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  1. Gday everyone, I have posted out a email about the rest of this shit year and a proposed Christmas party Thursday night the 23dec if public health orders stay the same as now πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Hopefully we can all catch up for a few beers BBQ and plenty of laughs. Cheers Pagey
  2. Time again for a driver profile for the month. This time it’s a club mate who is very quiet. But always one of the first to be involved with his support for our club and national events . Clinton πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Half of the dynamic father and son duo of Team Nissan . With his Dad Charles they have been involved in supporting race meetings for the best part of the last decade. One of the Dapto originals before becoming solid members of Bull Ring family. Make no mistake with his quiet nature, Clinton is a very fast driver on track . At one stage catching the eye of club legend Cam to team up as part of the Slotworx factory team . A pressured position that Clinton handled with ease and posted some great results in a National race meet with Cam. If he wasn’t so courteous on the track he probably would have a lot more trophies but he is still a very fast driver . Always so well presented with the attention to detail of cars , tool box’s etc . Clinton and Charles also paint and detail their own cars. Plus they do all own chassis and tuning etc . Always have such a professional pit area with itemised and categorised parts and tools. Sometimes I’ve seen how competitive Clinton is with a part, or a set up failure and that is rare thing but with CHARLES getting the evil eye ! πŸ§πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Team Nissan is certainly one of our favourites here at the Bull Ring . Thanks for all you do for our club and being such fantastic ambassadors for the Bull Ring when you race away . Cheers Pagey
  3. Hang in Kim , I’m sure that it’s going to be a success. Looking forward to catching up with everyone when we can . Cheers Pagey
  4. Just a clarification on Slotworx classes we run at the Bull Ring . Garry Johnson who owns Slotworx and writes the national rules for these classes. We will continue to only follow the national rules set for Slotworx at the Bull Ring. Cheers Pagey
  5. Don’t forget to get your Touring car masters cars ready for the revamp of racing, it’s not a breakout class when we resume on track again. I have bodies here that some of you have ordered . We just need to go a covid safe pick up if your ready for a project.
  6. The other class to be introduced is another body swap. This time from Gt3 open chassis with 30k SRP with a Group C. Another great selection of bodies from Andrew and available from Werner at Ace Hobbies again . I have painted up 4 so far and the wheel base and width seems to be a straight forward body swap with no adjustment to chassis required. Should be a great class with great looking bodies. So next year we will have GT3, Can Am along with Group C and F1 80’s . Have fun with the builds and paint jobs . Once again please stay period correct with Patto offering plenty of choices. Cheers Pagey
  7. So unfortunately the Covid lockdown has become a much longer drawn out break then we all had hoped . Hopefully everyone is staying safe and not going bat crazy. Here is a few projects to help that you can get into during the break . We are going to introduce two new classes for next years race program.Both Simple body changes onto existing chassis just for a new look and experience. First up is the Formula 1 from 1980’s . Great looking cars that Andrew has produced. Our Qld friends have placed a modified 1/32 chassis under these bodies . However a simple swap onto a Can Am chassis is a better option for our club . The reasons being limited finances for some with more chassis upgrades or outright purchase being a stretch at the moment. We also did some testing with the 1/32 option and found it was easily damaged. With the front T plate being so far forward to get the wheel base required to suit the F1. I did talk to Andrew to see if he had experience damage to the t plates bending after a collision. He said that it hadn’t seen a problem with as yet. However with our group sometimes let’s say a bit crash happy . πŸ€”πŸ˜¬ I think the proven Can An chassis is a better fit for us . So the only changes from the Can Am rule set to adapt to our formula 1 will be wheel base and spur widths. Front spur 81mm Rear spur 82 mm Overall wheel base 127.5 mm I have some photos of a few cars we have build in testing using the Can Am chassis. Cam has tested both 1/32 and Can Am chassis under the F1 body and found the overall lap times very similar. Also a photo of the bent T plate that Cam unfortunately experienced . Cam has also made a masking kit for painting around the rear wing area, also wheel inserts and a material easily bent to make the roll bar hoop. Also he has plafit parts available if required. The bodies can be purchased from Werner at his Ace Hobbies web site or from Andrew. They come with a detailed driver that requires a seperate head . Plus a rear engine gearbox detail that is fitted to rear with mounting rubber . Patto has a good selection of relevant livery. Please try and stick to period correct. No fantasy please. Enjoy some painting and detailing in lockdown. Also in Qld rules it says to leave the lexan in front end area . Looking at photos of there cars I don’t think that has been happening. Cams car the Yellow Camel he has left in place and painted it black with front wishbone detail . I’m ok with either options also how much you detail front wing area . But the front wing must be retained.
  8. By the way , Serg was a non drinker before he meet me 🧐😬 Look at the number of beer drinking photos πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊ
  9. With no racing at the moment I thought I would keep the driver profiles coming for us to have something to look at . So this month the focus is on one of our newer members. I first meet Serg a few years ago at a neighbourhood street party . But when he was walking past my place with his dog about 4yrs ago and when he looked in my garage to see the track his dog was nearly decapitated with a sudden change of direction and him saying SLOTCARS πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Serg had raced at some of the Sydney tracks back in the 70s and 80s with his Son Steve . But when he saw the track in his own neighbourhood he was hooked again . Serg has been an absolute blessing helping me nearly every week with the track set up and pack up. When I have been lacking motivation he has just been so keen it’s infectious. What has been great is to watch is his continued up rise with his racing . He has been like a sponge taking in info and improving his results on a constant level . He loves doing his own car builds and set ups . In my opinion when you learn about cars and set up it also improves your driving . He is now very much one of the front runners every week here at the Bull Ring . A very fast but fair driver you can have a great race next to Serg and you certainly have to be on your A game with him next to you . His other loves are Surfing πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ and Caravanning. While I might have hit his budget with a few slotcars he has got me surfing and now a new caravan in my front yard . πŸ€”πŸ˜³I think he got the cheaper deal . πŸ™ˆ I’m very lucky to have made such an awesome new mate through Slotcars . I’m so lucky with all the mates I have made through our hobby all around the country. Thank you Serg for all you do for our club and looking forward to getting back to weekly racing when the virus 🦠 is again under control .
  10. So with a continued lockdown for the foreseeable future I thought I would have some fun with another driver profile.🏎 This bloke has been a club stalwart. One of the originals from Dapto and has lost more wheels while racing than anyone could in a life time . πŸ€”πŸ˜³. Rodney Clark or known as :- Captain Slow Captain Sticks, on some forums CEO, of your shit racing (YSR) thanks Chris Hey Dad, thanks Jules One of the best clubman you could have involved in any club . Rod always steps up when anything is required. He has helped out with organising and running race meetings and club racing . I first met Rod about 10yrs ago at Dapto. Back then Jimmy was running the show and Rod was helping out back then also . Rodney loves all forms of slotcars . He has his own track at home and even a Mobile track on a car trailer that he has taken to events etc . He towed it down for a Xmas party here at the Bull Ring before the Bull Ring was built . We had a great night with plenty of laughs as always . If a race meeting is on anywhere around the country you will probably bump into Rod . He supports and travels to most events . Great fun to go away with on a road trip with plenty of laughs and stories on every trip . On a trip to Melbourne one year we had a 10 hr drive ahead of us and 5min into trip we had to return to his place for Mr Dribble his pillow . Something his good mate Chris has never let him live down . He has had plenty of good race results also, proving that if the wheels stay on the car he can pedal a car around the track . He has also had a long membership with the Scalextric club . Enjoying another avenue in slotcars that’s just not all about racing. Word of warning though 🧐 don’t try and take his Scalextric hat 🧒. Chris did it one night and it wasn’t a pretty outcome πŸ™ˆ Thanks Rod for being one of the back bones of our club . Really appreciate your mateship and help .
  11. To be honest Kim , Cam had me at beer 🍺. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
  12. So unfortunately racing is canceled this week due to restrictions on numbers at a house . πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜·πŸ‘πŸ» Stay safe and be back when we are able again .
  13. So we have an update from NSW health and it requires us to wear mask inside while we race this week . I have sent a PM to our racers and I’m waiting on responses from all to make a decision if we race . Cheers Pagey
  14. So it’s been quite awhile since we have had a weekend event at the Bull Ring . With all the restrictions etc causing the cancellation of last years race calendar . This event is aimed at local racers but we welcome interstate racers to join us if your interested. As the event name is Bathurst, the classes are aimed to imitate a true Bathurst race weekend. A mixture of support classes run as sprints. All the classes are individual with the exception of that being the V8 Supercars. These will be the main event for the weekend. It will be a two or three man teams race. This will be raced as a Mini Enduro and we will revamp our Slotworx trophy from years past at Dapto. That’s where Cam dreamed up and first released the Slotworx V8 super cars . A point score will run across the weekend to crown our Bathurst champion. Date of event 25-26th Sep Cost is $10 per class per man 1/ Aussie race cars 1/32 $10 SRP 20 Individual sprint 2min brackets 2/ Slotworx utes. $10 SRP 25 12/44 Individual sprint 2min brackets 3/ Touring car masters. $10 SRP 25 Any 1/24 plafit chassis Open gearing 11volts Individual sprint 2 min brackets 4/ Slotworx Porsche. $10 SRP 25 long 13/44 Individual sprint 2min brackets 5/ GT3 open $10 SRP 30 13/44 Individual sprint 4min brackets 6/ V8 Slotworx Supercar. $10 per driver SRP 25 12/44 2 or 3 man teams 12min heats Please nominate if your interested and also teams thanks . Looking forward to racing and catching up . A social event at local club for Saturday night also scheduled. Cheers Pagey
  15. Bull Ring driver profile. Im going to do a bit of a fun look at our club mates. The aim is to profile one bloke every month so others can get to know our club mates and to understand who’s who in the zoo. We are so very lucky with the mates we have fun with each and every week here at the Bull Ring . Yes we have plenty of different personalities but we always have fun. We don’t have much agro and plenty of stirring is standard stuff. We do have plenty of good quality racing and it’s always a challenge to achieve a podium every time on track . This month and first up is Jamie Clarke Also known as the sugar ant 🐜. Because of his love of anything chocolate or sweet . 🀀 He is also the rainbow 🌈 warrior on track due to his very colourful paint jobs. Jamie started at Dapto as most of us did . I remember him standing and watching for about a month before he decided to get involved on track . Good friends with JJ he was just taking it all in before he decided to strap into a car . Jamie has been a constant and regular driver every week from then on . πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»A really good club man, Jamie helps by painting cars and tuning chassis for those who struggle with painting in particular. Make no mistake he is a tough driver on track with the right package. His racing has him one of the fast blokes in the pack from time to time.🏎 We normally have a point score system running two seperate series at once. A Dunlop series and Super series. It is a promotion and relegation type arrangement. This runs when our club numbers are stronger . Covid etc has affected numbers this year so we are not running Dunlop series at the moment. Last year Jamie won the Dunlop trophy and was crowned series champion . πŸ†Thanks mate for all that you do in our club . It’s great to have you involved. πŸ₯‡ Cheers Pagey
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