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  1. Was great to be racing again and see everyone ! Thanks Glen and Serg for setup can't wait for the new classes. If anyone needs a hand building a new car please let me know.
  2. Hi Gary, i just need 2 x sets . Thanks yet again cheers Jules
  3. Does anyone have a set of these Slotfabrik body mounts? cheers Jules
  4. Hi guys I am after any old or second hand 1/24th chassis e g, slotworx,plafit parma to put a lexan body on,to use for the kids on my house track . Thank you
  5. Due to circumstances beyond my control,Team Brothers have had to pull out
  6. i cant make it thursday, give troy my sausage im sure he will know what to do with it
  7. I am setting up a new slot car workshop bench and found these at Kmart for display and organising and very cheap!! The one with the three levels you can display cars on
  8. Great event at the Bullring.Would like to thank Glenn and his family for his commitment,time and effort and yet again a wonderful event, Brooksy for a great job organising everyone (not an easy job at all),Cam,Axeman,Jimmy, Benno, and my team mate Foxy!! .All the racers for clean and fair driving and a good bit of banter thrown in. We are a very lucky to have a club and track like this! Thanks again Jules.R
  9. For those of you who have not raced here you will not be disappointed. Great atmosphere, great track, lots of fun and close racing. We are very lucky as a club to have this track so close to home and should be proud of Glen and the time that goes into it. As Molly says "Do yourself a favour"
  10. All cars prepped and ready,can't wait to catch up with friends and have some close and fun racing! 👍🏁🎉🍺
  11. Thanks stevo it keeps me sane 😂👍🏁
  12. Thanks Kev,are you going to Hornsby?
  13. Thanks for all your help Cam and your vision.👍🏻✌️🏎
  14. All thanks to your tips my friend.
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