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   A good nights racing again at the Bull Ring . Great to see Mick back after a break away . Numbers were down again for one reason or another. We split the first GT3 race into two heats but just made do with limited  marshals for the FLM race to speed the night up . A very close race from the two heat winners with Clinton with a lap score of 122.7 and Rod with 122.4 in for second place. Charles making it a team Nissan double on the podium with 120.4 . Great drive Charles and well deserved. FLM was a survival test with limited marshals. Gregg had trouble early and found himself strapping into a Pagey loaner . He found his grove and put his head down for a great drive to the top step . Well done big fella 👏🏻👏🏻 Vito hasn’t been for awhile and needed a body for his FLM chassis. Pagey giving him a loaner body to get him on track . The combo worked well with Vito driving well in most heats to finish just behind Gregg for a fantastic podium. Mr reliable Clinton grabbed team Nissan’s third

podium for the night with a very solid drive. 






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   So an update of the remaining Thursday nights for this forgettable year .  Thursday the 10th Dec no racing due to other commitments. The following Thursday 17th will be our final and Xmas party night . Please let me know if you are coming or not on the 17th for catering purposes. 

Cheers Pagey 

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  A Great nights racing and a pretty good role up of 15 to do battle . Serg went all out with a total strip back clean of the track . A massive effort on his part but really appreciated by our racers tonight . The grip giving some very close side by side racing with quality battles through out the field . GT3 was fast and furious. Bush man Jack back in town with plenty of speed to take a well deserved 1st place . Gregg continued his good form from last week’s win with a solid second place. JJ was next onto the podium , a bit of trouble in heat one with a broken lead wire so a good recovery drive . 
      Ben stepped up with a fantastic drive in FLM showing a class of his own especially on the gutter lanes to take a clear first place . Rodney had a great drive to second in a really close battle pack behind Ben . Serg in a Pagey loaner enjoying the ride and the drive. Locking in a well driven third place . Great to see him enjoying the rewards after all his hard work cleaning and assistance in track set up . Only two weeks of racing for the year and these classes will remain for next week. The 17 Dec is our Xmas party night with plenty of fun things planed for the night . Thanks for all the support and looking forward to the conclusion of what has been a very strange year .  

Cheers Pagey  















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    So it was the last night of club racing tonight. We will miss next week with other family commitments. Then we are back for our Xmas party and  final night of the year . Really looking  forward to a fun night with plenty of special events scheduled.Plus our club presentations for this weird year . 
    Our final hit out with GT3 and Ben gave Pagey’ car a run .  Cruising out front to the top step . Troy also in a Pagey car with a solid drive to lock in second . Serg then finding his way to 3rd place . The rest of the field was so close it was insane. Have a close look at the times between 3rd through to 7th. It was very  close racing and just awesome results. 
       FLM was as usual a fast affair. To be  honest to many stoppages again with cars being over driven some what . Ben once again was just a cut above . Even with way to many stoppages, he set a new distance record along with some very fast individual lap times. Rodney had a great drive to a clear second place . His car was fast and he stayed in the slot. I was very happy to see Serg on for his second podium of the night . He rebuilt his FLM this week with some guidance from Pagey and he drove a sensible race to go with it . Well done mate. 
    Mick also showed plenty of speed with his new Benno GT3 and a freshened up FLM also out of Ben’s garage. Hope to see everyone for the Xmas party in a few weeks. 

Cheers Pagey 













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   Don’t forget tomorrow night is our Bull Ring Xmas party and final night for the year. Looking forward to catching up and celebrating the end of this crazy year . A few mates that have been missing in action have also indicated they are coming to join in the fun .A Bbq and drinks along with plenty of fun race events throughout the night to spice things up . A few photos of last years fun . 

Cheers Pagey 









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   What a great way to finish off the year . The Christmas party night was awesome fun with plenty of laughs and racing . It was Fantastic to have Brooksy call in on his way home to join in the fun . We were also happy to have Jason Belly and Chris back for the night . Jim and Cam sent apologies but other than that we had a great roll up of 19 drivers including for the first time Miss Kiannah Ben’s daughter. Our first event was our novelty ping pong challenge. Drive a car around the track with a ball in a very small cradle. Fastest lap without losing the ball. It called on a very smooth driving skill to achieve the time . Ben retained his form from last year setting the fastest time again. Mick was the only driver to get close. A few others set some great times but Ben and Mick were the stand outs. Next up we had a V8 house car event. 8 cars staying on the lane with every driver cycling through. Ben was again out front taking the win with Jason Belly in for second and Serg taking the other podium spot . Our Christmas cup was a Porsche two man team with higher seeded driver paired with a lower seed. Clinton defended his win from last year when teamed with Cam. Taking a win with this years team mate Jack . Great drive by them both keeping a small margin back to Ben and Mick for a strong second place. Mates Jamie and JJ as a pairing scored the final step of the podium. I think Jack drove a fantastic race when I told them that the Christmas cup is filled with beer 🍺. Have a look at his efforts celebrating and polishing off his trophy. Our point score for club championship and trophies were also handed out . Ben with plenty of lost time with the covid restrictions still managed to be 3rd in Dunlop. His win ratio is incredible when he was able to be at the track . Rodney managed even with his time off for a new ball joint in his hip second in Dunlop just a couple of points behind this year’s Dunlop champion Clinton. Well done Clinton, always fast and consistent. Making an impact this year with increased speed all year was Serg . Third overall in club championship, well done mate. Second overall was JJ . Both JJ and Jamie were the only two to participate in all races this year. Great to see JJ with a successful year as one of our longest members. Unfortunately I was again the champion with the fact that I live here. Hopefully we get a new champ next year with everyone able to make the weeks racing. 
     It was also Terrible to get the news that our mate Al lost his wife Carol yesterday with her health fight.  Al and family we are all feeling for you at this very sad time and everyone sends love and condolences to you . 
 So a couple of thank you to close off the year . To my wonderful wife Jo, who allows us to do what we do every Thursday night. Without her support and understanding it just won’t happen so thank you and love you. Huge thanks to Serg who every week helps me set up and prepare the track. I think people can forget that it’s a modular track in our home garage. It’s a big commitment every week so thank you Serg from all the racers . Thanks also to Ben for the computer tech and overall advice through the year. Thanks Rod for your help with race control and report downloads . Finally thank you to all our racers for your continued support and understanding this year with covid restrictions as we had to conform. We are so lucky to have such a solid group of mates who enjoy the same passion for slotcars and racing . The club spirit and mateship is what is so fantastic and on the days I think it’s all too hard to set up the track I remember why it’s worth it. Anyway here are some photos of the fun during the night. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in late January for a kick off in a much better New year. Have an awesome and safe Christmas and New Years. 

Cheers Pagey 































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Gday everyone, hope that all have had a good holiday and start to the New year. Looking at the calendar we will have a restart to our racing on Jan Thur 28th . At this stage we have no new restrictions for covid affecting our racing as we are not in a hot spot . However as we know things can change quickly and be out of our control with health advice . Of course if you are unwell or have been around others that have please think of your mates and don’t come along . Looking at last year’s schedule the classes to start year off are Slotworx V8 and Scaleauto Gt . It will be great to catch up with all again and looking forward to some great racing throughout the year . 

Cheers Pagey 




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    Great to kick start off the racing season tonight at the Bull Ring. Not a bad roll up of 15 drivers to start the year with classes of V8 Slotworx and Scaleauto. A couple of nice classes to ease our way back and start to blow the cobwebs out of our driving boots. Pagey with a nice start taking the win in V8. Great to see Chris back tonight and on the podium for a good 2nd  place. Serg with a strong start to his year with a quality podium for 3rd . Kiannah, Ben’s daughter also had her first hit out in our club race . She did a fantastic job with a great drive staying out of trouble and setting some personal best along the way . Scaleauto was our next class and Ben was to strong chalking up his first win for the year . Troy in for a great drive for 2nd place . Steering a Pagey loaner with his new controller he is one to keep an eye on for this season. Chris making his second podium for the night with a close battle pack on his heels . Quite a few drivers with similar lap scores showing how close the class is again . Next week we swap to Gt3 and FLM . A good opportunity to practice before the Hornsby shoot out in a few weeks. In GT3 you can run the 30k motor and pinion as nominated for that event if you want . If you don’t have a motor to swap in we will run two classification on the night as the 30k is difficult to source at the moment. 











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    Another great roll up of racers tonight at the Bull Ring . Great to have Jim back tonight for a run and to have Al back after a tough time. GT3 was first race up tonight and we had a few 30k motors on the grid for a hit out for the first time . With that being the case we split the results into two classes for those still with the 25k motors . Heading up the 25k runners it was Chris taking the honours. Serg with a great drive hot on his heals for second place . Rounding it out was Clinton with a strong run. The 30k class it was Ben with a quality drive to the top step . Cam with a nice drive in for second and Troy keeping his strong start to the year with another podium. As always FLM was fast racing with some great battles on track . Ben again out front to take the double win for the night . Cam making it a double, back to the second step of the podium again. Serg keeping his good form with a 3rd place and also his second podium for the night. Thank you everyone for the understanding and help packing up the track . Huge thanks to Serg as always with track set up and prep . Couldn’t do it without you mate . Next week second time for these classes so we will see how the tuning goes for next week. 

 Cheers Pagey 









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    Great roll up of racers again tonight. Good to see Vito back in house as well. Gt3 first race with 19 drivers on the grid . Unfortunately we had some kind of computer fault causing us to restart the race 20 min in to the night . With the amount of competitors that made the night quite tight to run both classes. Anyway we reset and the results were split again with two different motors on the grid . Pagey overall 1st in 30k with Rod followed by Ben. The 25k class was a great drive to first from Chris followed by Serg and Clinton . FLM we had a few call it a night with early morning starts for work . In the end it was a fantastic drive by Ben who looked set to break a new overall distance record . Setting fastest times on most lanes along the way . A missed lap by the computer some how mucking it up . But an awesome drive with Hornsby in a few weeks it’s looking very strong to defend last years result . Pagey in next with Chris just a lap back . Thanks for set up Serg as always and for everyone patience and understanding with computer tonight . 🤷‍♂️
 Serg testing a couple of his new cars from Steve E that he received this week. Very happy with them 👍🏻









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 Numbers of racers were down tonight with one thing  and another. Only 12 runners in both classes and still a few testing 30k motors in GT3 for next week’s Hornsby event muddled things up a bit. Pagey also decided to race his Porsche’s. Just for a hit out in both tonight’s classes to get some much needed laps. Gt3 in 30k set up it was Rod just over JJ. It was JJ’s first drive of the faster setup. Clinton continued his strong form winning the 25k set up . Serg also with another good drive for second with Vito with a nice drive for third . 
    FLM was at times painful with just way to many stoppages🤬. No real reason other than overdriving unfortunately. They are a very fast car on the Bull Ring track and sometimes drivers can just ask way to much of their chassis setups. With at times just impossible  high speed corner entry asking just to much . Just a bad night maybe 🤔 🤷‍♂️ 
    Rodney showing good form with Hornsby next week taking a double win . 😳 Were was Chris to share in his glory. As he is the number one fan for YSR  . 👏🏻👏🏻Good drives Rod . 👍🏻Serg followed up with another quality second place and Jim with a welcome return to the podium for third . Awesome stuff Jim . 🥳🎉🎉 

     Next week we will still run Thursday night as normal. A lot can’t make the trip to Hornsby this year or are not going until Friday. I expect numbers to be down again next week but we will have some fun regardless. Thanks Serg for track set up again as always. 

Cheers Pagey 






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   Just an early update for Thursday 18th March . Due to my daughter’s wedding on Saturday the 20th. We will have no racing on Thursday night due to visitors and prep for the big day for our family. Thanks for everyone’s understanding and support. 

Cheers Pagey 

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   Very quite night as most are away for the Hornsby weekend or prep for it . A couple club mates also heading for Bathurst V8 super cars. So only 8 in house for a bit of fun . We managed to race ok with no marshals and with  Pagey on the button . Surprisingly we had less crashes and stoppages. Just shows that we over drive with the security of marshals in place . Our Gt3 was a single runner in 30k JJ.  Chris had a strong drive with his 25k not far behind. Serg also continued his good start to the year with second in 25k with Geoff in for his first podium. FLM was good entertainment and Al had one his best drives if seen for quite some time . Great to see Al having fun . Chris taking the double win with Serg back for another second with this time Jamie making it to the podium. All finished by 9.30 so hopefully a few wives didn’t get caught out with a early returning husband 😬 Good luck to all our Bull Ring club mates for the Hornsby weekend. We always have a heap of fun on road trips and with this being the last time unfortunately for this special race I’m sure we will all have plenty of fun and stories. Just quickly next month is our V8 utes and Can am . We are going to run 25srp short can with a 11t pinion in Can am . Same motor as your V8 Slotworx.  The  11t pinion is just to make the spur gear more sensible on our big track . Running a 10t with such a small spur gear is just ridiculous. Plus the SRP is a more even motor than the fox motor . Club rules for those changes but all other regulations stay the same as national for the class . 

Cheers Pagey 












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   A good nights racing on the Bull Ring tonight. Not a bad roll up of 14 racers . We had our change of classes tonight and even a small change to the power plant plus gearing in the Can Am .The Slotworx utes was our first class tonight . Pagey getting home first place with Chris next for second. Gregg rounded off the podium with his trump tribute livery. He was straight away asking for a recount! 😳🙄🤷‍♂️ It was a great first hit out with the Can Am with the SRP25k with a 11t pinion . The changes were not based on a speed improvement but more consistency of power plants . The pinion choice was also due to our big track size and the fact that with a 10t pinion, our spur gears were so small to get the correct roll out for speed. With the small spur gears it was difficult to keep a good mesh . Both changes were well received and really good feedback with the way the car’s performed . Cam was home first with a great drive with a good gap back to Pagey. Next was Chris with another podium for the night . Serg was unlucky to get just bumped off the podium by Chris by the smallest of margins. 
   Due to my daughter up coming wedding and a few home pressures we will have a two week lay off from racing until after the event . Thanks for understanding and support everyone. We will continue in a few weeks . 

Cheers Pagey 









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And just like that it’s truly packed up . Thanks Serg for helping get it down and into pit area . Needed the space for up coming wedding guests day after bbq . Two week lay off due to this if you didn’t get the update. 




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