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Red Racer Christmas Challenge December 3rd

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Great looking trophies Kim! :D

It's been a while since we had a big team race on that track. Good to see a large group of teams entered as well. Looks like a few good mix of drivers too. 

Looking forward to the race next weekend. Bummed I couldn't make the practice run on the weekend just gone, hopefully my cars will remember how to get around the masters track.......

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Hi Racers, minor change to the race timetable.. We will be running the Scaleauto as the first Class at 9am. 


Track will be open for pre race practise from 8.30am and cars will be required to the scrutineers table for tech check by 8.45am.


V8's  will be the next event followed by the Gt3's 

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This is going to be a great race day. Thanks to Kim and Noel for getting it started. Those trophies look awesome Kim. Can’t wait for the racing on Sunday. 

Cheers Jon 

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Great Race Meet Kim, well done to Noel, Werner and yourself for the organisation of the racing. Always like the Plafit Masters track and it again worked well with some close results.

My day was mostly crap due to my poor prep of my cars, sorry Paul. Anyway had a great day racing slot cars with my mates, it's a pretty good way to spend a Sunday.....;)




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Thanks Ding, everyone that said they would come did and had a great day. I'll publish results tomorrow evening.

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Well done to all that put the day together.

Just shows what we can achieve when we all work together.

Thanks to Kim for having the drive to bring his idea to fruition., Simon for the manufacture of the trophies. Peter Shannon for the fabulous artwork.

Werner for hard work behind the scene cleaning the track we all enjoyed so much and his work with Noel in defining the Scaleauto class going forward.

The day didn't run without fault, but with some quick thinking and decisive decisions from Kim, everything continued quite seamlessly.

And of course thanks to Tony for supplying the venue and keeping his "captive" audience entertained for the day.



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SCALEAUTO GT racing to 2016/17 National ruleset

8 x 15 minute brackets

1st Narangba 1 - simon & Andrew  829 laps

2nd Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 791 laps

3rd Outsiders - Nick & Greg 789 laps

4th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 667 laps


SCALEAUTO new GT carbon fibre production class

8 x 15 minute brackets

1st Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 811 laps

2nd WW Racing - Werner & John 807 laps

3rd Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald 757 laps

4th Wanabee - Steve & Paul 748 laps



9 x 12 minute brackets

1st WW Racing - Werner & John 677  laps

2nd Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew 667 laps

3rd Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 666 laps

4th Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 654 laps

5th Outsiders - Nick & Greg 630 laps

6th Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald 622 laps

7th Wannabe - Steve & Paul 621 laps

8th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 558 laps

9th Zone 4 - Allan & Eric 503 laps



9 x 12 Minute Brackets

1st WW Racing - Werner & John 738 laps

2nd Bat L Axx Noel & Kim 733 laps

3rd Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew 729 laps

4th Wanabee - Steve & Paul 726 laps

5th Kiwi - Bruce & Gerald 709 laps

6th Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 702 laps

7th Zone 4 - Allan & Norm 670 laps

8th Outsiders - Nick & Greg 660 laps

9th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 567 laps


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 Glynn from the "Old Flaggy's" race team was one the first lucky reciepent's of Cams beautiful new Slotworx bodies.  Glynn presented an immaculate Shell / Pirtek car to win concours at the Queensland Enduro titles at Red Racer last weekend. 

Ironically,  Glynns car was exactly the same as the one  on the "number plate" trophy's we presented for the event...

Thanks Cam, for the producing these outstanding body's ..  The details and extra bits you get with the new range of bodies will make anyone proficient in the art of car presentation... 


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Great turnout at the RR event... It seems the track at Red Racer is the perfect "neutral territory" for all the Brisbane and Gold Coast racers.

I am inspired by the number  of racers wanting to do similar events again at this track.  Mind you.. this  track has race heritage having travelled the World as a factory  "masters" track" for International Plafit events.

Noel and I are now in the planning stages for the next series....  

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