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  1. BrettC

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Your probably right, but it is what it is, and marshals don’t change the way they marshal, no matter how much drivers wish it.
  2. BrettC

    River City 12 hour Enduro

    Totally agree Pagey! no need to deal with marshaling below you expectations if you don’t crash.
  3. BrettC

    2019 Slotfest

    Greg’s already talked me in to teaming up again.
  4. BrettC

    Tapered Washers - Axle Alignment Tool

    No problems, I should also say, well worth the money!
  5. BrettC

    2019 HSC Endurance Championships

    GT3 Greg Brett FLM Garage Heroes Brett, Greg Porshe Cup Greg, Brett, tba, tba.
  6. BrettC

    NSW Endurance Championships

    Kim, can’t reply to your Tyre diameter/ride height thread. Greg and myself will be back at Hornsby next year, and I’ll leave the details to others.
  7. BrettC

    Hallam V8 Bathurst race

    You might be right, I just looked at total race time. My bad! ive removed that sentence.
  8. We had our Bathurst race Saturday evening, a small field but fast lap times. track was in much better condition than it was for the SlotFest race. this time we ran Fox 4’s.
  9. BrettC

    Slot Fest

    Agree 100%! And a 1mm ride height tech tool will touch both the tech board and the chassis on a car with 1mm ride height.
  10. BrettC

    APC 2018

    I’ve heard that the track will be cleaned and prepped before the event. and will be run in the other direction.
  11. BrettC

    T-Nuts/Sleeves & Collars

    Get some of his tapered spacers while your at it.
  12. BrettC

    Slot Fest

    Having said that, at the end of the day, it was the same for everybody, tech wise, and the judges decision is final. other than that it’s just an excuse for not doing well, and the real reason is closer to home for me. as for the timing, I ran one of those green red fox guides and didn’t have a problem in my LMP. so can’t comment on that.
  13. BrettC

    Slot Fest

    You forgot, 1.1 is the new 1 mm. i always thought if you put a 1 mm check tool in a 1 mm gap you would have it touching both surfaces, but no you need a gap. oh well from now on my cars will be set at 1.1mm.
  14. BrettC

    Slot Fest

    Pagey, things just didn't go to plan. had a very quick Porsche a Cup Car, but during the first heat Greg got tangled in someone else's accident, and it moved something in the chassis, when I drove it in the second heat the T plate locked in the " up " position as it loaded up coming out of the hairpin to go over the bridge. did that a couple of times, the got sent into the wall and bent the T plate enough to have the front wheels sitting about 5 mm off the track, by then we were over 50 laps down, so we pulled the car out of the race. my fault for crappy chassis building and car prep. ScaleAuto was a race we were lucky to come second, unlucky not to win it, considering our car was a rider into the wall off the top of the bridge twice, but then I also drove like a muppet in the last heat which was the real reason we didn't win it, and Jason and Chis drove flawlessly. SlotWorx V8 race went bad when Gregs car was knocked back in scrutineering, and instead of fixing it we just decided to use my car, which was difficult to drive, and was driven badly, ended up on the floor, then I stripped a thread resetting the ride height. Sunday was better for us. LGT3 was a easy win for us even after a slow start in the first heat for Greg because of a less than ideal set of rear tyres. LMP was a hard fought win against Team Cobra with only a lap and a bit in it going into the last heat. Jasons car was quick, but he borrowed some of our luck from Saturday, and had to retire his car after a big hit in the second heat. track condition was a big talking point over the weekend, and not in a good way. most of my cars dropped 3 tenths or more from testing two weeks before the event. anyway, a big thanks to all the guys that traveled from places On the other side of the borders of our great state, and to the rest of the guys that raced over the weekend. And a big thanks to Greg for being my team mate and putting up with my less than stellar driving on Saturday. i hope that last heat in LMP made up,for it. Now to fix a few bent chassis. And on to APC!