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front tyre rules?

Richard M

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Let me start with why I am asking about the rules regarding front tyres/wheels. I am the guy who was asked/pushed forward into doing the scrutineering at Mr. Slotcar on Thursdays and being the pedantic person that I am have been fairly hard on everyone in the hope that they would find someone else to take over, sadly this has not happened. With regards to the Slotworx V8's I have noted that in most cases the rubber on the rims is usually 7.3 mm wide and the actual rim is usually 6mm wide on the wheels supplied with the kit. This is also true with the Porsche Cup kits. So, I would like to know if the 7mm as stated in the rules is a minimum or a maximum width and if applies to only the rubber or the whole wheel. I have also noticed that the rear wheels are also usually 13.4 mm wide on the rubber but the rims are usually right at 13mm. Getting the rears to the right width is fairly easy but adding an extra millimeter to the front rims would be somewhat difficult.

Solutions that come to mind are use the 7mm Scaleauto fronts which are allowed in the rules. Cut down a pair of old rears to the 7mm width, messy but easy enough to do or bring the size down to the 6mm that is used in the other classes such as Lexan GT3, OAPS and Scaleauto.

I must say that being tougher on the adherance to the rules has made for closer and better racing.

I look forward to the replies, Richard M.

P.S. If you want to know how hard I can be just ask Arkin.

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   G’day Richard , I think you have missed the idea of these classes. They have a very clear simple set of rules designed for a even playing field to encourage close racing . The out come has and is very successful. Wheels are Plafit wheels and tyres . The truing of fronts is to clean the edges up and not make them to skinny. Don’t over think things in my option. Great that you have taken up the job of being a scrutineer . If you want clarification on any rules Cam is very approachable for clarification. 


Cheers Pagey 

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Thanks for the replies guys but I am really not any clearer on the subject. Having looked at the rules it mentions front wheels which means that the rim and tyre, the parts that make up the wheel, must fit within these dimensions ie 7mm. Also note that the rear tyre, the rubber bit, can be no wider than 13mm. Having just gotten my hands on Cams Slotworx Go-Nogo plate for the V8's the rear tyre check is set for 13mm wide. Like I said before I can be a pedantic Ar#$*^#e. Also according to the OAPR rule it says 13mm wide with minimal rounding allowed. Maybe Cam could come in with an answer but as he is very busy with making chassis and kits he might not have the time.

By the was rules reffered to OAPR 2:15, Slotworx Axles and Wheels D:1 and E:2.

Yours in the state of confusion Richard M.

P.S. It's easy to fix the front tyre/wheel rule just change it to the same size as OAPR and Lexan GT3's

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Not technical on the rules here but your answer would be with peoples choice, on how they purchase their tyres, if you buy RTR (Ready To Run), then you have the above dimensions causing you to question the rules, i have done the same. If you and their are many who purchase their sponge tyres on their own and cut and glue and true them to the rules.  - From Ace Hobbies shop webpage the fronts come in at 8mm wide (OD 30.0mm W 8.5mm)   and the rears are wider as well. 

If a RTR tyre is trued and it comes standard at 7mm , once trued it would have a little more than 6mm touching the tech block. 

The rules give a dimension to cut and true  them down to.  

That's my guess...to help you. 

If someone else has more history to the rules please add.    

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