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  1. Another fun night at the Bull Ring. We had Darren join us from Dubbo this week . Giving himself his first hit out in two cars that Benno built for him. Both beautiful rockets of course. With Ian and Jack back in a couple of weeks we are certainly getting drivers prepared to drive a along way for a Bull Ring race night experience. It was also fantastic to see our club founder Jim back. We have certainly missed having him in the group, so it was great to see him and out on track again . 1/32 Aussie V8 class was our first class. Once again Ben’s black Mustang was a weapon. Taking a good win aga
  2. Great to have 12 runners tonight at the Bull Ring . We welcomed back Jules , Troy and Geoff . It was also good to have Team Nissan team principle Charles back after a crook back . Ben also making the trip down from the big smoke. Our Aussie V8 class was a lesson from Ben . Setting a new lap record and also a new distance record overall. His little black Mustang including its covering of dust was on fire . Pagey giving himself a big problem with a one lap penalty for a jump start . Al was to blame letting out a burp as the trigger finger was cocked and ready to let rip . Rodney had a good run t
  3. With the numbers at a all time low we still managed to have a fun night. Splitting the group into two we found it faster through the heats and able to covering marshal points. Results and a few photos of the night . Thanks for the track pack up at the end of the night also . Cheers Pagey
  4. A Great night of fun at the Bull Ring tonight . It was awesome to have Ben back in the group tonight. COVID has made it very difficult to have everyone involved so it was really great to have our mate back . It was a change of classes for the start of the month with our 1/32 Aussie V8 back along with Slotworx Porsche Cup cars . JJ was the fastest out of the blocks with a great win in the Aussie V8’s . Rodney also showing good form for a good second, with Gregg very close for the bottom step of the podium. The Porsche was a good hit out between Ben and Pagey. With plenty of stoppages affectin
  5. So a huge thanks to Serg today for helping me align the track to enable me to get my boat and cars back in the garage when we pack up on a Thursday night . A couple of more segments off and that’s it . Makes the boss much happier 👩🏼😘
  6. Fun night at the Bull Ring . It was great to see Vito back in the group tonight for a hit out . Tonight was the final run for our current classes of MZ and Can Am . Clinton has been the man to beat in Can Am, so the pressure was on to stop a clean sweep for the team Nissan driver . Pagey and JJ with a sum what clean run got the job done . Clinton did enough to stay on the bottom step of the podium though . It was a Great series for Clinton . MZ it was Rodney keeping the pressure on Pagey all the way but he was just unable to reel him in. Next month it’s a return of 1/32 Aussie V8 and Porsche
  7. So another fun night of racing with our face masks on . Our numbers are still down but it’s great to be racing again regardless. It was good to see Cam back also tonight .The MZ class was a start stop affair with limited marshals not helping . The Can Am race was much better with close lap times and overall laps . One bracket catching all the group out with a jump start, thanks JJ 🙈🤷‍♂️😂 So with the one lap penalty as a result it was hard to take for few . 😤😭A few photos and results. Note the double thumbs up celebration from Clinton for the back to back wins in Can Am . 👍🏻👍🏻Nice driving ma
  8. So after another extended lay off from racing because of the virus and government restrictions we are back with a few changes . With the aim to keep everyone safe and to follow the guidelines for Covid we implemented our new race nights. Temp checks on entry , questioned on health and if you have been anywhere near a known hot spot . Use of alcohol hand gel and face masks. Spread out in pit area and try and minimise contact with one another. Everyone was happy to comply and we had no complaints. The numbers were down with only 9 runners but we had a fun night . We also had very sad news that
  9. Another good turn up of 14 drivers tonight. Great to welcome back club stalwart Rodney after his ball joint replacement. Ian also making the trip up from the bush solo this time, without Jack . We lost Gregg this week with a knee infection laying in hospital. One too many jokes about Rodney’s leg 🦵 maybe coming back to haunt him possibly? Racing was fast but with plenty of stoppages tonight unfortunately causing plenty of trouble. Mick had a newly painted body for FLM from Jamie’s paint shop . Looking very nice until a full on front end shunt shortened it up 😬🤬 Luckily it popped out but driver
  10. We had 14 runners tonight at the Bull Ring . It was fast racing with these classes of GT3 and FLM . Plenty of laughs as as always especially with Gregg. It was great to see Jason Belly back tonight , racing and catching up after the lockdown. I Also caught up with Jim at Bunnings today and he also is going ok 👍🏻 The return of Rodney next week is looking likely with his recovery after surgery going well . 👍🏻 Jack and Ian are planning a road trip up from the bush next week so it will be good to have them back also . Fingers crossed that we don’t get the second wave of virus like our Mexican fri
  11. Fun continued at Bull Ring last night . A good turn out of 15 runners with a welcome return of Ben. Change of classes for the start of the month with two club favourites GT3 and FLM . Plenty of speed in both classes with some very close racing . These classes are so good with the ability to race side by side at pace . Some of the first corner action off the starts was insane with 8 cars full noise side by side without touching a testament to how good these classes are. Always plenty of laughs throughout the night with everyone enjoying race nights again . Thoughts go out to Rodney recovering f
  12. Another great nights racing with awesome mates . Looking forward to catching up with others still away soon . Chris praying 🙏🏻 for a clean race 😂😂😂 photo 2
  13. Great to be back last night . Really awesome to catch up with great mates and enjoy racing plus plenty of laughs throughout the night . Gregg was on fire with plenty of funny stuff coming from him . We managed 13 runners so not a bad number for the restart . Our thoughts also go out to Rodney recovering from a new ball joint in his hip . Also very sad news that Jules lost his Dad unexpectedly last night . Condolences mate to you and family . Ben had a senior moment locking his keys in house so missed out on the return to racing . Rest assured he is coming back as all his RC paint jobs as not t
  14. So after the shut down and virus restrictions I’m looking at starting racing again on the 18th June . Hopefully everyone has stayed safe and healthy throughout this time . I know it’s been very tough for a few in our group so it will be great to get back , catch up, plus racing again . The classes will remain the same as planed for June being Scaleauto and Slotworx V8 . Looking forward to seeing everyone. Please don’t come if you’re sick or been around others that are sick just to be cautious. I also have new neighbours so think about considerate parking please. Cheers Pagey
  15. Ok so a unfortunate news update for the BullRing. As most of you know our son has battled serious illness in the past . Even with Doctors advice we don’t want to test his new immune system out with this virus . We have made the decision to keep him home from school for the next while just to be safe . So the knock on is that no racing for the next while until all this stuff settles down . Hopefully we can get back to normal weekly activity very soon . Hope everyone understands and stays healthy. Two years of great fun so far just placed on hold . Sorry Pagey
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