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               NSW Enduro series        



Scaleauto GT

Slotworx Porsche 





Rnd 1   14th Mar

Rnd 2.  1st.  Aug 

Rnd 3.   28th Nov 


   All on a  Saturday running the 3 Enduros of around a 2hr duration each . All classes as per National rules . 

A good lead into the new Aust series running the same classes in Vic , Qld and here at the Bull Ring . 

Intetested so far 

                            Ben             Pagey 

                            Charles.     Clinton   


                            Jamie         Serg
                             Ian.            Jack  


                            Troy.           Jules





   So it appears we have interest even with most still away on Holidays etc .


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Results from Week 1 of 2020 !!!


SlotWorx Supercars & ScaleAuto GT


Also, we will have a live pointscore running all year for our Club Championship as well as our Dunlop Championship, this can be viewed here : 




Massive thanks to Jo for putting this together and keeping it child proof enough for both Pagey and myself to operate .... will make it far easier to keep the pointscores up to date. 


A few tweaks for this years racing were also introduced, 8th in Super out pointed the winner in Dunlop last year, this year we will award the same amount of points for finishing 8th in Super & 1st in Dunlop. 


The other tweak will be Super & Dunlop grids will be determined by lap count from the previous weeks racing from Super & Dunlop seeing the top 8 lap scores into Super and the remainder forming the grid for Dunlop. So possibly we will see more than 1 promotion from Dunlop up to Super depending on luck etc 


T - Slotworx Supercars-2020-01-09T20.26.04.xlsxT - Scaleauto GT-2020-01-09T21.33.19.xlsx

Edited by Benno
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   Great to be back racing at the Bull Ring last night . We have a few away with holidays etc and Rodney is under fire threat at the moment. We hope it is brought under control or even better we get heaps of rain . The night had two all in races to determine the starting grid for next week . A change in the format this year for Dunlop and Super series. The previous weeks lap accumulation will determine if you are in Dunlop or Super . 
   First race was our Slotworx V8. Chris drawing first blood for the year with a good drive to the top step . Fantastic to see Jim back in good health and back on the podium for a solid second . Clinton also very consistent as always rounded off the podium. 
   Scaleauto GT next up and it was Ben with a dominant win . Pagey with a three car effort with two pinion failures. Troy with a great come back after a car failure in race one to claim the bottom step on podium. 
    Thanks to Ben for race director, results and point score post . 
    Looking forward to a great year at the BullRing with plenty of racing . Same classes next week . Stay safe with all the fires 🔥 





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   Another good nights racing at the BullRing last night . Back for week 2 of Slotworx V8 and Scaleauto GT.  With 17 runners in house there was plenty of battles on track . Chris continues his good start to the year with his second win in V8. Ben had a interesting run with plenty of hits along the way. Some nights the trouble finds you in every turn. Pagey and JJ had another good race all the way to the line . Pagey just getting the bottom step on podium by the smallest of margins. 
     Our grid for Dunlop and Super was set as a result of last weeks accumulated lap score . With not much between the two groups we are testing this format to see how it goes . The top 8 score get the run in the next weeks Super grade . This is only the score of the laps in race two on the night and not the first race that has all runners in .

    Dunlop Scaleauto race we had plenty of nice racing . Captain with some early troubles with controller had plenty of car speed and pushed hard to get back to the top . Good drive Rod and see you in Super next week. Charles was right at the top for most of the race but finishing on red lane was just run down by Jason on the Bell lap to claim second . That also should see Jason with a ticket to Super class next week . 
        Super was as always fast with everyone pushing the Scaleauto’s hard . Pagey finally got a win over Ben with JJ again fast to top of the podium . Serg with his lap count will drop back to Dunlop next week. 
      Don’t forget about the advertised race dates for Aust and NSW Enduro series. It will be good to support these series and I can vouch for the fun had at away races . Also only a few weeks until Hornsby shoot out . A few cancellations has a few drivers looking for team mates so if you are not in a team and would like to be involved let me know . 
        Thanks as always to Ben for race director and posting results. 

Cheers Pagey 







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   Well I thought numbers might have been down last night . Team Nissian with Charles under the knife for a scare with a skin cancer . Hopefully your on the mend mate . Clinton was cooked in his new pad at Parra along with Jim having a similar story . It was about a 40deg day and those who did make it to the BullRing it was hot and sticky . Great to have support from the Traveling Sydney boys of Ron, Ian and Greg bolstering our night to 16runners . Once again it was Slotworx V8 and GT Scaleauto. Up first the all in race Slotworx V8. Chris has been top dog so far with a few wins on the trot . Ben was keen to cut Chris’s wings and got stuck in from the green light . Having a great drive just short of a overall distance record . Chris was still able to get a quality second with the welcome return of Cam straight back for a podium. Great effort seeing he is running a fox not the SRP . The racing was nice and close throughout  the field with the next four drivers all finishing on the same lap with not much gap . 
    Dunlop GT Scaleauto next . Cam again back to the top step of podium. With his accumulated lap score also getting 3rd on the night overall so straight up to Super series next week. Greg was also on the pace for 2nd with a nice drive from Jamie for 3rd . Also with enough laps to see them up to Super next week. The new system seems to be operating ok at the moment. 
     Super series was fast as always . Pagey was trying to get another win over Ben but to no avail. The big fella was red hot again with his second win of the night . Pagey did manage 2nd about 1lap back . Rod with a great drive showing that the groups are close after winning in Dunlop last week. Also in front of Chris , just pointing that out . 😂😂 Unfortunately looks like Geoff, Jason and Serg will drop back to Dunlop next week . Sorry Serg , I tuned his ride up and he was driving it like a rocket . Unfortunately we tangled and Serg had a hard hit and the rear splitter got caught up . The diagnosis and repair costing him a heap of laps . I expect him to be back to Super after next week with the car speed he showed . Sorry again Serg 😬

  Next week is the last of our current classes. We then move to club favourites GT3 and FLM so start your prep boys . 
    Thanks Ben as always for race director and results. Point score is good to follow with Ben with a handy lead already . 👍🏻

Cheers Pagey 







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  Great night at the BullRing last night . A field of 16 in house with a few away . Also we had a visit from Darren all the way from Dubbo . Nice to meet you mate and we let you loose with a little taste test of the Bullring . He has now ordered a car or two via Ben so we will catch him again by all accounts. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    This was our last  night of this  months series of Slotworx V8 and Scaleauto GT. The all in V8 race had plenty of good racing with a few hard luck stories. Ben and Chris have been trading blows over the series so it was going to be interesting again . Ben had plenty of interesting tangles but was still able to post another win . JJ with his best result in for  second after plenty of promising runs in the series. Great to see Ron claim a podium also for a well driven third .

     Dunlop series was a nice even 8 runners. Some very close racing between the top 5 right to the end. Clinton , Serg , Jason, Vito and Charles . That was the finishing order with nothing in it till the end . Serg got a jump start penalty on lap one of heat one . So it was great drive to push the always cool Clinton right to the end . 
     Super Scaleauto once again was fast with No room for trouble . Pagey managed to get one just over Chris and Ben who did find some trouble. 
    Next week we see the classes changed to GT3 and FLM. Should be even faster action . 👍🏻
    Thanks Ben for race director and posting results. 

Cheers Pagey 







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   Thanks Ben for posting results and race director roll. Down on numbers due to a few having tune ups and maintenance on themselves. Still a few away also with holidays. We ended up with 13 racers . I thought we had 14 after scrutineering and caused plenty of head counts and head scratching for Benno .😳😂 Week one of Lexen GT3 and Plafit FLM . Both now high on the club favourite list . The increase in speed had a few adjustments to driver inputs and some adjusted quicker than others . 😬😫 
     The all in race was GT3 and was a near Fola shoot out after Ben has kitted out the club with plenty of chassis . No wonder as they are awesome to drive . Pagey getting first blood for once with Ben with a not so clean run . Chris rounding off the podium. Serg and Rod not far behind both sporting new Folla chassis. 
     Dunlop series FLM was a another step up in speed . A great race with most in the hunt for the win all the way till the end . Old master Jim was very fast and consistent as always and got to the finish line first . Jules was another on the pace all night with a quality second . Great to see Geoff on the podium and was looking strong for the win with plenty of car speed.  
      Super FLM was red hot . Very fast and no room for mistakes. Ben back to the top spot with a near faultless drive setting a new race distance record . Pagey again for second behind Ben . Bens  lap times in the gutter lanes are just insane . 😢 Chris continues to clock up the podiums with another third . 
    Only a couple of weeks until Hornsby so it was nice to give these classes a hit out . We do it all again next week . 

Cheers Pagey 







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A hot and steamy night for racing this week . With all the welcome rain making it very humid . We had to adjust the track with a bit of movement causing a issue under the bridge at full throttle on black lane . A minor leg adjustment had as good to go . Week two of our GT3 and FLM classes . The all in race of GT3 had plenty of incidents especially on turn one of the start line 😬😩 Once the racing got going the pace was pretty hot . With everyone tuning up for the Hornsby weekend showing good car speed . Ben had a unusual pinion failure ending his chances. Chris was able to chalk a win up with Pagey in for second then followed by JJ for third. 
    Dunlop series for FLM had a very good tussle between Serg , Troy , Jules , Clinton and Jason with the rest also close . Next weekend will see Serg and Troy team up in the FLM class at the Hornsby shoot out . No love loss last night though with Troy and Serg going hammer and tong . Troy stayed tough and the slightest of touches had Serg testing the fence . So at the end it was Troy just over Serg and Jason in for a strong third . 
    Super was extremely fast with Ben setting again another distance record. Lap times we’re really fast so that’s  a good sign for next weeks Hornsby show . Chris , Pagey and Rod all finishing on the same lap really close in that order behind Ben who was in his own race . 
   Next week will be a test and tune for the Hornsby event . Hope to see our club mates feature on the National stage but above all have a enjoyable and fun weekend. 

Cheers Pagey 









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Results for Week 3 Lexan GT3 & Plafit FLM 


Lexan GT3 T - Lexan GT3-2020-02-27T20.48.51.xlsx 


Plafit FLM ( All-In ) T - Plafit FLM -2020-02-27T21.46.58.xlsx ( all points will be awarded to Super for this week ) 


So depending on numbers, next weeks Plafit Can Am will be based on the lap totals from tonights FLM race ( as done in previous weeks ) 

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Our numbers were down this Week

but our fun wasn’t. Only a small field of runners after a big weekend in Hornsby. I was very proud of our club’s achievements over the big event at national level . Our drivers did very well and played hard also being kicked out of the pub two nights in a row . Love it! 😂🍺🍺🍺🍺🎉👏🏻👏🏻

   Last week of GT3 and FLM . A Couple of last minute repairs after the racing on the weekend for a few . Ben was back to the top step again with Chris and Pagey rounding the podium off . 
   FLM was again Ben out front with plenty of speed to spare. JJ showed plenty of pace for a good second and Rod managed to keep his front wheels on for third just over Pagey with the smallest of margins. 
    Next week is a change of our classes to Slotworx utes and CanAm . Hope to see our Sydney mates back and others after there break . Looking forward to also having Jack and Ian coming up for a road trip soon . 
     Thanks as always to Ben for the computer work and to all for the assistant in track pack up . Also I’m very excited for our Melbourne road trip next on the National racing calendar . With our club being about half of the field of drivers at Hornsby it is great to see that once again we will be well represented at the Melbourne leg of Aust tri series . Well done boys 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉🎉🍺🍺🍺🍺


Cheers Pagey 





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Good nights racing last night with numbers back up with a few still away . Big Ben with a visa issue on exit from the big smoke . That opened up the possibility of a win for the rest of us mere mortals. Also a change of our classes for the month with a hit out for our Slotworx Utes and Plafit CanAm. Pagey took advantage of Bens no show to get the top step for a  change. Chris also in for a good second followed by JJ for the bottom step. 
   Dunlop series next up with Cam with a welcome return . He showed plenty of speed as always to take the win . Followed by old teammate Clinton for second and Gregg driving well for the bottom step. 
    CanAm was a team mate shot out at the front between the Monster drivers Chris and Jason . Jason lead most of the race to be just run down by team boss Chris . Serg was next with a very good drive to the podium. 
    The event scheduled for Saturday the 14th is still on at the moment but with low numbers for one reason or another it is under threat with blokes trying to make sure they can make it . I will advise as soon as possible if things change . 
   Good luck to team Bullring in this weekends 8hr GT3 race in Qld this Saturday. Ben, Noel, Jon and Stephen flying the BullRing flag . 
     We do it all again next week with toilet paper supplied at this stage 🧐😳😂😂


Cheers Pagey 







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   Good nights racing at the BullRing last night . Great to have our bush mates in town Ian and Jack . We had 19 racers in all ready for battle . The first race of Slotworx V8 Utes was nice and fast . Everyone finding speed from last week with tuning paying off . The bush boys also showed they now how to pedal a Ute with great racing . Pagey managed to get a back to back win only just over JJ with Chris also on the podium. 
   Dunlop Can am had plenty of great heats with side by side racing . Some very fast laps showing that once again the two classes are very close . Jamie and Troy having a good battle right until the finish line with Jamie just hanging on finishing on black with a very fast attack from Troy . Only a meter in it at the end . The other umbilical brother Jules in for the bottom step of podium. 
      Super CanAm was again a very fast pace . No room for errors of any type or your podium chances are gone . Chris again showing his skill of tuning plafit chassis with another good win . Serg also very impressive with back to back podium in super . Going one better this week to second . Is the win on for Serg next week ? We won’t find out as he is off on holidays 🙈 Also a good third for Mr Belly also with two for two podiums. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻 
     Really looking forward to this weekend’s racing with the start of our 3 race series to get our NSW Enduro champs . But the best part is the fun of these days and the new stories that come from events . 
     Thanks for posting up the race results Jason and Rod . 

Cheers Pagey 







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Ok so a unfortunate news update for the BullRing. As most of you know our son has battled serious illness in the past . Even with Doctors advice we don’t want to test his new immune system out with this virus . We have made the decision to keep him home from school for the next while just to be safe . So the knock on is that no racing for the next while until all this stuff settles down . Hopefully we can get back to normal weekly activity very soon . Hope everyone understands and stays healthy. Two years of great fun so far just placed on hold . Sorry  Pagey 

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