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Endurance Event, SA, Thunderbird Raceway

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Hi All,

SA Slotcars and Thunderbird Raceway are planning an event for the long weekend in June, 8-10th.

We would love see this as a National Event with as much interstate Interest as possible.

As proposed, the event is:

3 x 2 hour enduros on Saturday, Slotworx v8, GT3 Lexan, LMP OPAR
1 x 4 hour enduro on Sunday, Slotworx GT Cup Cars

Racing is on the Brabham 6 lane track.

Being the long weekend, most of us should have Monday to relax or catch up on chores! :)

We still have some flexibility on the format and duration of the races. So, if you're interested and if you have some constructive suggestions, please let me know.

We don't have final pricing yet but the intent is to be consistent with recent events elsewhere.
Once we have a better idea on the interstate interest and numbers we will finalise the pricing.



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    Sounds great Dave . I like most of the classes that you have decided to run . If I have sorted out my residential postal address by then I’ll be in . Are the events individual or team events ? Looking forward to having a drive on the Brabham track as the APC was on the other track in the wrong direction on my last visit . 


Cheers Pagey 

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Thanks Pagey


We have programed team events for all.

We are hoping to get a good idea on team numbers to see if 2/3 man teams work out for the entire event.


ie Day 1 is 2 man teams, but day 2 is the main event with 3 man teams.

But that means visiting teams will need a 6 man squad and three cars for day 1 and 2 teams of 3 for day 2.

Is that feasible? We don't want anyone to miss out, and we don't want to leave people watching because they don't have the numbers.

Happy to take suggestions.


Yes Brabham track, and it has a new surface. Brabham was never intended to be a goo track (so I'm told) which is why it originally had a coarse surface.

It's now setup for goo. 🙂


Funny you mention Webber run the wrong way for APC. 😀

Some Adelaide drivers feel the direction used for the APC is the better way. Better for marshals and to minimize car damage.

However, there are no plans to run Webber for this event.



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I'm In!


Looking forward to the weekend ahead!


Any opportunity to race on the Brabham Track is hard to miss. It's a technical layout with varying radius's but has a great flow to it, especially when you get it right. Should be even better with the new surface!


A Great selection of classes on offer, keeping in line with other major racing events throughout the year. Shouldn't be too hard in having a fast car ready for the race!


Hope to see you all there in June!



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The tracks fantastic since the re-surface , fantastic grip levels now . Gary did a great job designing it , it’s a top class track . It would be great to get some interstate teams down as they will really enjoy the track . 

Kind regards 

Mark Fellowes 

Cobra Racing Team 







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