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Tech Blocks


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4 hours ago, Chris1810 said:

Ill take one please Benno.  


No worries Chris , ill be down on Thursday 



1 hour ago, Pagey said:

    Please put me down for another tech block Benno.  The one I have is fantastic so an upgrade is surprising . 


Cheers Pagey 



Done Pagey, appreciate the support ! ;)

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Hmmm ... all blocks have been sold. O.o


Need to do a larger run, to all who missed out i will update here once i have restocked 


Thankyou to everyone for the support

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Just in time for the weekend !!! 


After some time, I finally did get some tech blocks done again.


I have been able to reduce the retail cost by 20% ( found a cheaper business to do the anodising ), so these are now $40 a block + $5 flat postage 


I have 20 of the black & red , and 10 of the blue 



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2 hours ago, Cody B. said:

hey Benno, could you please bring a black one to the next Porsche round at Hornsby 


1 hour ago, Victory said:

Hi Benno

To add to our collection of your tech blocks can you please bring one of each colour to the Bull Ring on Thursday evening for Team Nissan.



Consider it done !

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On 9/10/2019 at 6:42 AM, Nick said:

Can I please order a black

tech block?



Sure can Nick , PM me with some details please. 



On 9/10/2019 at 1:09 PM, ding said:

Hi Benno,

Can I have a Blue one please. Can be delivered next time you are in Banana Bender country.





Done Steve ! Pagey and i will be up there Oct 27 .... will we see you there ?? 



4 hours ago, Axman said:

Hey Benno, put one aside for me.. bring it up next time you race here, preferably Red but if you're short on colours by now any colour will do.



Black only now Kimbo .... and i only have 6 Black left O.o

Edited by Benno
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