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  1. thanx pagey and family for letting us come to your place on a weekly basis and let us race on the awesome bull ring track and also a big thanks to ben and brooksy. i would also like to thank the members of the club for an awesome year of racing and laughs.merry christmas to everyone and have a safe and happy new year. i hope to see you all again next year and maybe get some interstate drivers would be nice to.
  2. Jamie

    New racers

    hi darren welcome to the fun,excitment and great matemanship of the 1/24 racing
  3. here is a couple of have done with my own decals
  4. here is a v8 sedan and ute i have done with my own decals.
  5. Jamie

    Show us your GT 3

    here is a couple of gt3's that i have done with my own decals
  6. hi pagey thanks for adding serge and myself (sugar ant) for this awesome racing weekend,cant wait to catch up with everyone,this is trully an awesome track to race on and a lovely bunch of guys to be associated with.
  7. Jamie

    WheelArch Jigs

    can i have some to plz benno,1 of each set. sugar ant
  8. here are some pics of my latest paint job
  9. here are some pics from the weekend,happy for anyone to add pics MVI_2898.MOV MVI_2899.MOV MVI_2900.MOV MVI_2903.MOV MVI_2949.MOV MVI_2950.MOV
  10. Great tutorial pagey it really helped in the building process,here are a few bodies that I have painted
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