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HSC 8 Hour for Porsche Cup Cars

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Please Note: -


1)   The track will be available for practice after 2:00 pm on the Saturday once the parties have concluded for the day.

2)   No Parking on the HSC lot BEFORE 2:00 pm on Saturday as the parking spaces are required for the parties.

3) James has braids and wheels available for you to purchase if required.


Look forward to catching up.

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Hi All


As nobody has posted the results or made any comment on the race here goes.


Seven Team turned up for the Fray: -


Team Oz (Wayne, Cody and Jake)

Outertowners (Jack, Ian & Paul)

FAT Racing (Fox, Stoo & Darryl)

Team Linfox (Rod, John & Ian)

BKS Racing (Benno, Kim & Simon)

Team Nissan ( Charles, Clinton & JJ)

Bullring (Noel, Cam & Pagey)


The Results

Pink Highlights indicate the fastest lap overall - Stoo for FAT Racing on with 5.639 Green and the most laps in a bracket BKS Racing with 610 on Green also. The Yellow Highlights indicate the fastest laps and the most laps recorded an the other lanes.


Just like to point out the small pink dots on Bullring's Blue fastest time and Outertowners Yellow fastest time were, in my opinion, short laps given the times recorded overall on the day.



So there are a lot of stories to tell but here is the gist of it as I saw it (please feel free to add you story to this post) please do, please do......................


Team Oz had near perfect run to lead all the way.

Outertowners were quick all day and came in a well deserved 2nd.

FAT Racing had a horror from start to finish but managed to haul back to finish 3rd after many issues including a body that was falling apart and a staple in the motor which stopped the car dead and was not diagnosed for sometime until fixed - thanks Kim.

Linfox also very quick and looked good for 2nd until hitting Black lane - great effort.

BKS Racing were a little off the pace early but fought back to lead at the start of the seventh bracket by 29 laps over 2nd place OZ - but still had Purple and Black to go - however that is all academic as they had to then change a motor. Goodbye BKS.

Team Nissan ran hard all day but just could not get the laps required.

Bullring probably wished they had stayed in bed as they just could not get going and finished an unlikely 7th.




The Post Race tech check saw Team OZ and FAT Racing disqualified for failing min clearance of 0.5mm at the front of the car - not sure what happened to OZ but our car had a bent Tee Plate which lifted the front wheels up higher than required. Bullring were also knocked out, not sure of the reason but I think it was also a clearance issue.


so at the end we have official placings of: -


Outertowners 1st

Linfox 2nd

BKS Racing 3rd

Team Nissan 4th

All other runners - Disqualified


Benno took Concours


Sorry have no pictures - maybe someone could help out here as I know some were taken of Benno's car and the presentations.


All in all a great day of racing and I for one learnt a lot.









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Thanks Fox.. yep, it was a crazy day. You and Team Oz were unlucky not to snap a podium. We got 3rd by default so we don't have any bragging rights!

Our handout motor was pretty ordinary but started to come good after about 3 hours of wringing it's neck out. We actually had a reasonably trouble free until we blew the motor but, as you say we would'nt of had have enough of a buffer to stay in front of Oz racings great effort but it would have been a close finish between you and the Outer Towners.

It was bad luck / management  missing podium positions you certainly earned, you were both diligent and checked rear tyre clearance prior to race end but unfortunately missed crash front damage that knocked down your front clearance and so the result.

NOTE TO SELF - check front clearance too!

Outertowners and Linfox drove a great race so I was happy for them with their final results... Well done guys. The racing with the Slotworx Cup cars is a great leveller and well suited to Hornsby so we are all looking forward to a re-match at the Lexan shootout in February.

Thanks for organising Wayne and thanks Garry for donating the Slotworx goodies.  

BKS - aka Ben, Kim and Simon.





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Thanks Ax


Yeah like I said I learned a lot - mainly about body set-up as it was breaking apart all day.


There was nothing I could have done about the front clearance even if I had noticed it and still bagged a podium. It was stuffed and I would have needed to change the Tee Plate which I had all set up as a spare with guide and wheels etc but would not have had the time with Linfox finishing only 2 laps adrift on provisional placings (unless I knew OZ were going to fail tech in which case I could have fixed it and still bagged 3rd possibly).


All in all it was a fun day and yes a big thanks to Garry for the SLOTWORX prizes and to James for the track prep, also a big thanks to Joe for his tireless efforts on the button and to OZ for organising the show..


Overall I was very pleased with my car's performance and I thought Darryl and Stoo drove it magnificently so I actually had a great day.



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Hi Guys,.. well,.. Firstly,  I too would like to thank, James,  Wayne and especially Joe for his tireless efforts.


Thanks also to all of the competitors for the Great and very Clean and fast racing !!


Congrats to the "Outer Towners", "Linfox" and the very much unexpected "BKS" for their ultimate Podium Places and Sincere and similar 'Compassion' and Commiserations, to those that like Ourselves were DQ'd at Tech',.. :( :(


I am myself, Still somewhat devastated,.. Especially after the Work, effort and testing done by Mark (Foxy), Darryl and myself and the Effort / Concentration etc 'On The Day' !!!
After a very 'Abnormal' and in some ways Still  'Awakening' Start,.. (No Morning Coffee OR Ciggy),.. and Starting on Black !! Eeek,.. lol


All seemed to be going OK, with the car performing well and seemingly getting better, (as the tyres wore and the motor got better etc),..

Until the First, of a few ongoing Niggles ??,.. LOL, Minor Disasters with the Body,.. Sigh,..

The Aforementioned "STAPLE" in the Motor,.. being a consequence of Very hasty Repairs to the Diffuser,..Grrrr,..  (all was OK until the car Stopped then Wouldn't Start !!!,..)


I think what was So devastating, was having literally Driven My Ring off for Most of the day, with some pretty damn pleasing runs on a Few lanes and leading Bracket totals and fast times etc We were managing to Drag ourselves up from Last to actually looking like a Podium place could Almost be guaranteed !!


As can be seen from the Race Sheets, We were still in 5th at the end of the 6th bracket 16 laps behind "Linfox" and 25 behind "outer Towners",.. Team OZ, were by Now Well clear and motoring along happily :)


I know I had a Great 'run' on Blue :) and We managed to end the 7th bracket ONLY 1 x lap behind Linfox and 11 behind Outer Towners.


With us heading to Purple, Linfox to Orange and Outer Towners to Red,.. it Was going to be interesting to See What 'panned-out' !!,.. :):)


I have to say, that by this stage Our car was driving particularly nicely and was So enjoyably Fast and on a Personal Level, I Was Extremely happy with My 'run' on Purple, as by the time I handed the car over to Foxy, We had Passed Linfox and were 9 or 11 laps UP and had Managed to Get Onto the Same Lap as the outer Towners !!!,.. So it Seemed that a 2nd Place was 'Possible' ,.. or at worst, a 3rd !!,........ Until,.... an Unavoidable accident in Turn One late in the Final bracket, when Darryl was driving saw us get a 'Rider',.... Hurling us, at Full Tilt into the first corner of the Triangle section and Boy,.. it Hit HARD !!! ,.. (This I am sure being what caused Our eventual Front Ride-height DQ), with the car Not Sounding 'happy' and visually running slower than it had.

As Kim alluded to We,.. (Mark), did check Our Ride height and make suitable repairs to the body and return us to the track to Just Stay ahead of Linfox at race end, which at least made all the Effort Prior to and On the day seem worthwhile !!,..... Until,.... :( :(,......sigh


Like I suggested, am Still Trying to get Over it !!!,.. ha ha ha,...


But has to be said,.. Great Racing by everyone,.. ALL day and Especially My Team mates Mark and Darryl !!!


Edited by Stoo23
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