . Thursday the 10th Dec no racing due to other commitments. The following Thursday 17th will be our final and Xmas party night . Please let me know if you are coming or not on the 17th for catering purposes. Cheers Pagey
  7. A good nights racing again at the Bull Ring . Great to see Mick back after a break away . Numbers were down again for one reason or another. We split the first GT3 race into two heats but just made do with limited marshals for the FLM race to speed the night up . A very close race from the two heat winners with Clinton with a lap score of 122.7 and Rod with 122.4 in for second place. Charles making it a team Nissan double on the podium with 120.4 . Great drive Charles and well deserved. FLM was a survival test with limited marshals. Gregg had trouble early and found himself strapping into a P
  8. Huge thanks to Cam for giving up his Saturday and manufacturing a new rear to boat trailer. We are racing as normal tonight. Gt3 and FLM are the classes. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  9. Due to boat trailer repairs last nights racing was unfortunately canceled. Will try our best to have it back to normal next week but stay posted. Sorry Rod who somehow didn’t receive the message I sent out to the group . 🧐🤷‍♂️
  10. Race night again at the Bull Ring . A Great turn up of 15 racers to do battle . The first week of the months classes of GT 3 and FLM . Plenty of cobe webs being blown out and some tyres offering up low grip . Ian and Jack making the road trip up from the bush . It was Great to see them after the covid break extended there absence. Ian showed he hadn’t forgot his way around with a good win in GT3. Troy managed to get a ride in one of Jacks cars to get a second place . Pagey made it to the bottom step with Jack close behind . FLM was interesting with grip a bit rough on the gutter lanes . Ben w
  11. A good turn out tonight of 14 runners or was it 15 Ben ? 😂🤷‍♂️ Anyway it was good to see everyone enjoying the nights racing . This was the last week of 1/32 Aussie V8 and Pagey finally just got home in front of Ben by the smallest of margin. Bens motor lost its grunt and was running with a plug lead off . Clinton made it onto the podium just in front of Rod and Cam . The Slotworx Porsche was fast racing as always . We had some great racing but at times we had way to many stoppages. It was great to see the podium mixed up a bit with Cam taking the win with Rod having a good run to second with
  12. Another fun night at the Bull Ring. We had Darren join us from Dubbo this week . Giving himself his first hit out in two cars that Benno built for him. Both beautiful rockets of course. With Ian and Jack back in a couple of weeks we are certainly getting drivers prepared to drive a along way for a Bull Ring race night experience. It was also fantastic to see our club founder Jim back. We have certainly missed having him in the group, so it was great to see him and out on track again . 1/32 Aussie V8 class was our first class. Once again Ben’s black Mustang was a weapon. Taking a good win aga
  13. Great to have 12 runners tonight at the Bull Ring . We welcomed back Jules , Troy and Geoff . It was also good to have Team Nissan team principle Charles back after a crook back . Ben also making the trip down from the big smoke. Our Aussie V8 class was a lesson from Ben . Setting a new lap record and also a new distance record overall. His little black Mustang including its covering of dust was on fire . Pagey giving himself a big problem with a one lap penalty for a jump start . Al was to blame letting out a burp as the trigger finger was cocked and ready to let rip . Rodney had a good run t
  14. With the numbers at a all time low we still managed to have a fun night. Splitting the group into two we found it faster through the heats and able to covering marshal points. Results and a few photos of the night . Thanks for the track pack up at the end of the night also . Cheers Pagey
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