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  1. This Race is now locked in with 8 teams entered from Victoria, NSW and Qld. Shop opens 7am for motor handout . Cars must be presented to the scrutineers table by 8.45am. for tech and concours. Qualifying just after 9am. PRIZES & ENTRY FEE: $35 per driver entry fee for the day. Trophies will be "USA number plate style" for all podium finishers printed as per art below arranged by Peter the track owner. Trophies will also be awarded for the highest placed Am team. Top Qualifier and concours winner. 12 Hour T Shirt's will also be available on the day to buy or order to your size. This is a handout motor event most generously supplied by Werner from Ace Hobbies and included in the entry fee. Teams have to supply their own 12t pinion. If you have motor problems only pre tested motors from Ace Hobbies can be used. These will be available for an additional $20. RACE START PROCEDURE: Motor Handout 7am, Teams can test and run motors on power supply or the track until scrutineering and concours deadline of 8.45am. Qualifying is at 9am. QUALIFYING order will only give you choice of lane selection for the first 6 hours. Your finish position at the end of the first 6 hour session will then give you choice of lane selection for the 2nd session. RACING will be two, 8 x 45 minute sessions each with a bell lap finish. All driver changes will be under green. 3 man teams will change every 15 minutes - 4 man teams will change every 11 minutes. To ease congestion at the drivers panel a 2 minute window will be permitted for driver change. LIGHTING on cars is optional for the first 6 hours, but compulsory for the 2nd 6 hour "night session". Ace hobbies or any generic lighting kits may be used. Lighting colour and location is specific: REAR - 2 x red lights FRONT - 2 x white or yellow. These are the only lights permitted. Lights must be mounted in the correct position relevant to the body style you are using. At race start of the night session all lights must be functioning. In the event of crashes or lighting failure you are permitted to keep racing as long as one front and one rear light is still functioning. Lighting at the shop will be partial dimmed during the night section. As we all have existing cars where the headlights may have been painted over a neat hole drilled in the front area of the car will suffice to mount the LED. Same applies for the rear. Lights may be taped or glued inside the body. No random locations, and no other lights other than the 4 specified. GROUND CLEARANCE is a problem with suspension motor boxes in long races. 1mm at start of race is the minimum required but as this is a high speed track 1.2mm is recommended. Official clearance check will be at the end of the 1st 6 hour session and at the finish of the 6 hour night session. Any car with less than .5mm at these checks will incur a 50 lap penalty. As with all repairs tyres are to be changed under green, not during the break or lane change. Wheel inserts must be attached when changing wheels. During the race if any car is obviously too low and has potential to cause track damage will be checked. If any part of the car is less than .5mm remedial work on tyres or chassis will have to repaired under green but if this not at the 6 hour mark no penalty will be given. REPAIRS UNDER GREEN. Changing of braids, oiling, tyre changes, all mechanical and body repairs must be done under green. Cars must stop at the nominated pit area track section. Any part larger that a wheel insert ( interior, wing etc) must be taped or glued back into its intended position. Drivers cannot pick up or work on cars at the driver panel, during the lane change, or when there is a track call. A minimum 10 lap per minute infringement will apply. Drivers are encouraged to notify the offending Team and race director in the event of this happening, at the time it happens. DURING LANE CHANGE tyres may be taped, braids may be straightened, (but not replaced) and cars can be checked for clearance. Team members are asked to move to new nominated marshal and driver positions as quickly as possible to keep the race going with a minimum down time. NATIONAL GT3 RULES APPLY FOR THIS EVENT AS PUBLISHED ON THIS WEBSITE. Updated drivers list for this event : 1/Bullring - NSW - Glen Page, Ben Darley, Jason Brooks, Cody Bramble 2/Narangba - Qld - Andrew Bartholomew, Simon Wakelin, Sean Cochrane, Richard Strauss 3 Magic - Qld - Grant Kirbeck, Gary Johnson, Gerald Adam, Steve Drummond 4/BVR - Gold Coast - Bruce Ambler, Nick Girdlestone , Kim Axton , Mark Stockwell 5/Ace Racing- Qld - Noel Batson, Werner Wittsack, Jon Walters 6/Jacks Team- Qld - Jason Koolman, Cam Benbow, Rodney Clarke, Wayne Bramble 7/ Phoenix - Vic - Greg Colgan , Mark Pollard, Doug "the Croc". NSW - Mark Fox 8/ Rivercity - Andrew Hendreson, Trevor Lumsden, Stephen Clarke, Phill Morrow. Really looking forward to this event, see you trackside,
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