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Plastic Pinions

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For plastic pinions; roughten up the shaft and the hole in the pinion (I use a small diamond triangular file) then drop RED thread lock into the pinion hole (don't get any on the teeth of the pinion, but if you do, wipe it off as soon as you've fitted the pinion). Put a little thread lock on the shaft (but only on the tip - you want to make sure that you don't get any into the can bush). Press the shaft into the pinion while it is sitting on a solid surface (with the thread lock in the hole).


Wipe off any excess thread lock and leave pinion to dry over night. I have plastic opinions fitted like this, that have been on race cars for more than two years. However, I will never use a plastic pinion on an endurance car. Plastic pinions generally come-off due to the shaft getting very hot and then slipping inside the pinion.





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Thanks Jan


Yeah I agree 100% on your observations re enduro cars. I was well aware of this issue as I had a plastic pinion slip in race conditions after many hours of practice conditions with no problems.


With constant high speed running in race conditions the shafts will get hot of course and bingo - you are stuffed.


Thanks for the advice. Have you (or anybody else) had any success with JB Weld or other 2 part epoxy adhesives?




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Hi Mark,

Werner puts some cuts in shaft and 2 part epoxy it seems to work OK, But ergal pinons for me other than 14T on Scale Auto.

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