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HSC 8 Hour for Porsche Cup Cars

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Hi Guys HSC is holding a 8 Hour Teams race for Porsche Cup cars.


This is for 8 Teams only so hurry up and get your entry in.

Track opens at 8.00am

Hand out motoors at 8.15am

Tech at 8.45

Concourse 9.15

Race Starts 9.30

Race finishes.  6.30 to 6.45

Trophies for Concourse  and 1st....2nd.......3rd in the Race

3 man teams

$150 entry per Team

Run to the Australian Porsche Rules ( except no lights required )

No Qual, draw lanes from hat

So far we have..


Team OZ.                                                           Team Outer Towners

Team Fat Racing.                                              Team Bull Ring

Team Monster.                                                   Team  Linfox

Team  Nicmoto.                                                  Team Nissan

Ok that makes 8 Teams so entries are now CLOSED.

Thanks for responding so quick guys This will be a great race, Kelly,s kitchen will be open all day for food and coffee.




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On 3/4/2019 at 7:54 AM, Benno said:

Hey Wayne, 


Please put Brooksy & myself down too ... will work out a team name in due course 






Hey Wayne, 


Due to circumstances changing after our entry nomination, i am going to withdraw my entry ... hoping this will allow another team that wanted to race to now enter 

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 Team Bull Ring.  Pagey 



 Any news on what time the track will be open on Saturday morning? Looking forward to the weekend. Especially the blue gum . 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🤤


Cheers Pagey 

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