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2019 Qld GT championships

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The first round of the Queensland GT3 Championships got of to a great start with 12 Teams entering the competition. This is a 5 race series spread out over the year. All events are held at the River City race facility on the Plafit Masters track, a fast but tricky 48 meter 8 lane track that was imported form Japan by Ace hobbies a few years ago to host events like the APC and MCN. The Pro/Am format for this series kicked of last year with the idea of getting all the clubs to a neutral track to minimise home track advantage, also, the introduction of team names that would stay the same for the entire series so a club or team could substitute drivers to fill in any vacancies in the team if a driver could not attend.

A surge in entries has to be attributed to the pro/am format,  the introduction of the very successful Slotworx Cup cars and the chassis format in GT3 where Am drivers chassis must have a fixed motorbox.

The mix of chassis was interesting,  in GT3 Pro, the Ace and Narangba's teams came 1st and 2nd with SLP2/SW's,

( SLP2/S/W is a hybrid Plafit/Slotworx chassis available thru Ace hobbies) . In 3rd was Garry and Dean with a very fast Johnson chassis that set fastest lap time,  in 4th myself and Nick only 3 meters further back running a stock SLP2 ( no motor box), the Gold Coast Eagles 5th with a Red Roo, 6th Rickshaw SLP2/Doslot pod, and Pagey in 7th (after loosing his nuts) with a SLP2/slotworx. In GT3 Am all the podiums were SLP2's  

I've attached the race sheet and report as sent to the contestants - next event will be after the 12 hour.. most likely late April - date has still to be finalised          

Round 1 of the SEQ GT Teams championship held at Rivercity Raceway exceeded expectations with 24 drivers in 12 teams signing up for the race series.pdf

SEQ RND 1 2019 Sheet1.pdf

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     Thanks to all the Qld boys for a top days racing on Sunday in your Qld Enduro series. Great to see the newly managed and badged River City Raceway with so many racers in the doors. With 3 great classes on offer. Scaleauto, Slotworx Porsche and GT3 open . I Love racing on the Plafit track and highly recommend the series to anyone who wants a great race weekend. Very fast and clean racing with  plenty of laughs along the way adding to the fun . Big thanks to my team mate Jon Walter. Great to get a couple of Podiums in Qld. I’m looking forward to returning as many times as possible this year . Thanks Kim and other organisers for such a great challenge and fun time. 


Cheers Pagey 


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Round 2 Queensland GT Championships

This is scheduled for Sunday the 28th of April..( the weekend after Easter.)  Shop opens 8am, Scrutineering 8.45, so racing can get underway by 9am.

This race series has been very well received, the following committee has now been formed to ensure rules are enforced and for the smooth running of the event.

Race Day committee: Noel Batson, Gary Johnson, Bruce Ambler

Scrutineering: Werner Wittsack with assistance

Race control: Phil Morrow, Simon Wakelin with assistance from committee members.

Publicity and pointscore: Kim Axton. 

RACE FORMAT: All heats are 8 minutes, drivers race 4 heats each, no driver changes during a bracket. All classes will be run to Round Robyn format.  When on a Bye cars must be returned to Parc Ferme. No working on cars in Parc Ferme or during lane changes.  


Classes are listed below. 


1/24th Scaleauto GT  
Scaleauto - Ams have the choice of either SC-8000 or SC-8003 chassis, but Pro's can only race the new SC-8003. 
Rules for the SC-8000 are unchanged so you still have to run the Enduro motor. The new SC-0029 Sprinter Junior motor is only eligible for the SC-8003. Body weights and interior's have changed for SC-8003 so check rules: www.acehobbies.com.au/galleries/category/16-2018regulations-124scaleautogt
And yes, I have been asked this a few times, Am's can run the new SA-8003 to 2019 specs.
1/24th Slotworx Porsche Cup Cars
Slotworx Porsche Cup cars. replace's the V8 class we ran last year. Body and chassis upgrade kits are available from you local track, Ace hobbies or direct from Slotworx. Note, These cars run the SRP long-can motor and a T plate specific to this class. Check rules here:  
1/24th Lexan GT3 and GT3a
GT3 class is for those that nominate to be in the pro class and GT3a is for Am's. To encourage new racers and make an easier price point GT3a cars cannot run a suspension motor box. Don't worry if you have an existing chassis with a motor box, simply remove the springs and bolt the box solid to the chassis plate. Lap times at Red Racer with suspension and non suspension are very similar. Check rules here:
Note: Am's.. A reminder you must remove springs and lock down the back end of of your chassis to compete in AM. if you have a hybrid SLP2 /Slotworx Pod conversion the rear of the chassis must be locked down with the Plafit aluminium side plate's or similar.. NOT the flexi ones.
Racing fee's this year have been reduced to $10 per class, thanks to trophy sponsorship. You may chose to run one or all the classes on the day, and even mix drivers between classes, it's up to you.
Team names are important, Stick to your team name for the series.. as per last year you may have a relief drivers step in for you or your team mate if you are down a driver due to other commitments so keep the team alive by not changing names.
Drivers ratings.  As per last year am drivers may choose to run in a pro class but Pro drivers cannot race for points in Am. 
The Venue for all events will be at River City Raceway at 300 Oxley Avenue Margate. Shop opens 8.00 am, Scrutineering 8.45am (or before if you're ready) so racing can start 9am.
The order of racing will be Scaleauto, Slotworx and then GT3. All heats are 8 minutes with drivers sharing the driving, 4 heats each with no driver changes during a bracket.
See you trackside, 

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Hey Kim, 


Is it possible to get all future round dates ? Pagey and i are keen on attending these races ( although we will miss Round 2 as it was so close to the 12 hour race ) 





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Hi Benno, It's great having you guys come up for these events.. Next event, Round 3 Qld GT Championships is on Sunday 16th of June.. I've already booked my camping spot up at the Datson farm...  

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Thanks Kim , Ben and myself have booked airfares and also prebooked at Camp Tranquility. The Bull Ring roadshow is looking forward to the challenge again, can’t wait . 


Cheers Pagey 

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Ace's trifecta at Rivercity GT Champs...

Following their recent 12 hour win the very polished Ace Racing team of Noel and Werner got the trifecta by winning all three classes at last weekends Queensland GT Championships. Nine teams from Brisbane and the Gold Coast clubs competed in the 3 classes for the pro and am. series. Here's a brief rundown on the races. Pointscore and race sheets are attached. 

Next race is Sunday 16th of June.   
Pro: 1st win of the day was extremely close with Nikimoto and Ace tied on laps going into the last bracket. Nick caught the Ace car driven by Noel but getting past and an off with slow marshalling stopped Nicks charge and gave Ace the win. 3rd place for a podium finish was the Narangba team of Andrew and Simon who managed with an off pace car to stave off the Gold Coast Eagles team not far behind. 
Am: Team Turtle and the Gold Coast Magic team slugged it out with very similar bracket scores for most of the race but a low score on yellow in the 7th bracket saw Magic's chance slip away by 2 laps to give the Turtle drivers Cam and Jason a win.
Slotworx Porsche Cup Car.
Pro: Again Ace Racing led the field with solid lap scores right thru to the last bracket but a last bracket on black and a good drive on yellow saw the Nerangba team close to within a lap of Ace at the finish. Richard and Sean of Rickshaw running 3rd for most of the race got their podium points just edging out Nikimoto into 4th a lap behind. 
Am: This time The am Gold Coast Magic team stepped up for a convincing class win 15 laps ahead of Team Turtle with Jack's Team coming in 3rd.     
GT3 Lexan
Pro: Well, what can I say. We all had high hopes of doing well in this class.. especially as Werner had given away the winning 12 hour car.. but nope, Werners new car was even faster.
Pretty much the rest of us were battling for 2nd place. By the 6th bracket it was looking good for Phoenix with a couple of laps up on the rest of the field but by the end of the 7th bracket Nikimoto and Nerangba had moved ahead and were tied going into the last bracket. A brilliant final bracket drive by Simon saw Narangba grab 2nd with Nikimoto a further lap back in 3rd and Phoenix in 4th only 3 laps further back after coming of the slow black and purple lanes.
Am: Team Turtle found their pace with good consistent lap score's for a class win 12 laps ahead Magic for 2nd and Jacks team in 3rd.
Please find attached pointscore... and remember...
Next event, round 3 is Sunday 16th June. 

Pointscora rnd 2.pdf

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