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  1. Another good nights racing at the BullRing last night . Back for week 2 of Slotworx V8 and Scaleauto GT. With 17 runners in house there was plenty of battles on track . Chris continues his good start to the year with his second win in V8. Ben had a interesting run with plenty of hits along the way. Some nights the trouble finds you in every turn. Pagey and JJ had another good race all the way to the line . Pagey just getting the bottom step on podium by the smallest of margins. Our grid for Dunlop and Super was set as a result of last weeks accumulated lap score . With not much between the two groups we are testing this format to see how it goes . The top 8 score get the run in the next weeks Super grade . This is only the score of the laps in race two on the night and not the first race that has all runners in . Dunlop Scaleauto race we had plenty of nice racing . Captain with some early troubles with controller had plenty of car speed and pushed hard to get back to the top . Good drive Rod and see you in Super next week. Charles was right at the top for most of the race but finishing on red lane was just run down by Jason on the Bell lap to claim second . That also should see Jason with a ticket to Super class next week . Super was as always fast with everyone pushing the Scaleauto’s hard . Pagey finally got a win over Ben with JJ again fast to top of the podium . Serg with his lap count will drop back to Dunlop next week. Don’t forget about the advertised race dates for Aust and NSW Enduro series. It will be good to support these series and I can vouch for the fun had at away races . Also only a few weeks until Hornsby shoot out . A few cancellations has a few drivers looking for team mates so if you are not in a team and would like to be involved let me know . Thanks as always to Ben for race director and posting results. Cheers Pagey
  2. Team name Bullring Pagey Benno Outter Towners Ian. Jack Stallions. JJ. Veto Sugar ants Jamie. Serg Team Nissan. Clinton Charles Brothers Jules. Troy Monster. Chris. Name ? Geoff
  3. NSW Enduro series This series will be run at the BullRing over three Saturday’s throughout 2020. Running three classes, Scaleauto GT Slotworx Porsche GT 3 Each Enduro will be approximately 2hrs duration. All run as two man teams. One member of the team must be involved in all three races to qualify the team for overall series results. All classes will be run to National rules. No hand out motors but all motors must clearly show manufacturing marks. Dates Mar 14th Aug 1st Nov 28th Cost of the event is $10 per man per class . Drinks will be available for purchase but no food . Please nominate team members along with a team name if interested. Cheers Pagey
  4. Great to be back racing at the Bull Ring last night . We have a few away with holidays etc and Rodney is under fire threat at the moment. We hope it is brought under control or even better we get heaps of rain . The night had two all in races to determine the starting grid for next week . A change in the format this year for Dunlop and Super series. The previous weeks lap accumulation will determine if you are in Dunlop or Super . First race was our Slotworx V8. Chris drawing first blood for the year with a good drive to the top step . Fantastic to see Jim back in good health and back on the podium for a solid second . Clinton also very consistent as always rounded off the podium. Scaleauto GT next up and it was Ben with a dominant win . Pagey with a three car effort with two pinion failures. Troy with a great come back after a car failure in race one to claim the bottom step on podium. Thanks to Ben for race director, results and point score post . Looking forward to a great year at the BullRing with plenty of racing . Same classes next week . Stay safe with all the fires 🔥
  5. NSW Enduro series Scaleauto GT Slotworx Porsche GT3 Rnd 1 14th Mar Rnd 2. 1st. Aug Rnd 3. 28th Nov All on a Saturday running the 3 Enduros of around a 2hr duration each . All classes as per National rules . A good lead into the new Aust series running the same classes in Vic , Qld and here at the Bull Ring . Intetested so far Ben Pagey Charles. Clinton JJ Jamie Serg Ian. Jack Chris Troy. Jules Geoff So it appears we have interest even with most still away on Holidays etc .
  6. Happy New Year to all the Bullringers . Hope everyone has had a good start to the year and is safe with all the fires . We are contemplating running a NSW Enduro series very similar to the Successful Qld series. The format would be 3 classes of Scaleauto , Slotworx Porsche and GT3. All classes run to National rules and of a 2hr mini Enduro. Two man teams over a 3 - 4 race meet series depending on interest and availability of dates . Would be a good start to get us into the new Aust series also . Please give feedback of interest. Cheers Pagey
  7. At this stage Ian it’s as follows to my understanding. Slotworx is by Garry GT3 is by Andrew as he produces the bodies and thought of the class . Plafit Is Werner as importer etc Scaleauto. Is Werner at the moment In my option National rules should never be diverted from at major race meetings. I do agree that GT3 could be made faster and Ben has started another thread to see other racers views . The big tracks of River City , Hallam, Hornsby and Bullring show that the open chassis are clearly able to handle the speed . Cheers Pagey
  8. What a great night to end off the year at the BullRing. Thanks to all my club mates for making it such a fantastic year. Big thanks again to Ben for all his work with running computer etc . Also to Brooksy for earlier in the year and Serg for track set ups . Have a awesome Christmas and safe New Years and we will be back January 9th with Slotworx V8 and Scaleauto. Cheers Pagey
  9. Dunlop and super series awards ready along with Christmas mug and time trial tester . Looking forward to a fun night .
  10. Bugger I have got strawberry cruisers for you 🍹🍹👠 . Have a great Christmas mate and thanks for the support. 🤓
  11. The Christmas Beer mug will be what we race for this week. Full of beer of course. Perpetual trophy that I will get winners plates added every year . 👍🏻🍺😂
  12. One of the fun challenges, fastest lap time in a min without the ball falling out.
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