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Red Racer Team Series

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Earlier this year on February 11 Red Racer launched a 5 race pro / am series to be run approximately every 8 weeks.  

Classes of racing are Scaleauto, Slotworx V8 and Gt3.  

Red Racer is considered the ideal venue for this series as it has 8 lanes to handle lots of entrants, is open to the public most days of the week for testing and with no active club make's for perfect neutral territory.

The classes we are running conform to the National rules. Most importantly we are running it as a pro/am so everyone is encouraged you to enter a club or race name that will stay the same for the whole series. If a team member cant attend an event a similarly rated driver can be substituted to maintain your point score ranking.   
 Your teams 4 best results only will count towards the series. 
The point score will be: 
1st =  20 points
2nd = 17 points
3rd = 15 points
4th = 14 points
5th = 13 point etc etc
Double points will be awarded for the last round.

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Hi All, 

please find results for our first round and a brief on each class.
Scaleauto Pro / Am
8 Teams for the event. After 96 minutes of racing very close with only 10 laps separating the 3 pro teams for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The highest placed Am's were the  Queenslander team of Andrew Badinski and Jacque only a further 6 laps back in 4th outright. Several teams in the early stages took the lead but Bat L Ax took charge in the 2nd half for the win.
Slotworx Aussie V8 Pro / Am  
7 Teams for the event. Again the 3 pro teams grabbed the first 3 placings. WW Racing and Bat L AX team slugged it out for the entire race swapping the lead several times with WW coming out the final winner. This time the AM Narangba team of Sean and Richard grabbed 4th outright to finish on the same lap as the Pro Narangba Team of Andrew and Simon.
GT3 Pro / Am
7 Teams for this event. WW Racing - Werner and Jon had a fierce battle with Simon and Andrew's Narangba 1 team for the whole event swapping the lead several times. Going into the last bracket Narangba was just in front but a great drive by Jon and an off in the last minute by Narangba saw WW get thru to a great win. This time the AM team of Sean and Richard were really on the pace managing to finish 3rd outright to push the Pro Bat l ax back into 4th outright.
Chassis and Track Conditions - the track was a bit off pace with the aircon out for the day. The results show how much track temperature can effect lap times. At our December race - with aircon working WW racing won the GT3's with 738 laps as apposed to 716 laps last Sunday. Of course, Werner won with a Plafit Chassis as he is the distributor. As for the new Scaleauto Chassis very little difference in cornering speed between the old and new, but the longer straights favoured the taller gearing of the new one. All teams except the Vikings had the new chassis.
Not sure of the next race date yet, but it would be good to perhaps have monthly test and tune to keep us sharp.

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Hi Guys,

good racing again with the 2nd round. A few of the teams have had to find substitute drivers.. that ok as long as the team name stays the same for the point scores. 

 please find attached  results for round 2 and point score to date.. hmm  cant get this site to accept PDF.

It does now - GJ


Red Racer series Scaleauto Sheet1.pdf

Red Racer series Slotworx V8 Sheet1.pdf

Red Racer series GT3 Sheet1.pdf


Thanks GJ

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