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  1. Results Thursday 15th of April Mini Z T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-15T20.45.13.xlsx Historics T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-15T21.54.18.xlsx
  2. Results for Thursday 8th of April Mini Z T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-08T21.55.01.xlsx Historic's T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-08T20.45.57.xlsx
  3. Results for Thursday 25th of March T - Slotworx Utes-2021-03-25T20.29.04.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2021-03-25T21.35.06.xlsx Results Thursday 1 of April(🤪) T - Plafit Mini-Z-2021-04-01T20.42.31.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2021-04-01T21.49.22.xlsx
  4. Results for Thursday the 4th of March Slotworx Utes T - Slotworx Utes-2021-03-04T20.43.23.xlsx Can-Am T - Plafit Historics -2021-03-04T22.03.30.xlsx
  5. Race Results for Thursday 18th of February GT3 T - Lexan GT3-2021-02-18T20.31.27.xlsx LMP T - Plafit FLM -2021-02-18T21.41.02.xlsx
  6. The Race results for Thursday the 3rd of December GT3 T - Lexan GT3-2020-12-03T20.41.13.xlsx FLM T - Plafit FLM -2020-12-03T21.47.05.xlsx
  7. HI Mark Can you please put Team Linfox in for all 3 races
  8. Race Results for Thursday 26th November Lexan GT3 T - Lexan GT3-2020-11-26T20.44.05.xlsx FLM T - Plafit FLM -2020-11-26T21.59.25.xlsx
  9. Race Results for Thursday 19th November GT3 Heat 1 T - Lexan GT3-2020-11-19T20.19.52.xlsx Heat2 T - Lexan GT3-2020-11-19T21.01.22.xlsx FLM T - Plafit FLM -2020-11-19T22.07.21.xlsx
  10. Race files for Thursday 5th November GT3 T - Lexan GT3-2020-11-05T20.45.33.xlsx LMP(file name is wrong) T - Lexan GT3-2020-11-05T22.08.53.xlsx
  11. Results Thursday 22/10/2020 T - Aussie V8 32s-2020-10-22T20.22.30.xlsx T - Aussie V8 32s-2020-10-22T21.00.00.xlsx T - Slotworx Porsche-2020-10-22T21.40.45.xlsx T - Slotworx Porsche-2020-10-22T22.16.49.xlsx Thursday 29/10/2020 T - Aussie V8 32s-2020-10-29T20.36.09.xlsx T - Slotworx Porsche-2020-10-29T21.53.49.xlsx
  12. Here the race files for the last few weeks Thursday 1st of October T - 32nd Supercars -2020-10-01T21.06.40.xlsx T - Slotworx Porsche-2020-10-01T22.38.08.xlsx Thursday 8th of October T - 32nd Supercars -2020-10-08T20.22.15.xlsx T - 32nd Supercars -2020-10-08T20.54.54.xlsx T - Slotworx Porsche-2020-10-08T21.33.48.xlsx T - Slotworx Porsche-2020-10-08T22.07.36.xlsx Thursday 15th of October T - Aussie V8 32s-2020-10-15T20.13.42.xlsx T - Aussie V8 32s-2020-10-15T20.50.33.xlsx
  13. Results Thursday 24/9/2020 T - Plafit Mini-Z-2020-09-24T20.41.02.xlsx T - Plafit Historics -2020-09-24T21.56.39.xlsx
  14. Please enter Team Linfox for all events Rod C Ian R John VD
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