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  1. Springbok Racer

    Controller Plugs - Standardisation

    Just a quick update on this. The Narangba, BVR and Ecurie Elite.au tracks have all been changed over. So all our interstate visitors will now be able to use their controllers as is. Cheers, JanR
  2. Springbok Racer

    Controller Plugs - Standardisation

    Hi Mark, From what I have been told, Kim is the reason why all the tracks in Queensland ended up being different in the first place......just saying.....wink, wink....LOL Anyway, good that we are all eventually going to find common ground with this. Cheers, JanR
  3. Springbok Racer

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    Congratulations to all the TQ'ers and Podium-getters..... and the King himself, NOEL. JanR
  4. Thanks Rod, I realise the results file will have the complete picture - was only interested in the screen display. So Benno; are you saying that the screen display can include historical data, like all the lane records for that class (even if it is quite small)? I keep a printout in my shed of all the various lane by class and race by class records, but it will be nice to have it displayed/updated after every race. How about having a race record by class per minute of racing - that way you can change the race duration and still have a comparable race record by class? BTW on Garry's program we do have minimum lap times, which simply voids the short laps. Cheers, JanR
  5. Hi Pagey, I love the final screen display on your race program. Are the two records at the bottom from historical data or from racing on the night? Is it possible to display lap records by individual lane colour for all the lanes? Cheers, JanR
  6. Springbok Racer

    2018 - OAPR LMP

    Hi guys, The 2019 rules for this class are now locked in. Enjoy your racing. Cheers, JanR
  7. Springbok Racer

    Show us your GT 3

    ...oh bugger, never thought about that 🤔
  8. Springbok Racer

    2018 - OAPR LMP

    Hi guys, Trust you have all had a great Xmas. The 2019 rules have been posted and locked. If however anyone still have a contribution to make before the end of 2018, please do so here and it will be considered for inclusion in 2019. Regards, JanR
  9. Springbok Racer

    2019 - OAPR LMP

    ALL CHANGES FROM 2018 TO 2019 ARE SHOWN IN RED The 2019 OAPR LMP Specifications V1.0 - (acknowledging its origin being the 2012 OEPS Guidelines)OAPR – Open Australian Prototype Racing1. DESCRIPTIONAny true 1/24 scale representation of a 1/1 LMP (Le Mans Prototype) car that has raced in the American Le Mans Series or the European Le Mans Series or the World Endurance Championship between 2008 and 2018All liveries must be of scaled down 1:1 appearance, however colour combinations and liveries from other modern (year 2000 to present) race cars may be used.The Oreca Racing 'FLM' Formula Le Mans car is not classified as LMP1 or LMP2 in either the LMS or ALMS and therefore is not permitted to run in the OAPR. However, the Oreca 03 as raced in 2014 in LMP2 is allowed to run.2. WEIGHTS and MEASUREMENTS2.01 Minimum total weight: 150.00 grams2.02 Maximum front spur: 83.00 mm2.03 Maximum rear spur: 83.00 mm2.04 Minimum ground clearance at the start of the race: 1.00 mm (Competitors are encouraged to start at 1.4mm when using motorbox type chassis).2.05 Minimum ground clearance during and after the race: 0.40 mm (Event organizers may enforce a higher minimum during racing - provided competitors are made aware of this prior to official practice).2.06 Minimum front rim outer diameter: Ø21.00 mm.2.07 Minimum front wheel starting diameter at the start of the race: Ø25.00 mm2.08 Minimum front wheel width 6.00 mm2.09 Minimum front rim width 6.00 mm2.10 Minimum width of front tyre contact area 6.00 mm2.11 Maximum front wheel camber angle: 3.00°2.12 Minimum rear rim outer diameter: Ø21.00mm.2.13 Minimum rear wheel starting diameter at the start of the race: Ø 26.50 mm.2.14 Maximum rear wheel diameter at any time: Ø 27.50 mm.2.15 Rear wheel width and contact area always 13.00 mm – minimal rounding of edges are allowed.2.16 Maximum width of main chassis plate: 78mm (On motorbox type chassis the front edges of the main chassis plate should be rounded off to prevent digging into track surfaces during excessive compression).3. MOTOR, GEAR AND PINION3.01 The race motor may only be a long can (FK-180). Any 25000 or 30000 rpm variant may be used, but event organisers MUST specify the exact motor before an event. Motors may not be opened and must have positive identification on the can itself, motors with wrappers must have these wrappers removed so that the can identification is visible.3.02 The spur gear is fixed at 44T M50 pitch.3.03 The M50 pinion gear is completely open and left to the driver to decide - event organisers may NOT specify this at all.4. CHASSISNB! - The chassis is completely open provided it adheres to the specifications in these regulations. You may use any commercially available chassis, mix parts from various chassis, modify any part of the chassis as you see fit and even build your own chassis.4.01 Only one part of the chassis that is allowed to enter the track slot, and this part may not have a longer contact area than 27 mm.4.02 Differentials are not allowed.4.03 Magnets are only present in the motor, and are not allowed anywhere else on/in the chassis.4.04 Chassis must have vertical movement, some of which must be sprung for suspension purposes.4.05 All chassis assembly must be by means of bolts and nuts, no self-threading screws, solder or glue may be used.4.06 The motor cannot be affixed to the chassis with solder.4.07 Minimum and maximum wheelbase must always be centred within the front and rear wheel arches of homologated bodies. Here is a list of all the currently homologated bodies and some of the wheelbases:- Acura LM (112.2mm)- Aston Martin AMR One LM- Audi R10 (122.3mm)- Audi R15 (124.5mm)- Audi R18 (121.3mm)- Lola Aston Martin Coupe LM (118.9mm)- Lola B10 LM (112.2mm)- Lola B12 Coupe LM- Oreca 03 LMP2- Pescarola (115.2mm)- Peugeot 908 Coupe LM (120.8mm)- Porsche RS Spyder LMP2 (117.3mm)- Porsche 919 LMP1 - V2 (2016)5. WHEELS & INSERTS5.01 FRONT WHEELS5.11 The front wheels must make contact with the track or techblock over the full 6 mm, or more.5.12 The use of cambered front wheels does not void in any way the rule regarding the minimum diameter, or the rule regarding the contact surface with the track or the tech block.5.13 Front wheel diameter for cambered front wheels will be measured at the largest present diameter, which has to be respecting rule REAR WHEELS5.2.1 Rear wheels are always Scale Auto ProComp 3 or Plafit rubber - both being 'Black Magic'. If handout tyres are used, the event organiser must specify the brand and the size when announcing the event. Tyre dressing of any kind is not allowed during the official practice, qualifying or during the race. The race tyres may only be cleaned using tape or Shellite supplied by the OAPR/race organization.5.03 SPUR5.3.1 None of the wheels may be visible when viewing the assembled car from above. Spur will be measured over the complete rims left and right, including wheel inserts.5.04 WHEEL INSERTS5.4.1 All 4 wheels of the car must be fitted with 3-dimensional (flat sheet or photo edged not allowed) wheel inserts, resembling the wheels of the real 1:1 car, during the entire race duration6. BODY & ACCESORIES6.01 Only vacuum formed 15 thou clear bodies are allowed. Provided these bodies have been homologated by the OAPR organisers.6.02 MATERIAL6.21 Body must be manufactured and/or assembled from one or more of the following materials: PVC, PET, PETG or Lexan.6.22 The exterior of the body has to accurately represent the 1/1 car. This is to the discretion of the scrutineers to judge(s). No widened, stretched, flattened or smoothed silhouette style bodies will be allowed.6.23 The same materials are allowed for the interior, windows etc., rear wing, diffuser and small add-on parts. Lexan is allowed for a rear vertical aero wing e.g. 2011 Peugeot 908, etc. All wing mounts must be the correct shape and can be made from rubber or lexan.6.24 The body must cover all chassis and axle parts, so that no chassis part or axle part is visible when the car is viewed from above. This also includes the guide or any part thereof.6.03 BODY INTERIOR6.31 Interior must contain at least the following 3-dimensional items:Dashboard (optional).Steering wheel,Painted driver figure with arms and legs,Painted head/helmet combination in a hard plastic material.6.04 BODY EXTERIOR6.41 Bodies must be equipped with:Front windshield and side windows if existing on the 1/1 race carFront splitter if existing on the 1/1 race carRear spoiler /wing (may be made from flat sheet)Rear view mirror(s) (optional)Wiper (s) (optional)Rear diffuser (optional)Light inserts. (These are the plastic moldings that fit behind the outer light lenses and are normally mounted inside the body).7. LIGHTS. (Optional during the day, but compulsory during night races).7.01 If functioning lights are installed then these lights must be installed (even during day racing) in their original 1/1 positions on the car.7.02 Front lights: minimum two lights in total, one left, one right, yellow or white color, bright beam.7.03 Rear lights: minimum two lights in total, one left, one right, red color, diffuse light.7.04 Cars must always be fitted with light inserts even if no actual lights are fitted.8. NOTES.8.01 No working on cars during lane changes or track calls. All work on cars must be done during racing.8.02 Any part bigger than 20mm (wheel insert size and bigger) that come off the car, must be put back on the car in it's original position. Tape may be used to do this. 8.03 If working lights are installed and any corner of the car loses light during racing, then the lights must be fixed during racing. THESE REGULATIONS ARE LOCKED FOR 2019. THE ONLY CHANGES FROM NOW ON WILL BE WHEN NEWLY RELEASED BODIES HAVE BEEN HOMOLOGATED FOR INCLUSION IN THESE REGULATIONS OR WHEN ANY SPECIFIC COMMERCIAL PART IS REPLACED BY THE MANUFACTURER WITHOUT NOTICE. THESE AMENDMENTS (if required) WILL ONLY TAKE PLACE AT THE END OF MARCH, JUNE AND SEPTEMBER 2019. THESE TYPES OF CHANGES WILL ALWAYS BE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY TO EVERYONE RACING IN AUSTRALIA - AVAILABILITY ON THE WWW WILL BE CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE.Please keep an eye on the discussion section of this forum for any developments that may impact on possible regulation changes.
  10. Springbok Racer

    Show us your GT 3

    Hi guys, Yes I know - it's not a GULF livery. But it is my new Lambo for 2019. Cheers, JanR
  11. Springbok Racer

    Ecurie Elite.au Club Racing Rules

    Hi guys, It was suggested that I display our basic club racing rules online for easy reference by anyone racing at EE.au. Updates will be done as and when required. This first post will be the one to watch and visit when you need to have sight of our latest rules. Please read the notes at the bottom when familiarizing yourself with the rules. Here we go: 2019 (version 1.3 effective 1st Oct 2019) WEIGHTS FRT WHLS RR WHLS GEARING G/CL SPUR POLR CLASS NOTE CHASSIS BODY/TOT DIA/WIDTH DIA/WIDTH RTIO/MTR MIN FRT/RR DIST V8's * Slotworx N/A/150 25.0/7.0 25.0/13.0 Open/SRP20 1.0 79/81 Fixed GrpC ** Homolg AB/145 23.0/7.0 26.0/16.0 12:44/SRP25 1.0 Body Open LMP ***** National Nat/150 25.2/6.0 26.5/13.0 Nats/****** 1.0 83/83 Open NOTES: * Please note this class allows the use of both SCA AND Plafit wheels and tyres. It also uses only the SRP20 motor with open gearing. ** Homologated chassis with no motorbox using only the SRP25. ***** Run exactly as per National Rules for OAPR LMP. ****** We use the NSR25Evo motor. GENERAL: All our classes are scale model cars - so no painted yogurt cups. Liveries must be as per the specific class rule, but always within the spirit of scale modelling. Wheel inserts are compulsory. AB refers to Andrew Bartholomew and 'Nat' means National. Where stated; weights refer to minimum, diameters refer to minimum and widths; for front wheels to minimum, whilst for rear wheels and spur, to maximum. You may use Scaleauto Procomp3 wheels and tyres as well as Plafit RTR wheels and tyres. You may also re-rubber your rims using either brand as both are the same.You are allowed to harden the front tyres. No car may ever run below 1.0mm ride height. The track gauges (on the main straight) are set to 0.9mm. If your car touch these gauges, please remove it and set a higher ground clearance. It is therefor suggested that you aim to start racing with more than 1.0mm clearance. Your comments and questions are welcome. JanR
  12. Springbok Racer

    Plastic Pinions

    Foxy, For plastic pinions; roughten up the shaft and the hole in the pinion (I use a small diamond triangular file) then drop RED thread lock into the pinion hole (don't get any on the teeth of the pinion, but if you do, wipe it off as soon as you've fitted the pinion). Put a little thread lock on the shaft (but only on the tip - you want to make sure that you don't get any into the can bush). Press the shaft into the pinion while it is sitting on a solid surface (with the thread lock in the hole). Wipe off any excess thread lock and leave pinion to dry over night. I have plastic opinions fitted like this, that have been on race cars for more than two years. However, I will never use a plastic pinion on an endurance car. Plastic pinions generally come-off due to the shaft getting very hot and then slipping inside the pinion. Cheers, JanR
  13. Springbok Racer

    2018 - OAPR LMP

    Hi guys, So after we have used these rules for the past year, may I suggest that we continue to use them as is and unchanged for 2019 again. Let me know your thoughts and I will improve them if required. But please, input from actual participants in this class will be appreciated. All the best wishes for the festive season and may 2019 bring you all record pace and podiums in abundance. JanR
  14. Springbok Racer

    Tyre and ride height

    Pagey and Kim, I actually agree with you both - just not with your reasoning to change the rules. If a car runs lower than 1.0mm it could damage the track and that is exactly why Andrew, Mark and myself run track height gauges. And yes Pagey, when a car hit these gauges it is too low and must be sorted out before it will run again on our track. So then Kim, that is why when you run a car with a motorbox, it should run at least 1.2 to 1.4mm high for the motorbox to work and also not damage the track. Remember the rule states the minimum ride height and do not state a maximum. However, if you run a non-motorbox car (allowed under the rules) it can easily run at 1.0mm height without damage to the track. Basically it all come down to building our cars to fit the rules (and track owner requirements), not change the rules to fit our cars. Enough said from my side. JanR
  15. Springbok Racer

    Tyre and ride height

    Pagey, Like I said above....or ...just build your cars with more ride height or run harder springs or don't use a motor box or make yourself a new chassis..... My track also have elevation changes and I run track gauges for a 1.0mm minimum ride height. JanR