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2019 January to June Classes


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At this stage the 1:24 classes to be run from January to June 2019 are:


Scaleauto GT (Club Class)



Slotworx Cup Car

Historic / Grp C (Combined)

Scaleauto GT (National class but allowing the Scaleauto Junior motor in BOTH the old and the new chassis)


Whilst Group C & Historic classes are combined for sprint racing, they will be separated for endurances.


Once classes are finalised there will be a list of rules for each class posted.

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It's been a while since BVR has posted so I'm just doing an update for Mark.

BVR now has changed it's plugs in line with the rest of Australia so guys, if you're up on the Gold Coast for a holiday do drop in.. We race Wednesday nights. PM Mark and let him know you are coming and pack the following cars.    

Scaleauto... We have been running old and new together and there seems to be very little difference between the old  "club cars" (SC800) and new National class (SC8003) in terms of track speed. Generally, the Club car is still a touch faster at BVR as the lexan windows keep the weight low and on this track the open gearing is no advantage to the SC8003. That said, the taller gearing is a game changer on the bigger tracks like Rivercity, there the SC8003 is the preferred weapon. I'm curious to know how other tracks are running SA.. together or separate classes?

Slotworx Cup Car is now firmly established at BVR with most members having made the change from V8. Some used the conversion kit and some kept their V8's for future series and National events. . Lap times are quicker.. but not by much. The difference seems to be pretty much any club car easily get into the 6.4's.. and they all have pretty similar performance where as the V8 was more of a black art to make it fast. 

GT3's still hover around the 6.1's... times hav'nt changed much for this class. Occasionally we get into the high 5's but what is good with this class a variety of bodies and chassis all seem to work..

Hope to see you trackside,



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