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Pagey new track build

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Well here it is .... as Pagey has noted, needs a bit of goo but the BullRing is alive     

I have been making some track infill sections. Final detailing for paint . Restock of paint supplies ready for action tomorrow hopefully. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend at Hornsby. Ne

All that metal at the drivers box, not ideal for controllers like Difalco that have a lot of exposed electric bits.   FYI - exhaustive testing has led me to believe that electrical equipment

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What a fantastic night of racing and learning the track. It is fast, free flowing and you don't have anytime to relax.. It most definitely keeps you on your toes, especially if you have a few broken ones hey Benno! The gremlins were sorted out quickly during the breakout sedan class. MJK NASCAR class had all the banging and door rubbing you'd expect. Sorry Jimmy for the carnage to your cars, nothing a bit of glue won't fix.


Well done Glenn on getting the track up and running. I am very much looking forward to, and extremely thankful, for the opportunity to run on your great track. I know that the next race can't come around soon enough. Is it Thursday yet???



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Second race meet tonight with quicker cars hitting track and what fantastic nights racing. Bugs are all but sorted and the track delivers some really nice flowing curves and lots of fun.


Great work Glenn, you should be very proud.

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Thanks for the positive feed back guys . We did race a few weeks ahead of schedule start for track, so I’m pleased we are sorting out very minor teething issues. It was great to get a nights racing through with out any stoppages . Started a bit of pretty stuff just to change my mind set . Nothing like a bit of grass . Not that type ! Never taken drugs , beer is all I need . 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🤪😂😂🤓








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A few more up dates before tomorrow nights racing . Got a few monitors working, even the visually impaired can see . 🤓🧐 

Lane colours added in the trouble areas, still more to do but at least it should help marshals in the hot spots .We have moved the lap top to allow easier access to control track calls for the moment . No remote system yet . We are slowly getting it sorted . 🤪🤓 






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Plenty of Lane colours Kim , even for the colour blind , colour deaf , dyslexic and special needs people among us . 🧐😳🤯🤪🙈🔫💩🙏👴🏻🤡🧠🎚🤬😂😂😂😂

Yes there are lane colours on straight just not at that section . Not doing under or over bridge as it will be track calls if it happens that you come off . We have had next to zero offs in those areas . 


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