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Hi guys,


It was suggested that I display our basic club racing rules online for easy reference by anyone racing at EE.au. Updates will be done as and when required. This first post will be the one to watch and visit when you need to have sight of our latest rules. Please read the notes at the bottom when familiarizing yourself with the rules. Here we go:


2019 (version 1.3 effective 1st Oct 2019)

                                                   WEIGHTS     FRT WHLS      RR WHLS     GEARING     G/CL      SPUR   POLR


V8's            *         Slotworx      N/A/150       25.0/7.0       25.0/13.0   Open/SRP20     1.0        79/81    Fixed

GrpC         **         Homolg       AB/145         23.0/7.0        26.0/16.0   12:44/SRP25    1.0         Body     Open

LMP       *****      National       Nat/150        25.2/6.0       26.5/13.0    Nats/******       1.0        83/83    Open



*          Please note this class allows the use of both SCA AND Plafit wheels and tyres. It also uses only the SRP20 motor with open gearing.

**        Homologated chassis with no motorbox using only the SRP25.

*****    Run exactly as per National Rules for OAPR LMP.

******  We use the NSR25Evo or the SRP30L



All our classes are scale model cars - so no painted yogurt cups. Liveries must be as per the specific class rule, but always within the spirit of scale modelling. Wheel inserts are compulsory. AB refers to Andrew Bartholomew and 'Nat' means National. Where stated; weights refer to minimum, diameters refer to minimum and widths; for front wheels to minimum, whilst for rear wheels and spur, to maximum. You may use Scaleauto Procomp3 wheels and tyres as well as Plafit RTR wheels and tyres. You may also re-rubber your rims using either brand as both are the same.You are allowed to harden the front tyres.

No car may ever run below 1.0mm ride height. The track gauges (on the main straight) are set to 0.9mm. If your car touch these gauges, please remove it and set a higher ground clearance. It is therefor suggested that you aim to start racing with more than 1.0mm clearance.




Your comments and questions are welcome.



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