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Endurance Event, SA, Thunderbird Raceway


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Hi All,

SA Slotcars and Thunderbird Raceway are planning an event for the long weekend in June, 8-10th.

We would love see this as a National Event with as much interstate Interest as possible.

As proposed, the event is:

3 x 2 hour enduros on Saturday, Slotworx v8, GT3 Lexan, LMP OPAR
1 x 4 hour enduro on Sunday, Slotworx GT Cup Cars

Racing is on the Brabham 6 lane track.

Being the long weekend, most of us should have Monday to relax or catch up on chores! :)

We still have some flexibility on the format and duration of the races. So, if you're interested and if you have some constructive suggestions, please let me know.

We don't have final pricing yet but the intent is to be consistent with recent events elsewhere.
Once we have a better idea on the interstate interest and numbers we will finalise the pricing.



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    Sounds great Dave . I like most of the classes that you have decided to run . If I have sorted out my residential postal address by then I’ll be in . Are the events individual or team events ? Looking forward to having a drive on the Brabham track as the APC was on the other track in the wrong direction on my last visit . 


Cheers Pagey 

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Thanks Pagey


We have programed team events for all.

We are hoping to get a good idea on team numbers to see if 2/3 man teams work out for the entire event.


ie Day 1 is 2 man teams, but day 2 is the main event with 3 man teams.

But that means visiting teams will need a 6 man squad and three cars for day 1 and 2 teams of 3 for day 2.

Is that feasible? We don't want anyone to miss out, and we don't want to leave people watching because they don't have the numbers.

Happy to take suggestions.


Yes Brabham track, and it has a new surface. Brabham was never intended to be a goo track (so I'm told) which is why it originally had a coarse surface.

It's now setup for goo. 🙂


Funny you mention Webber run the wrong way for APC. 😀

Some Adelaide drivers feel the direction used for the APC is the better way. Better for marshals and to minimize car damage.

However, there are no plans to run Webber for this event.



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I'm In!


Looking forward to the weekend ahead!


Any opportunity to race on the Brabham Track is hard to miss. It's a technical layout with varying radius's but has a great flow to it, especially when you get it right. Should be even better with the new surface!


A Great selection of classes on offer, keeping in line with other major racing events throughout the year. Shouldn't be too hard in having a fast car ready for the race!


Hope to see you all there in June!



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The tracks fantastic since the re-surface , fantastic grip levels now . Gary did a great job designing it , it’s a top class track . It would be great to get some interstate teams down as they will really enjoy the track . 

Kind regards 

Mark Fellowes 

Cobra Racing Team 







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Hi Cody, yep stay tuned for more details this week.

The committee has taken some comments on board to adjust the format and schedule.

Rules will be nationals rules, but I need to check if we have covered off any options eg Pinion size, etc.


Also I'd like to be able to announce some sponsorship that will cover hand out motors. Just waiting to confirm.


I know everyone is wanting to organize flights etc, so I'm pushing the committee and the Raceway to lock in details this week.


If those watching this space could indicate their interest, that would help planning.


So far I'm hearing rumors of interest from NSW and QLD. No word from the Vics or elsewhere.


Jason Brookes has accepted the Race Director role, so at least we have that sorted!


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Brief update guys.

Working with Brooksy on the event schedule. We have a rough outline already.


For the race on Sunday we need  3 or 4 man teams.

This is because with 2 man teams, driver changes are a nightmare without marshals.

The 2 man races on Saturday will be stopped for driver changes.


The dynamic of having to pit for a driver change while keeping the marshal spot covered is one of the key factors that makes it a team event!

It will help make the finale more interesting!


So, if we get those nominations in early, we can probably plug any gaps for those that can't travel in the numbers required.

So a minimum of a four man squad is required to participate in all events.


I know at Hornsby Ian and I had to pick up a local driver for our squad. 

We have some very good SA drivers that may well be looking for a team race on Sunday! 🙂


As I said to Cody, Nationals rules, but we need to specify the Pinion, except Plafit FLM which is open gears.

To avoid any controversy I will publish the current rules as I know them for this event. Certainly Slotworx and Plafit are well known. I'm not sure who holds the Lexan GT class rules and if there have been any changes, but being an open class, it's a short document in any case!


More soon.

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Hi All,


The Event Schedule for the 2019 Thunderbird Endurance Championships is now available .


Race Program is as below:


Friday, 7th June: 13:00 to 22:00

- Open Practice, All Classes

- Motor Handout & Tech Check, Saturday Classes (Slotworx Supercars, Slotworx Porsche Cup and Open GT3)


Saturday, 8th June: 08:00 to 17:30

- Slotworx Supercars, 08:15 to 11:15 (12 x 10 Minute Heats, Round Robin) (2 Drivers per team, Maximum 12 Teams)

- Slotworx Porsche Cup, 11:15 to 14:15 (12 x 10 Minute Heats, Round Robin) (2 Drivers per team, Maximum 12 Teams)

- Open GT3, 14:15 to 17:15 (12 x 10 Minute Heats, Round Robin) (2 Drivers per team, Maximum 12 Teams)


Sunday, 9th June: 08:00 to 16:00

- Plafit FLM, 08:15 to 15:30 (Motor Handout, Practice, Tech Check, Qualifying - 1 minute, Race - 6 x 40 minute heats) (Min 3/Max 4 Drivers per team, Maximum 12 Teams)


A detailed document outlining the schedule and racing can be found below:

2019 Thunderbird Endurance Championships - Race Schedule


Please register your teams below using the following format;


Team Name

Classes Entering

Driver 1, 2, 3, and/or 4


Hope to see you in Adelaide in June!




Brooksy & Robbo


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53 minutes ago, Wayne Bramble said:

Robbo, Could you let us know which is the closest motel to the raceway.

Thanks Wayne

Hey Wayne 


Mawson lakes hotel is excellent to stay in and only a 3 minute drive from the track..

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1 hour ago, Noel said:

Hey Wayne 


Mawson lakes hotel is excellent to stay in and only a 3 minute drive from the track..

Thanks Noel, yes Mawson Lakes Hotel "10 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, 5095 Adelaide", but not walking distance (30 minute walk maybe).

Modern, large dining areas, can't speak for the rooms, but I've heard nothing bad.

I have stayed at apartments just down the road:

Quest Mawson Lakes 33-37 Main Street, Mawson Lakes, SA, 5095, Australia 

Probably more expensive, but very comfortable and they have multiple rooms/bathrooms and cooking facilities. Oporto across the road, Italian downstairs. 🙂

5 minutes walk from the Mawson Lakes Hotel. ATMs restaurants, supermarket, etc, etc.

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2 hours ago, Cody B. said:

Also will there be qualy on Saturday as I can’t see anything in the schedule for it???

Good Pickup Cody.

I think I discussed with Jason that we would qualify once (to keep the schedule tight), but he has only listed for Sunday FLM.

Makes sense that we will Qualify on Saturday, so that Lane choice is fair and run with that for the events on Saturday.


This implies that Super Cars will be the qualifying class for Saturday. Let me run this past Jason before I confirm.

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So far we only have one team registered for this event, I'd like to make this 2. 🙂


Team Name: Ratbags

Classes Entering: ALL

Saturday: Andrew Shirley, Dave Robson (Robbo)

Sunday: Andrew Shirley, Dave Robson, Peter Daniels


I'm mindful that not everyone may be using this forum.

I will list any teams that Register though Thunderbird Raceway or SA Slotcars as soon as I'm aware.



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