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Australian Scaleauto Championships 2018

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Get your cars ready for a huge weekend of Scaleauto Racing scheduled for July 21 and 22 at Red Racer.


The event: The 2018 Australian Scaleauto Championship (ASC) organised by Werner of Ace hobbies is sanctioned and supported with official approval of A.J. Leeman Hobbies P/L Sydney and IBB Auto Racing, Barcelona Spain, the manufacturer of Scaleauto Cars.

The Venue: Red Racer Hobbies, 300 Oxley Ave, Margate Queensland located on the north side of Brisbane on the Redcliffe Peninsular. There are plenty of motels and accommodation nearby on the foreshore. For more details re accommodation go to Ace hobbies website.   

The Track All racing will be on the 8 lane - 48 meter Masters track @12 volts. 

Classes:  This event will cater for both old SC-8000 and new SC-8003 chassis with GT Bodies and 1/32 Scaleauto GT

Prizes: All podium finishers will receive Trophies, the sponsors have also supplied merchandise and accessories.

The Programme:

Friday 20th July Practise all day - track opens 10am to late

Saturday 21st July track opens 9am - practise to 3pm.

Saturday 21st 3pm - 1/32 Scaleauto GT Teams event - two drivers - trophies for podium finish.

Sunday 22nd -Track opens 8.30am, racing starts at 9am.

Sunday 22nd - 1/24th Scaleauto GT SC-8000 Sprint Race - trophies for podium in both Pro and Am

Sunday 22nd - 1/24th Scaleauto GT SC -8003 Sprint Race - Trophies for podium finish in both Pro and Am

Sunday 22nd - 1/24th Scaleauto GT Teams race - 2 drivers - Trophies for podium finish in both SC -8000 and SC -8003

Note: no pro/am classification for Teams events.

Race Formats:    

Team events will be 2 driver only - two hours allocated per class - Heat duration dependant on entries

Sprint events one driver only - 8 x 3 minutes - 1 minute lane change

Race Fee's:

Red Racer Pitt pass - $20 - gives you two days of practise from Friday 10am to Saturday 3pm

Sprint events - $15 single driver.   Team events - $35 per team

Rules and Regs 

1/24th scale as per Australian Scaleauto rule set on this site.

1/32 Scale  Rules and regs go to the Ace Hobbies website:



Entry registration will end midnight Thursday 19th July.  

For all information regards this event and the official entry form go to the Ace hobbies website and click on site below and go to Galleries:



So, with 30 Trophies up for grabs and generous merchandise from the sponsors this should be a great event.. get your teams together now!


Note: Werner's overseas for a few weeks but you can email him or pm me if you need more information.




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   I’m really  looking forward to racing in Qld again. I always have a great time with plenty of laughs. Normally a couple of hang overs . Along with racing the fastest blokes in the country on a great track, it's heaps of fun . I’m lucky enough to be teaming up with Ben for the first time. Time to get stuck into some car prep , especially the 1:32 stuff. New for us down here so plenty of testing to sort something out . Polish up your drinking boots . Pagey is coming to party . 👍🏻✈️🎉🎉🎉🍺🍺🍺🍺 🙈🤓

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Hi  everyone.. had a few queries re Pro and Am classes so to clear it up - 

Yes, Pro's and Am's can enter both classes and race for separate trophies and prizes.

On the Sunday morning there is essentially 4 sprint events: 

First up will be the the SC8000 with Pro's and am's racing together.. this is for the old Scaleauto chassis running 12/44 to the format we have had for many years. In this class lexan windows and lightweight interior is allowed with a start clearance of 1.8mm for the chassis and 1.4mm for the body.  Trophies and prizes will be awarded for best placed Pro and Am's


Next up will be the SC8003 for both Pro and am's.. this is for the newer style Scaleauto chassis running open gearing, solid widows and factory interior ( the one with the plastic driver - NOT the vac form version) Cars must pass the 1mm clearance tool at start of race. Again trophies and prizes will be awarded for best placed Pro's and Am's so if you've got both types of cars you can enter both events. 


Sunday afternoon will be the 2 man teams race - you can form a team with any driver - am's can race with pro's as there is no driver rating for this event.


Dont forget our first test and tune is coming up on Sunday 8th of July at Red Racer from 10am to 12 noon.





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Looking forward to the weekend and catching up with everyone again. Racing is always at a high level up north so should be great fun . Hopefully no ticks this time of year . 😬 Plenty of laughs and a few beers 🍻 All the toys are packed and ready to roll . 


Cheers Pagey 


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The big Scaleauto race is nearly here... Over 30 trophy's up for grabs and Werner from Ace Hobbies tells me there are some great Scaleauto prizes also.. As previously stated there are trophy's and prizes for both Am and Pro's in the sprints for both classes of 1/24th Scaleauto's - the SC 8000 and SC 8003.  The 1/24th Enduro's there is no driver grading but there are trophy's for both classes of chassis.. All the 1/24th Scale races are on the Sunday and 1/32 "plastics" on the Saturday afternoon. 

Looking forward to seeing you Pagey.. Looks like we've got teams coming up from both the Southern states so should be a good weekend.

See attached sample trophy:



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I’m so lucky to have such great friends. Noel and Donna have been so welcoming with airport pick up and beds for the stay . Found this along with nice towels and soaps on the bed . Great to be prepared. 👍🏻😂😂😂😂🧐


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Awesome time in Queensland again. Not great personal results for myself but had a blast of a time . It’s always fantastic to hang out with like minded blokes who enjoy our hobby. Awesome racing over the classes as was expected and delivered. Queensland have a very high standard of drivers and on their own turf are very , very hard to match. Thanks to my team mate Ben . Had an awesome time mate . We got close with a couple of 4ths. I had a great time tuning cars and relearning the track again with you . Thanks very much to Werner, Ace hobbies along with Scaleauto for organising a great event along with fantastic prizes.  Also to Tony at Red  Racer for a top quality venue. To Kim and Simon for their efforts before and during the event . Huge thank you to Noel and Donna for opening up your farm retreat home to myself and family

and driving us around.

Here are some photos of the event . Cheers Pagey 





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