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  1. but they work fine. just goes to show how good your original design is! Multi use. thanks Benno, but not needed.
  2. Not as nice as Cam and Gary’s alloy ones, but work just as well. laziness meant I still haven’t fitted these to either my SlotWorx V8, or cup Porsche, so when it came time to mount my ScaleAuto C7 body, saw Gary’s 3D printed axle carrier nut holders and thought, they’ll work perfectly, and they did after a small adjustment. I’m sure Gary is already producing proper ones after I showed him what I did.
  3. ok, can we have the forum set updated. oh, front spur has also gone up from 80 to 82, which makes a few bodies obsolete.
  4. Will this, and the other 2 events be run to the rule set on the forum (2018), or the ones on the Ace Hobbies site (2020)? there are differences!
  5. Fox, talking to Greg the other day, it’s still only hand out motors for everything but ScaleAuto. this is the fee set by the track, not Greg.
  6. going by mr google opening times on Thursday and Friday is 10am.
  7. That’s the normal Thursday night racing Ian. ive sent Greg a message to let him know there are questions that need answers.
  8. So, is a Carsteen controller classed as a ACD controller or a USA controller with yellow instead of white.
  9. Please remove Greg C, PeterD and myself from all classes. we've decided not to make the trip this year.
  10. Guys, I was not implying that FoxBox was trying to change the national rules, just that I hope there is discussion before they are changed. and I actually think this event may be the tipping point for that discussion. I’ve already got motors, tyres and chassis’s ready for testing as soon as Hallam opens after the new year. i don’t think we need to go to an NSR 30k, I’m sure SRP do a comparable motor at a third of the price.
  11. Thanks for your reply FoxBox. as for the discussion part of your post, I do agree with the thought that the GT3 cars are under powered, but I would hope a full discussion would be forthcoming before the national rules are changed. having a think about this last night and checking my roll out booklet I found that even with a 26-26.5mm tyre, having a 13t pinion gives a larger rollout than a 27.5mm tyre with a 12t pinion. having found that the Cup car really likes a rear tyre size of around 26.5mm or so, you would think the GT3 would be looking for the same rollout ,
  12. That’s the most diplomatic way I have ever come across of being told. ” We’ll keep our secrets to ourselves “. oh well that’s part of the home track advantage, I’ll have to come up and do what Mr Pollard did last year! enjoy your gluttony.
  13. So what were the results of the testing and discussion, what’s better at Hornsby?
  14. As the title says, I’m looking to buy a CS-2 Carsteen controller in good working condition. thanks
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