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Hi Werner, thanks for putting on this event.. I know it takes a lot of planning and you seem to have covered most points.

I just have two queries. Do I read right with all the classes to be run and time limitations there will be no time for motor handouts...

and please confirm the track will be run in its current direction ( clock-wise). 



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Hi Kim, yes, the schedule has at present been written that there will be no time for hand-out motors but rather more racing on the two days.

The Master Track can be used in both directions and a final decision on which way we will go has not been done yet.



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  He as served his apprenticeship and is ready to fly solo to represent the Bull Ring . He likes a beer or three also but has a insatiable thirst for tequila! Oh shit , big dog off the leash . 😲🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃😂😂😂

    And he doesn’t sleep 💤 ever ! So 9 more days and nights. 😂😂

    Good luck Benno 👍🏻

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