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 Another top night at the Bull Ring . Great roll up tonight with 20 runners . Brooksy was on fire in the Utes posting a very impressive drive to the top step. Ben with another quality drive into second and Cam on the bottom step . Great racing through out the group in a very entertaining and enjoyable class . Next up we had the MZ take to the track again . Cam back to the top with his Ferrari set up . That’s also for sale . Chris always on song in the MZ,  back with a good second and then Ben with a welcome second podium for the night in third. Well done to everyone and for the awesome support. Track set up today again with Serge in a record 20min thanks mate. Pack up also running smoothly in about the same time . Next week same again for both classes. Thanks to Rodney and Brooksy for race director duties.



Cheers Pagey 



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Doctor Mugford comes highly recommended, he certainly did an excellent job on my friend Frank.  

Back at the the Bull Ring this week . Thanks again to Jim for hosting the group for the last two weeks. Looks from the outside that plenty of fun was had .       A few things to work through for

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   Racing this week is again at Jim’s . Heading north for the Scaleauto championship in Brisbane Red Racer for the weekend. Looking forward to catching up with the banana benders again . A real chance it could be a permanent thing with my wife looking at jobs in Brisbane. 😳🙈🤓 I’ll just blend in I’m sure 🤡😬😜

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Racing returns to the Bull Ring this week. Huge thanks to Jim again for hosting the group for the last two weeks. Looks like heaps of fun by the results. Jim has sent through the results to post up . We are into a new series this week of NASCAR and CAN AM . Something different and I’m sure Greg will be very excited. 🤪


Cheers and see you on Thursday Pagey 



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Hi guys. Can I ask about the race timing used. I see the split screen. Looks like a combo of Trackmate and what is the program with the race result next to it?  Looks like Race Coordinator . How do you get to run together???... 


Regards Pete Richards. 

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Hi Pete

Both Jim and Glenn run Race Coordinator (RC)software and Glenn’s hardware is Trackmate( I think Jim’s hardware is Trackmate too)

what you see on the page above is just RC 

you click and drag the main screen to the left than you can open other page or pages into that space

So what you see above is right hand edge of the main race screen, the list of drivers on the right and under that the drivers of the next head. I hope this helps 


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   Great to get back onto the Bull Ring tonight . First race was the NASCAR , bit of an adjustment to our driving style. Some mastering the challenge more than others. Jim as always the master of these with a very impressive drive to first place . A very satisfied Greg next . I think it was Jules next in a Jimmy rocket loaner . Plenty of action on the track with some very hard crashes along the way . Next up we’re the Can Am . Very fast on the track with some great drives . Brooksy back to the top step with Cam in for second. Jim rounding of a great nights driving in third .Still plenty of life in the old dog yet . Thanks for the help on set up Jim and Serge again . Great pack up again and thanks to all the helpers. Lots happening in my life at the moment with the possible change of state with my wife’s work. So to have great mates in either location I’m very lucky . Not sure what the answer is NSW or QLD yet but all good for me .🧐🤓👩👏👏👏

Some photos of tonight’s action and podiums . 






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 Another fun night at the Bull Ring . Plenty of close racing across both classes. The umbilical brothers Jules and Toby having  great fun with side by side racing in both classes. Toby the dominant twin tonight with a double up win over Jules . Jim again the master in the NASCAR . Chris in for second with Pagey the bottom step . Poppy is very hard to beat in these things . 

Cam a late starter only making the CanAm race . As usual a top drive to the top of the podium. Jim again with a very strong night for second . Steve in for a very well deserved and driven 3rd . Awesome work Steve . The cars all look spectacular on the podium you created for us . Great to see your car on the rostrum. We also set a new bench mark on the pack up time, 13 minutes and all done . Thanks again Serge and Jim for set up and track prep. Makes life so much easier for me and everyone to enjoying a clean prepared track . 



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   Great night again at the Bull Ring . Good turn out with a few regular drivers missing unfortunately.   NASCAR was looking like a close run thing until a couple of hard luck stories happened . Pagey finishing with only half a car after being hit and Greg with pinion issues that we won’t mention. 😳🤬 Jim once again keeping his run of consecutive podiums on a roll . Top step again with Brooksy keeping Greg’s pinion on for second with Ben in a Pagey loaner for a well driven 3rd place . Next was the CanAm race . Brooksy with a great drive to top step with Cam in for second . The old dog Jim again on the third step . I don’t think he has missed a podium for the series. Not fast enough Jim ? 🤔🙄 you still go all right mate ! 👏👏👏  

  Next week is start of next series. 1/32 Aussie V8 and new Scaleauto. Bring your Porsche as well as a back up if we run into trouble to get enough cars on the grid for 1/32 . 🤓








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 Another top night at the Bull Ring. Everyone agreed we had a week to go with the NASCARS and Can Am . Jim again to strong with a faultless drive to top spot . Brooksy second without pinion issues in Greg’s machine and Chris with a good drive for 3rd. Brooksy to strong with his Martini Porsche followed by Chris again for a well deserved second. Great to see Steve back again with his green rocket for third . Some nice bloke lending him a  Controller. Great drive mate , well deserved.  We had an interstate competitor fly in from Brisbane for tonight’s racing . Just beating the distance set for a Thursday night race set by Ian and Jack . Pagey  might be around for awhile yet . 🤓🧐😂😂

   Next week is the start of our new 1/32 Aussie V8 along with the new Scaleauto. Good luck with the builds and looking forward to seeing the new creations. 




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    Great nights racing again at the Bull Ring. The Introduction of the new 1/32 Aussie V8s was well received. Nice and close class and looking forward to many close races to come . With the lane space on the Bull Ring allowing plenty of side by side racing . Pagey getting a win for a change over Brooksy second and ever reliable Jim for third . Next was a return of the new Scaleauto class . Another feature class for the Bathurst weekend. Pagey getting a double up over a very close Ben for second and Chris with third . Lots of fun and laughter again . Awesome to have such great mates to share the track with . Not long until the Bathurst weekend so prep is underway for most . Make sure you have ordered your light upgrade for the Porsche class and revisit all the National rules for the classes to be certain your legal to run , Thanks again to Serge and Jim for the chat and track prep earlier today . Thanks for the support and see everyone again next week. 


Cheers Pagey 🤓



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Great night again . We ran backwards tonight to allow Geoff to leave after the 1/24 Scaleauto. The pace was very hot tonight with Brooksy and Greg having great runs . Unfortunately a post race disqualification for incorrect motors costing a 1st and 3rd. Pagey moved from second to first with Chris and Clinton climbing onto the podium. No controversy in the 1:32 V8 . Pagey making it a double for two weeks in a row . With Jim and crowd favourite Toby in for a well driven 3rd . Heaps of fun again with a lot of funny moments with a car going missing for a extended period under the bridge ! 😂😂😂😂🧐Vito I went in and didn’t come out? Greg saying are you sure you put your car on the track ? 😳😂😂😂 Cam found it eventually 😂😂😂



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